UMBC Says a 16 Seed Beating a 1 Seed is Like Getting Your First ‘Fortnite’ Win

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Fortnite went impressively mainstream this week, what with the mobile invite event launching on Thursday and taking the app to number one (Despite not everyone being able to play it), and then Drake playing the game with Twitch streamer Ninja and shattering Twitch records in the process. And yet, on Friday night, Fortnite somehow got more mainstream. One of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County men’s basketball players, fresh off the biggest upset in men’s college basketball history when they became the first 16 seed to beat a 1 seed (RIP Virginia), compared their historic win to getting your first win in Fortnite. Seriously.

The best part is that the bench players were doing Fortnite dances and moves all night long.

Seriously, Fortnite is such a massive phenomenon at this point, that you pretty much have to play it at some point just to understand the hype. Pretty much the only way the game can get more mainstream is if Trump tweets about it. Or maybe if Obama actually does decide to play the game.

It’s 2018. Literally anything is possible through Fortnite, I suppose. If you’re missing out, better sign up for that invite, or join in our invite request post.


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6 tips for beating Fe on Nintendo Switch

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

If you’re having trouble figuring out the unique nature of Fe, I’ve got some helpful tips for you.

The adventure game Fe, which recently launched on a few platforms including Nintendo Switch is designed for exploration and discovery, but sometimes, you just get stuck and need a little help figuring out what to do next. Here are some things I learned while playing the game. Hopefully, they’ll be useful for you, too.

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Note: This guide includes spoilers to some of the game’s storyline. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know what happens in the game.

Always make use of hiding bushes … always!

You can hide in bushes even after a Silent One sees you, and sometimes even if it has already started to release its capture net.

If you’ve been spotted, don’t try to run away. Just hide in the bushes. As long as the capture goop hasn’t actually hit you, you can still survive. The Silent One might even run right up to your bush and shine its light on you, but it won’t see you. It’ll just walk back to its post. Dumb Silent Ones.

Trees are your friends in many ways

The first ability you learn in Fe is climbing. This makes it possible for you to reach the highest treetops and jump from one to the next.

The second ability you learn is gliding, which makes it possible for you to soar across the treetops, barely needing to stop. You can avoid all the dangers on the ground by gliding from one tree to the next, scoping out what you should do.

Trees on the ground aren’t the only thing you can climb onto and glide across. Make sure to hop on the giant stag once you’ve freed it. Head to the top of one of the taller trees within its pathway, or one of the taller cliffs, and jump onto a tree on the lower back leg. You’ll quickly be able to tell which trees you should climb next. They’re positioned as a sort of path to the top.

Never underestimate the power of a berry

This took me some time to get used to. There are pink berries in some areas of the forest. They’re not there just for looks. They are very useful for getting animals to do you favors or give up something you want.

During the Mama Bird quests, a giant animal (is it a bear?) ends up with one of the bird eggs and refuses to give it up. Instead of trying to talk to it or attack it or trick it, give it a berry. There is a berry branch at the top of the rock wall behind it. Climb to the top and grab the berry. Then, head back down and stand right in front of the animal. It’ll drop the egg and grab the berry instead. Don’t hang around to make friends with it, though. Grab the egg and run. Once it’s finished with the berry, it’ll chase after you.

During the Free the Stag quest, one of the tied up legs of the giant stag is being guarded by two Silent Ones that you just won’t be able to shake. Instead of trying to outrun them, get one of the normal sized deer to help you out by enticing it with a berry. In this case, don’t give it the berry or it’ll just stay put. Hold on to the berry and climb up to where each Silent One is standing. The deer will follow you, and then destroy each one without blinking an eye (they hate those robotic monstrosities). The berry can be found on an outcropping just above where the deer is standing when you meet it.

The top of the tallest tree is the answer to your stag problem

Once you’ve freed the giant stag, it quickly becomes obvious that you’re supposed to climb it. This is one of the most difficult parts of the game when it comes to timing and aiming skills. It’s fairly clear what pathway you should take to get to its back, but what next?

You’re only about halfway there once you’ve reached the stag’s back. You’ll have to continue up toward its neck by jumping on the trees opposite the side you came up. You’ll then leap over a sort of bridge and end up toward the tail. Jump to the tree on the tail and then soar across the stag’s entire back. There are two wind flowers that will help keep you in the air as you soar. You’ll need to land on one of the high neck trees of the stag.

Once on the neck, continue to wind your way around it until you’ve reached the tallest tree, which is very close to the top of the stag’s head. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Cyclops plants make things easier for you

Those jellyfish looking one-eyed plants that you can sing to? They pop off trampoline like flowers. Sometimes, it’s obvious where the flowers appear, but other times, those big puffy flowers aren’t directly in front of your line of sight. Take a look around before leaving the area. You might find a trampoline flower that will take you to a secret location. Don’t take too long, though. The trampoline flowers disappear after a short time.

Retrace your steps

With each new ability you learn, and each new animal friend you are able to talk to, you’ll be able to discover new and secret areas that you didn’t have access to before. That outcropping high above the treetops with a pink crystal on it? Adult birds can fly that high. Maybe you could hitch a ride on the back of one?

Any tips?

Do you have any advice for getting though Fe? Know the best way to befriend the giant stag? Help us out in the comments with your tips.

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Thanks to the iPhone X, Apple is beating Samsung in its own backyard

iPhone X vs Galaxy S9

While Apple has successfully beaten Samsung in the worldwide flagship smartphone market for years, there’s always been one country that was impossible to crack: South Korea. Samsung is such a big part of the country — the company’s revenues make up about 17% of South Korea’s total GDP — that it’s always been difficult to imagine Apple making real headway into Samsung’s fortress.

But according to data from market research firm Strategy Analytics, that’s exactly what’s happened. In Q4 2017 last year, the quarter in which the iPhone X went on sale, Apple’s market share was up 3.3% to 28.3%, while Samsung was down a staggering 9% to record less than half the South Korean market, just 46.0%.

Samsung’s fall and Apple’s rise isn’t solely due to the iPhone X, of course. Apple opened its first store in South Korea last month, which will have made its presence more sharply felt than before, according to Business Korea:

In 2017, Samsung Electronics accounted for 56.2 percent of the Korean smartphone market, followed by Apple with 17.7 percent and LG Electronics with 17.4 percent. In 2016, Samsung Electronics recorded a 55.0-percent market share, Apple, a 15.6-percent market share and LG Electronics, a 17.0-percent market share. “Apple Store, which opened in Korea last month for the first time, is expected to have Apple’s presence felt more strongly in the Korean market,” SA said. “We predict that LG Electronics will have an uphill battle, unless the company comes up with something innovative this year.”

The report also suggests that discounted iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models could have something to do with the turnaround:

Wireless telecom carriers significantly lowered prices of older iPhone models such as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S with an eye toward clearing inventories, the older iPhone models that became “mid- to low-priced phones” and therefore, their sales ballooned.

A few percentage points changing in Apple’s favor in a relatively small market isn’t going to affect Apple’s immediate financial outlook one way or another. But the data is interesting because it speaks to Apple’s growing success in non-traditional markets, and it highlights how Samsung’s brand power is slipping. Not only did Apple surge in Q4 2017, but so did LG, despite not launching any significant new phones.

Those are all worrying signs for Samsung, which faces resurgent challenges from Google’s new Pixel phone division, as well as the ever-present threat of Apple. Let’s just hope the Galaxy S9 is everything that Samsung hopes it can be.

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Apple’s iOS platform advantage in fixing bugs is beating Google’s Android

Article Image

Apple is the only PC or smartphone vendor to have full control over the user experience it provides to its customers, thanks to its positioning as an integrated platform vendor. This is a key–often overlooked–advantage for the company that is driving customer satisfaction and trust as well as attracting serious attention from the enterprise at a time when Google’s Android is doing neither one.
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Apple tops device activations during holidays, iPhone X handily beating iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Article Image

Apple once again leads the industry in smartphone and tablet activations during the week before Christmas, with very strong sales of the iPhone X leading the iPhones released in 2017, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 availability both overseas and as used devices adding to the lead.
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Revolutionary Tech Lets Us See Inside a Beating Heart

Look Into Your Heart

A new imaging device developed by a team of researchers from University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) will allow surgeons to get an unprecedented look into the heart during minimally invasive procedures. Currently, doctors have to rely on external ultrasound probes and imaging taken before the operation to visualize internal soft tissue. This new development will allow surgeons to see the tissue internally, which will make heart procedures easier and safer.

The device, an optical ultrasound needle, was developed by a team of surgeons, engineers, physicists and material chemists with the goal of creating a tool to work with existing single-use medical devices. To that end, the team had to ensure the needle was sensitive enough to image centimeter-scale depths of tissues, all while moving about inside the body. Thus far, the needle has been successfully tested in pigs.

Dr. Malcolm Finlay, consultant cardiologist at QMUL and Barts Heart Center, and co-lead on the study, explained how the tool will help surgeons target small tissue that can be hard to visualize — but potentially disastrous to miss.

“We now have real-time imaging that allows us to differentiate between tissues at a remarkable depth, helping to guide the highest risk moments of these procedures,” said Finlay. “This will reduce the chances of complications occurring during routine but skilled procedures such as ablation procedures in the heart. The technology has been designed to be completely compatible with MRI and other current methods, so it could also be used during brain or fetal surgery, or with guiding epidural needles.”

Real-Time Imaging

The tool is actually a miniature optical fiber housed within a custom-made clinical needle. When inserted into the body, it delivers a brief pulse of light that generates ultrasonic pulses. The reflections of these ultrasonic pulses, which are produced when the light hits the internal tissue, are then detected by a sensor on a second optical fiber, enabling real-time ultrasound imaging.

The sensors were developed with help from work completed by a separate UCL study led by Dr. James Guggenheim, a research associate at the UCL Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering.

“The whole process happens extremely quickly, giving an unprecedented real-time view of soft tissue. It provides doctors with a live image with a resolution of 64 microns, which is the equivalent of only nine red blood cells, and its fantastic sensitivity allows us to readily differentiate soft tissues,” said Dr. Richard Colchester, fellow research associate at UCL and co-author of the study.

The team behind the optical ultrasound needle hopes to enable the technology for clinical use in human patients. If successful, it could become one of the primary tools surgeons around the world use during surgical procedures involving the heart, such as the recently pioneered technique developed by Dr. David Wood. Wood’s aortic valve procedure (named 3M for having a “multidisciplinary, multimodality, but minimalist” approach) takes a minimum of 45 minutes to complete, with patients reportedly recovering in just a few days.

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Google Maps’ new two-wheeler mode shows faster routes for beating traffic on your bike

If you’re on a bicycle or motorcycle, it’s easier to maneuver through traffic than with a car – and now, Google Maps has finally caught on to the idea. The service now displays routes specifically tailored for two-wheelers when you look up destinations around you. The new feature appears to be rolling out initially in India, and I got a chance to check it out here. You can access it by searching for a destination, and then tapping the motorcycle icon in the row of transport mode options. The routes are generally faster (if not shorter), as they take into…

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Apple’s iPhone 7 & 7 Plus top Q2 smartphone market, beating Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Article Image

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus held on as the world’s most popular smartphones in the June quarter, according to research data published on Wednesday, handily relegating Samsung’s newer Galaxy S8 flagship to third place.
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Nearly 40 million Americans use Roku, beating out Google’s Chromecast

But smart TVs are the most popular way to watch internet video on TV.

Nearly 40 million Americans will use Roku to watch internet video on their TVs at least once a month in 2017, beating out Google Chromecast, according to new data from research firm eMarketer.

Last year, eMarketer had predicted that Chromecast would be more popular but had since revised its forecast.

Roku, which plans to become a public company this year, is expected to represent 23 percent of all connected TV users this year. Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV come in close behind with 22 percent and 21 percent, respectively, of connected TV users. (People can have more than one device.)

Since Roku isn’t affiliated with a content provider like Google (YouTube) and Amazon (Amazon video), it’s able to more easily secure app deals with a wider range of content partners. That makes it more attractive to customers who might want to watch, say, Netflix and YouTube as well as broadcast networks, according to eMarketer, which predicts that Roku will retain its lead among branded connected devices through 2021.

top devices for connecting TVs to internet

These devices are a distant second to simply using a smart TV or a game console like Xbox, which account for 48 percent and 37 percent of connected TV users, respectively.

Apple TVs are in last place with 21 million users, or 13 percent, due to their high price tag (starting at $ 150) and their lack of Amazon video support, according to eMarketer.

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