4K Chromebook hardware with codename ‘Atlas’ emerges

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Back in February, a commit to the Chromium Gerrit revealed that “secret” 4K Chromebooks were in the pipeline. The comment attached to the commit, at the time, seemed like just a wink and a nod to the future possibility, but it appears there may be a specific name attached to Chrome OS’ 4K future. “Atlas” is the codename for a 4K-equipped board recently discovered in a file on Google’s Chromium Git. 

For the uninitiated, Chromebooks, like Android phones, have a secret name attached to their hardware.

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Watch Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot nail a backflip

We've grown accustomed to seeing Boston Dynamics' impressive line-up of robots strutting about in periodic video updates, each more terrifying than the last. But, every once in a while, the company unleashes a clip so awesome you can't help but watch…
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No big deal, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas can perform backflips now

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any updates to the Atlas robot after Alphabet sold Boston Dynamics to SoftBank in June. After unveiling a teaser of its SpotMini robot just a few days ago, the company is now back with a new video of Atlas just casually performing gymnastics moves like it’s Tokyo 2020. Most of the video highlights the Atlas’s ability to hop up straight and stabilize itself on a platform, and jump while turning 180 degrees. Its movements are more fluid than ever, and Atlas appears to maintain great form.

Nothing to gawk at, my eight-year-old can do that, you say? Hold my grease. The most impressive portion of the demonstration is its last move. Atlas is seen turning around and backflipping off a block, all…

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‘War Dragons’ ‘Atlas’ Expansion Launching Tomorrow, Will Transform the Game

War Dragons [Free], Pocket Gems’ fire-breathing take on the base building genre, has quite a strong community that’s been steadily growing ever since the game came out in 2015. Now, the developers are getting ready to bring Atlas, the first major expansion to the game. Atlas turns the world of War Dragons into an open sandbox 3D realm to explore and devastate, which should give players even more to do. After Atlas hits, players will face ever-changing world updates based on player decision and the territory they control, which should give the game much more variety and encourage them to build better defenses, breed powerful dragons, and in general work together to take down the all the enemy teams.

The developers said they’re happy to see the game’s strong community grow, and they wanted to offer those players the freedom to change the War Dragons‘ universe through their actions. With Atlas, players can take on their enemies in multiple ways, from attacking to bribing or even using subterfuge to trap them. And these possibilities aren’t imaginary or wishful thinking; these are actions players have taken during the Atlas beta. The update is hitting tomorrow, October 17th, and it sounds like it will really change the game for the better.


Designed for iPhone 8, Weather Atlas is a great replacement for your stock weather app

 There’s no shortage of weather apps on the market, but you may have noticed that few of them are actually all that good. That’s where a new entry called Weather Atlas, from the developer behind the popular productivity app Launch Center Pro, comes in. This newly launched weather application aims to be a better alternative to the stock weather app, offering a more modern take on… Read More
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