Google Photos web handily suggests you archive screenshots

Google Photos introduced archives a long time ago, but I have to admit that I don’t use the option often. I take a ton of screenshots and I’m used to just going to the Photos app on my phone and deleting them completely as there’s no point in me keeping them. However, if you don’t do that or if you forget to archive some quite unnecessary pics, Photos will remind you to do so, and that reminder is showing up on the web interface as well.

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Google Photos web handily suggests you archive screenshots was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Instagram still hasn’t finished rolling out its archive feature

I feel like I’m going to be the last person on Earth to get Instagram’s archive feature. All my friends have been able to hide their old photos for months. Most got the tool way back in June when Instagram announced that the feature would accompany its 10.21 release for iOS and Android. But not me.

Instagram’s first tests of the features go back even further; some Verge staffers saw it on their accounts in late May. Archiving lets users choose posts to take off their grid. Instead of deleting them, though, those posts go into a separate, private section of the app that serves as an archive folder. It works similarly to the bookmarking feature: no one can see what you’ve archived, but you can navigate to the posts through your profile…

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Over 50,000 digitized pieces of vinyl can now be listened to on Internet Archive

New York’s ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) has been preserving audiovisual materials since 1985, and a little over a year ago, it partnered with the Internet Archive to bring its Great 78 Project to the public. Along with audiovisual digitization vendor George Blood L.P. and additional volunteers, the Great 78 Project to date has put over 50,000 digitized 78rpm discs and cylinder recordings on the Internet Archive, which can be listened to in all their crackling glory.

An ongoing project, the Internet Archive actually has over 200,000 donated physical recordings, most of which are from the 1950s and earlier. These early recordings were made from shellac, not the resin that records are made with today. A brittle material, shellac…

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Neil Young prepares a giant online archive for his music

Neil Young has come a long, long way since he dismissed streaming music services. The singer-songwriter has unveiled plans for a huge online archive of his work that, naturally, will tie into his streaming music service (Xstream Music). The focus is…
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