Google is apparently shipping some Pixel 2 XLs without an operating system

Google’s new Pixel 2 XL has been beset by a host of problems since release, ranging from possible issues of screen burn in to a weird clicking noise to failing a quality control test to shipping with empty packaging for a non-existent pair of wired Pixel Buds.

But even so, it’s a little surprising to hear that some Google Pixel 2 XL owners are reporting that their new phones have shown up missing an operating system, via AndroidPolice.

Photo: @trevorftard / Imgur

As seen in the image above, the afflicted phones report being unable to find a valid operating system. Visiting the provided link doesn’t really help, either, as it doesn’t list this error message as an issue.

If you’ve got a phone that came without…

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5.8″ iPhone X designed for two-handed use as Apple apparently drops support for Reachability

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After years of resisting the trend of larger phones, Apple has now fully embraced two-handed smartphone use with the iPhone X, as the device apparently lacks Reachability — a feature first introduced three years ago with the iPhone 6.
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WikiLeaks website apparently hacked by OurMine

WikiLeaks’ website appears to have been hacked by a group called OurMine, whose previous hacks have targeted tech CEOs, companies, and news sites.

As of early Thursday morning, the homepage displayed a message that read: “Hi, it’s OurMine (Security Group), don’t worry we are just testing your…. blablablab, oh wait, this is not a security test! Wikileaks, remember when you challenged us to hack you?”

“Anonymous, remember when you tried to dox us with fake information for attacking wikileaks [sic]?” the message continues. “There we go! One group beat you all! #WikileaksHack lets get it trending on twitter [sic]!”

The message was visible when the site was accessed from some locations Thursday morning. At the time of…

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The next iPhone’s screen design and face unlock apparently confirmed by HomePod firmware

Trying to pin down the precise features of the next iPhone has been difficult of late. We’re all expecting a standard “S” model iPhone 7 and & 7 Plus that won’t be radically different from last year’s, but we’re also expecting a high-end model. It appears, based on a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith, that at least one of those models will have face unlock. And the high-end model (alternately referred to as the “iPhone Pro,” “iPhone 8,” or even “iPhone X”) will have a bezel-less screen that wraps around the speaker and cameras at the top.

Troughton-Smith and other developers have been spending the past day examining the code inside the Apple HomePod, which pretty much contains most of the codebase for iPhones inside it. Apple…

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Mark Zuckerberg is apparently Oculus’ Head of PR too

Mark Zuckerberg is doing a little promotional work for an upcoming Oculus Rift game. Fans of the Zuck can rest assured the CEO and founder of Facebook hasn’t been demoted. However, Ready At Dawn — the company who makes the video game he’s posting about — does have the world’s richest PR agent in Zuckerberg, even if it’s just for today. Facebook purchased VR Headset maker Oculus in 2014 for 2 billion dollars, looks like it finally found a spokesperson (pokes-person?) worthy of the cost. You can get one of the VR headsets on the cheap now — Oculus just…

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Snapdragon 450 in the works, apparently related to the S625

Qualcomm’s Cortex-A53 based chipsets sip power and it seems that there’s a new one in the works. Dubbed Snapdragon 450, it apparently comes from good stock – documentation suggests it is related to the Snapdragon 625. The 625 was a 14nm chipset, and it performed impressively as far as battery life was concerned. Current Snapdragon 4xx chips are built on the older 28nm process (yes, even the latest 430 and 435), which place a limit on their power efficiency (they still did quite okay, though). The GPU will be clocked at 600MHz – perhaps a downclocked version of the Adreno 506 found… – Latest articles

‘Durango’ Has a New Trailer Out, Game Apparently Coming “Soon”

Durango, the dinosaur-populated MMORPG, has been in development for around three years (including a short beta test), and it appears that it’s finally getting closer to release. Durango is a very ambitious game that offers players an open-world sandbox where they can do pretty much anything they want. They can cultivate and evolve the wilderness in order to survive, build whole villages to share with other players, join or even create clans for added security, engage in PvP or Clan Vs Clan battles, and all kinds of other activities. There’s also farming, cooking, trading, and a variety of other activities that should make living in the world of Durango entertaining.

The game is procedurally generated and has a massive world for players to explore. At least that’s what the developers are claiming; it remains to be seen whether that world is actually interesting enough to warrant exploration. The game is getting closer to release (although no date yet) and will be playable at E3 next week.


Apple designer Marc Newson made a $12,000 hourglass filled with nanoballs that are apparently too beautiful for words

This is a safe space, okay? We’re going to talk about a $ 12,000 hourglass designed by Apple designer Marc Newson in this post, and I won’t judge you if you want it. But let me be straight up about my feelings: this thing is ridiculously expensive, and I don’t “get” it. I’m also a little lowbrow. As I mentioned, Newson created an Hourglass for Hodinkee that costs $ 12,000. Only 100 are being made. Each is custom created in a glass factory. The hourglass is filled with 1,249,996 “nanoballs” that are 0.66mm in diameter and made of solid stainless steel coated in copper. The hourglass times 10 minutes.

Hodinkee posted a long explainer on what goes…

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Apparently Apple wants to join forces with Foxconn on Toshiba bid


Toshiba’s NAND flash memory division is up for sale and the company already has a bunch of bidders, with Foxconn being one of them. The company has reportedly put in a $ 27 billion bid on Toshiba’s memory business, which is expected to be rejected.

But all is not lost for Foxconn. According to the public broadcaster NHK, Apple is thinking of joining in on the fun. The iPhone maker is considering partnering up with Foxconn in hopes of increasing its chances of closing the deal with Toshiba.

Apple is willing to invest several billion dollars to secure at least 20 percent of Toshiba’s memory business. Foxconn would obviously also get a stake, while Toshiba would still maintain a small part of the business. The whole point of the deal is to keep the company under US and Japanese control, essentially sidestepping any opposition to Foxconn alone taking over.

The relations between Japan and China aren’t the best. Therefore, giving control of Toshiba’s memory business to Foxconn, a company headquartered in Taiwan that has close ties to China, isn’t something the Japanese government is very happy about.

[aa_see_also id=”755028″ pre_text=”See also:” title=”Samsung continues to dominate global NAND flash memory market”][/aa_see_also]

It looks like Foxconn is trying everything it can to acquire Toshiba’s NAND flash memory division. In addition to joining forces with Apple, the company also reached out to SoftBank and asked for help. According to the Nikkei Business Daily, the company thinks that SoftBank just might help in smoothing the way with Japanese banks.

It will be interesting to see which company will be able to close the deal with Toshiba in the end. Aside from Foxconn and Apple, the South Korean company SK Hynix, US chipmaker Broadcom, and current Toshiba partner Western Digital are also still in the game.

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