BatteryPercentX: iPhone X Jailbreak Tweak Makes it Easier to Check Battery Percentage Indicator

One of the first things I used to do after getting a new iPhone was to enable the battery percentage in the Settings app. I don’t find the battery indicator very helpful. It really helps to know exactly how much battery percentage is left on your iPhone. Continue reading
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South Korea prosecutors are investigating Apple’s iPhone battery controversy

Add the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to the growing list of government units around the world that are investigating Apple over the reduced performance of iPhones with older batteries inside. The company’s poor messaging about an iOS update intended to prevent unexpected shutdowns — a change that required throttling the processor and slowing performance of iPhones with chemically-aged batteries — led to widespread controversy and customer frustration late last year.

As reported by Apple Insider, the new probe comes after Seol’s Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty filed a complaint against Apple that claimed the company is really slowing down iPhones to sway consumers towards upgrading sooner than would otherwise be…

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Best Wallet-friendly Credit Card-sized Battery Chargers

The benefits of a power bank in a compact package!

If you find your phone often tapped out of battery power, no doubt you’ve probably looked into portable power banks. If you like the idea of having extra power with you, but dislike having to carry around the extra weight, you may love these super small and thin power packs!

TravelCard Charger

Truly designed with portability in mind, the TravelCard Charger is a mere 4.7mm thick, making it actually small enough to fit inside your wallet with ease.

While its capacity is only 1,500mAh, it does have a few key features that are included in every power bank this size. The LED indicator will let you know when it’s time to fill it up again, and it even has the ability to be charged while charging your device, so you should have no problem killing two birds with one stone.

The TravelCard will cost your $ 29 and has a built-in cable for Micro-USB and Lightning ports, so you shouldn’t spend time having to untangle cords while you’re on the go.

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Lankoo power bank

The Lankoo power bank is for the serious power consumer. It has a capacity of 5,000mAh, meaning any iPhone you’ve got should be able to get a full charge from the Lankoo.

On top of its impressive capacity, the Lankoo also offers fast charging speeds. The one USB port is certified 5V 2.1A charging speeds, meaning it shouldn’t take you too long to recharge any phone.

The added bonus of the Lankoo, it comes in all sorts of fancy designs and colors making it visibly stand out from the rest of the competition and it’s only about $ 15!

See at Amazon

Tylt Slim Boost

Next to the TravelCard, the Tylt Slim Boost is the smallest of the bunch, and as its name suggests, it’s incredibly slim so you can fit it in your wallet.

It has a 1,300mAh capacity, so although it would completely charge up your iPhone, it should be enough power to keep you going until you get to the next power outlet.

It comes with an integrated Lightning cable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your cable around with you. You can pick the Tylt Slim Boost in white, black, or gold, starting around $ 25.

See at Amazon

What do you use?

Do you have a tiny power bank that packs a wallop? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated January 2018: Removed the battery packs from GMYLE and Power Theory as they are currently unavailable, added the Tylt Slim Boost as another great option.

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Audi smart home battery grid creates a ‘virtual power plant’

Audi isn't going to let rival automakers like BMW and Tesla corner the market on home batteries. The German badge is testing a Smart Energy Network where solar-powered batteries not only help your home minimize use of the electrical grid, but talk t…
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