Sacramento Kings to build NBA 2K League training center inside arena

Now that the National Basketball Association has its own eSports initiative with NBA 2K League, it's only a matter of time before various teams jump into the digital arena. Qualifiers start January 1st, with draft rounds planned for March of 2018 for…
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‘Arena of Valor’ Devs Explain How Recording and Gifting Features Work

Arena of Valor’s latest update has added a few cool new features, but it looks like they aren’t that easy to navigate. So, the developers decided to post a more detailed FAQ that explain how the various new additions work. The post explains how the Highlight Reel and Free Record functions work, pointing out that you can’t enable both at the same time; you’ll either be recording your highlights or the whole match, can’t have both. These features only work on iPhone 6s and above and an iPad mini 4/iPad Pro and above. No iPhone X support at the moment, but it should be coming in the next version. The videos you make are found in the Settings/Watch Clips or the Videos part of the Player Info screen.

The FAQ also explains why some players might have issues gifting skins to others. In order to do so, you have to be friends with the other person for more than 3 days, both should be 15 level and above, and you can only send or receive 5 skins at most in one day. The FAQ also includes some other clarifications and troubleshooting, so if you’ve been having issues, head over here and check it out.


Superman Coming to ‘Arena of Valor’ on November 26th

Arena of Valor, Tencent’s huge MOBA, might not be coming to North America until 2018, but that doesn’t mean the popular game isn’t expanding in fun ways. The latest hero to be added is Superman, and how often do you get to play the Man of Steel in a MOBA? Superman is the latest DC hero to join the game, and there are more to come, including Wonder Woman herself. Superman can fly over obstacles and increase his movement speed, and as you would expect, his body is immune to most physical damage and disease. He’s got some fun abilities as well, which you can check out in the video below.

I like Arena of Valor‘s direction away from typical fantasy fare. While elves and dwarfs can be fun, you can only have so many of them before they all start looking the same. By joining up with DC, Tencent is bringing some great content to the game that will go a long way towards making the game more attractive to western audiences. Superman will fly in Arena of Valor on November 26th.


Awesome Stunt Driving Game ‘REKT!’ Gets New Arena and New Cars in Latest Update

One game I’ve been having a ton of fun with since its release in early October is the stunt driving game REKT! [$ 1.99] from the Little Chicken Game Company. It gives you a handful of different stunts you can perform with your car, and then sets you loose in a big arena to go seek out the highest-scoring tricks and lines in the limited time of your run. It’s kind of like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater meets an over-the-top stunt driving game. It’s great! We loved REKT! in our review. One of the biggest requests I’ve seen since it came out though was for more levels to play in. The initial release came with just one level, and although it’s pretty huge and filled with tons of ramps and obstacles, variety is the spice of life. So the developers listened to those requests and have just released a new update which adds a new level called The Bowl for players to explore.

As its name implies this new level does in fact have a bowl in it which makes for some interesting driving, but it’s also filled with tons of other cool new obstacles to get tricky with. I don’t have any actual size comparisons to go on but The Bowl feels even larger than the original level, so if you’ve already been having fun with REKT! then this essentially doubles the amount of fun you can have. It’s not free though! Not in an “actual money” kind of way, but The Bowl will cost you 2,000 in-game coins to unlock before you can play it. And since this is a paid game with no IAP, you’re going to have to earn that fake money the old-fashioned way.

While the new level is the star of this update, there’s also a very welcome new Practice Mode added to the game which means you can cruise around either of the levels for as long as you want with no time restrictions. You can’t earn achievements or unlock any new vehicles in Practice Mode for obvious reasons, but it’s definitely nice to be able to have all the time you need to seek out all the cool lines and obstacles in each course. Finally, this update also adds in two new unlockable cars as well as four hidden vehicles to discover. You might even get a glimpse of a couple of the new cars if you visit the game’s discussion thread in our forums. Overall this is a case of an awesome game getting even better by way of meaty free updates, and it sounds like there’s even more content in the pipeline for REKT! in the not too distant future.


‘Summoners War’ World Arena Championship Takes Place Nov. 25th

If you like high-stakes esports or just enjoy playing and seeing others play the hit game Summoners War [Free], then mark November 25th on your calendar because that’s the day Summoners War World Arena Championship will take place. The best Summoners War players will make their way to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to find out who’s the best of the best and, in the process, share $ 50,000, which isn’t bad at all. 16 players will fight it out, and they come from pretty much across the world. Part of what I like about esports is precisely how global most of them are; it’s fun seeing different styles clashing.

The World Arena Championship will also host a Summoners War convention of sorts, with the whole place transforming into Sky Island. If you’re a fan of the game and live in the area, you should probably head that way (you can get free tickets here) and take part in all the contests and events while also taking home plenty of swag. If you can’t make it to the venue, you can always watch the event on Twitch.