Apple’s billion-dollar video investment seen leading to Netflix competitor

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Not content with just Apple Music subscriptions, a new prediction says Apple could be gearing up for an "all in one Apple video and music offering," offering original content for a monthly fee within the next two to three years.
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Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for Apple’s Swift programming language

Google’s in-development operating system, named ‘Fuchsia,’ first appeared over a year ago. It’s quite different from Android and Chrome OS, as it runs on top of the real-time ‘Zircon’ kernel instead of Linux. According to recent code commits, Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for the Swift programming language.

If you’re not familiar with it, Swift is a programming language developed by Apple, which can be used to create iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS applications (it can also compile to Linux).

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Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for Apple’s Swift programming language was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Lisa Jackson doubles-down on 100% recycled material use goal, lauds Apple’s environmental efforts

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Apple’s Senior Vice President for Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson granted an interview to an Australian publication, and continued to drive home Apple’s goal towards using 100 percent recycled materials across all of its products, Apple’s "right to repair" philosophy, and Apple’s point of view on the taxes it pays.
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Report: Apple’s iMac Pro will come with always-on Siri

Apple is slated to begin shipping its all-powerful iMac Pro desktop computer next month, with options including an 18-core 4.5GHz processor, 11 teraflops of GPU horsepower, and a 5K display. It might also come with a surprise in the form of an A10 Fusion chip, according to reverse engineering expert and author Jonathan Levin. That’s the same badge as the one on the processor that powered the iPhone 7 from 2016, but the iMac Pro will likely feature a stripped-down edition of it to handle certain macOS security processes, as well as enabling support for an always-on version of Siri…

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