Elon Musk basically confirms AI is coming to eradicate the human race

Elon Musk likes to make predictions. You may have seen a few, like these: We’re living in a computer simulation Tesla will surpass Apple’s market cap by 2025 Humans can make Mars inhabitable by blasting it with nukes In a recent talk with Musk-led startup Neuralink, the master of predictions made another one: AI is probably going to kill us all. At a recent talk, Musk said all efforts to make AI safe have only “a five to 10 percent chance of success.” Musk’s latest proclamation is on-brand, if nothing else. Musk, in years past warned many times of the…

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The iPhone X’s notch is basically a Kinect

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly how fast technology is moving. “We put a man on the moon using the computing power of a handheld calculator,” as Richard Hendricks reminds us in Silicon Valley. In 2017, I use my pocket supercomputer of a phone to tweet with brands.

But Apple’s iPhone X provides a nice little illustration of how sensor and processing technology has evolved in the past decade. In June 2009, Microsoft unveiled this:

In September 2017, Apple put all that tech in this:

Well, minus the tilt motor.

Microsoft’s original Kinect hardware was powered by a little-known Israeli company called PrimeSense. PrimeSense pioneered the technology of projecting a grid of infrared dots onto a scene, then…

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‘Scape’ mode in ‘GT Sport’ is basically Lightroom in a racing game

Even if you're garbage at racing games, this fall's GT Sport has a lot to offer beyond absurdly detailed cars. Case in point: "Scape," the game's insanely deep photo mode. More than just freeze-framing the action during a race, Scape will let you dro…
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MediaTek just basically confirmed the Meizu Pro 7 will use its X30 chipset

MediaTek just shared its official revenue figures for June. The sum totals CNY 21.894 billion, up from CNY 18.37 billion in May. There are a few more numbers figures to potentially quote, but the report contains something arguably more interesting and exciting from a user perspective. The document contains a few references to Meizu and MediaTek’s Helio X30 chipset, which will release in the second half of 2017. This falls in line great with previous leaks that suggest the Meizu Pro 7 will run on the X30 chip and actually be the first device to do so. Meizu Pro 7 secondary…

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San Francisco is mad that Lyft Shuttle is basically a bus service

Back in March, we heard about Lyft’s plans to run a fixed-route shared ride service called Shuttle, starting with trials in a couple of US cities. It’s now kicked off in San Francisco, and it doesn’t sound like everyone’s warming up to the idea: Salon’s story about it from yesterday is titled, “The Lyft Shuttle is pretty much a glorified city bus — with fewer poor people“, while SFGate went with “Critics call out Lyft for reinventing the bus with its new ‘Shuttle’ feature“. On Twitter, you’ll find folks firing shots like this: Everyone saying Lyft Shuttle is “just a…

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