Samsung’s Bixby assistant now supports Chinese language

Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant now supports a new language: Chinese. The Chinese version of Bixby was launched by the South Koren company yesterday. The tech giant said users of the Galaxy S8/S8+ and Galaxy Note8 phones will be able to access it starting November 30. Aside from working with Samsung apps, the new Bixby version also supports over 18 popular Chinese third-party apps, including Baidu, Alipay, and iQiyi. It was also confirmed that the Chinese version of Bixby will also be available on Samsung’s upcoming W2018 clamshell smartphone. In addition to Chinese, Bixby already… – Latest articles

[Update: Going live “over the coming weeks”] Lens is now rolling out to Google Assistant

Lens was announced at Google I/O 2017, and began rolling out to Photos a few weeks ago. If you’re not aware, Lens is a machine-learning powered spiritual successor to Google Goggles, as it can identify objects and landmarks in photos.

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[Update: Going live “over the coming weeks”] Lens is now rolling out to Google Assistant was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Lens will launch within Assistant on all Pixel phones in the coming weeks

Google is bringing its artificial intelligence-powered Lens tool to all Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in the coming weeks as part of an update to Google Assistant, the company announced today in a blog post. Lens, which was first unveiled back in May at the company’s I/O developer conference, is an computer vision system that lets you point your Pixel or Pixel 2 camera at an object and get information about it in real time, as the AI-powered algorithm is capable of recognizing real-world items.

Lens was first made available within Google Photos last month as part of the Pixel 2 launch, and now Google says Lens will soon arrive as a built-in feature of Google Assistant starting in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore “in the…

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Google Lens in the Assistant starts rolling out to all Pixel users

 We knew this was only a matter of time, but Google today confirmed that Google Lens as part of the Google Assistant is now rolling out to all Pixel phone owners. That’s something Google already announced at its hardware event, but until now, the timing was unclear. If you don’t see it when you call up the Google Assistant, though, don’t worry. The company says that this… Read More
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This Humanoid Robot May be Your Next Assistant


On November 20, Toyota revealed its latest humanoid robot, the T-HR3, which the company says “represents an evolution from previous generation instrument-playing humanoid robots,” according to the company’s press release. The new robot was created to assist humans safely whether at home or work, particularly in dangerous or remote areas — even outer space. The T-HR3’s third-generation robotic hardware was developed and designed by Toyota’s Partner Robot Division, and is meant to facilitate “unique mobility needs.”

The T-HR3 makes use of Toyota’s “Master Maneuvering System,” which allows a human operator to control the robot remotely. Among the features of the robotic exoskeleton is an HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) headset which allows the human operator to see what the T-HR3 “sees” in full 3D. The robot’s exoskeleton includes motor gears and sensors that control a total of 29 individual robot parts, allowing the operator to have a “smooth and synchronized experience.”

Enterprise Applications

With the T-HR3, Toyota is banking on the future of what’s been termed telepresence-controlled humanoid robots — though they aren’t the first company to incorporate VR into a device designed to assist with tasks both at home and in the workplace. VR devices seem to have long passed their gaming applications. Although there are still plenty of games developed for VR, the technology is being increasingly tapped for industrial uses.

Ford has started testing the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens VR headset in car design, giving the process a touch of mixed reality. The X division of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) recently gave a new home to Google Glass, along with an entirely new mission.

Toyota is set to demo the T-HR3 at the upcoming International Robot Exhibition 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight, which is taking place from November 29 to December 2.

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