YouTube app now shows YouTube TV watch history, but it doesn’t do anything yet

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YouTube and YouTube TV don’t share much other than the name, but that might change soon. Buried deep in the YouTube app is your watch history from YouTube TV. This suggests there will be some connection later, but right now it just throws up errors when you try to open a video.

There have actually been a few links between YouTube and YouTube TV deep in the settings previously, but this is much more obvious. To check it out, head to the library tab in YouTube and tap on “History.” In addition to videos you’ve watched on YouTube, you should see live channels and individual programs you’ve watched on YouTube TV (you have to be a subscriber, of course).

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‘Immortal Warriors’ Cheats and Tips Guide – How to Win Without Spending Anything

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Immortal Warriors [Free] is the latest RPG/city building hybrid keen to hold your attention through a never ending supply of quests and tasks. It might be keen for you to buy your way to victory, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy Immortal Warriors without the need for spending any dollars. We take a look at how to play the game most effectively.

Busywork and more busywork

Like Game of War – Fire Age and so many more, Immortal Warriors is squarely focused on keeping you busy with tasks. Starting out, you won’t really have to think that deeply about what you’re doing. See the task reminder near the bottom of the screen? Tap it and follow whatever it says. It’s mostly aimed at helping you establish a solid base before your ‘newbie’ shield drops which makes you vulnerable to enemy attack.

While you’re completing said tasks, keep an eye on what’s going on. The concepts here are fairly self explanatory but there’s still a lot to take in.

Places like sawmills and farms all contribute to the resources you gather at regular intervals. You need those to actually be able to build new units or upgrade existing structures.

The Embassy provides reinforcements during attack, while the Resource Center protects a certain amount of your resources whenever you’re under attack.

The Military Center is there for you to train new units to send out to attack enemy bases. Early on though, this isn’t a priority as you need to be pretty strong to stand a chance.

Essentially, everything has a key role so you don’t want to upgrade things in an unbalanced way. The constant supply of tasks tends to keep you on the straight and narrow here. Don’t be tempted to over-upgrade your Military Center, even though it might seem like it’d make sense. You’re better off working on the less interesting seeming stuff like the Resource Center. Balance is key.

You’ll soon notice that everything takes time to upgrade. This time seems fairly speedy at first then soon slows down massively. Prepare for this. See, you’re given various speed up bonuses as you progress. You can use them whenever you want but they’re less frequently available the more you play.

Hold onto them unless you really need them. Think about how you’re playing. Are you really going to be playing a long session? Odds are you’re going to dive in for 5 minutes, get stuff done, then come back later. Don’t waste your speed ups if you’re just going to quit out soon afterwards. Be patient.

Any timer that takes less than 5 minutes can be sped up for free. That also applies to anything that you’ve previously reduced to fewer than 5 minutes or has naturally gone under that limit. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Use some speed-up bonuses to get the timer to just under 5 minutes but never any more so. It’s a waste otherwise.

Tweaking things to your style

The Academy is the key place for adapting your base to how you want it to be. Once it unlocks, it enables you to pursue different research fields. These are typically divided up between offensive advantages (such as a boost to your unit strength), science based (developmental upgrades), and logistical improvements which are a mixture of everything.

Immortal Warriors is fairly linear at times so the Academy is a good place to try to deviate from the set path. You can gradually develop things into how you want them to be this way.

Quests, Achievements and Gifts

Check in to the Quest section of Immortal Warriors often. You don’t automatically receive all rewards. The main quest line is a simple matter of hitting the text on the main screen, but other stuff stays hidden away. Check in often to see what you can claim. The same goes for achievements with a green numbered circle highlighting how many are ready to claim. Simply completing standard objectives like boosting your food output can unlock some useful freebies.

Those freebies are typically things like a bunch of one type of resource. Don’t automatically unlock them. Keep them to the side. Only so much of your resources are protected via the Resource Center so it’s good to keep things fairly slim in case of attack. At any time when upgrading a building, if you haven’t got sufficient resources available to you to do so, you’re only a tap or two away from unlocking the aforementioned free stuff so it’s no big deal.

Free gifts are available every few minutes from the main screen. Hit the button whenever it pops up. You’re assigned a random bonus such as a speed-up power-up or additional resources. These add up fairly fast and it’s not like you have to do much to get them.

Join an alliance as soon as you can. They’re a great way of becoming stronger. They’ll also help you unlock some extra quests and achievements. There’s no downside to speak of.

Know your currencies

Immortal Warriors has many different forms of currencies and resources. The standard ones are wood, food, and gold. The premium currency is in the form of green gems. These do a ton of different things like speeding up upgrades, buying resources or unlocking chest packages that contain a plethora of bonuses.

You can also invest your gems in a scheme that gives you the chance to earn more. You’re going to have to accrue a ton of these to get anywhere. So, guess what you need to do? Yup, never use your gems. Stockpile them like crazy and appreciate that they’re hard to come by, especially early on.

Another set of resources comes via the Arena. Unlocked at level 7, the Arena allows you to fight it out in PvP battles with other players. It’s especially tough early on, but a might stat shows your chances so you know what to pursue.

Win in an Arena battle and you earn Arena coins. These can be redeemed for many other resources like gold, stone to make new weapons, or speed-up bonuses.

Winning also boosts your rank which can lead to gem rewards. It’s worth pursuing once your force is strong enough to stand a chance.

Follow the story

Unusually, Immortal Warriors has a loose storyline to pursue. Via numerous battles, you can progress in this and unlock new content. Known as the Demon’s portal, battles don’t take long and typically unlock speed-up bonuses that you can then use to progress your base faster.

There are often rewards via the quest system that dishes out more resources, simply for doing your job.

Don’t worry about being under strength. The game will warn you if that’s the case, and makes suggestions of what you can do to improve your chances. Take heed. It’s rarely wrong.

Fighting regularly also helps your heroes develop their skills. These are the commanders of your regular units, and each offers a useful skill or two for boosting your chances. They level up quite fast early on so check in on their skills board regularly and keep them updated.

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Here’s What Life Will Be Like With 3D Printers That Can Create Anything


From drones to hyperloops, retailers have no shortage of big ideas for getting products to consumers more quickly in the future. However, if advancements in 3D printing continue on their current trajectory, the very concept of shipping could become obsolete. Instead, we’ll simply print whatever we want right in our homes.

The idea behind 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is fairly straightforward. The printer creates a three-dimensional object from a digital file one layer at a time. The process has been around since the 1980s, and while early 3D printers were large, expensive, and used primarily for industrial prototyping, that’s not the case anymore.

Today, 3D printers come in a range of sizes and price points, and they can be used with a seemingly limitless variety of materials. We have printers that can replicate human organs, ones that can construct entire houses, and even printers that can craft custom pizzas.

Anyone who wants a 3D printer for their home can now buy one for as little as $ 400. Yet advanced systems still cost thousands of dollars, and even those are fairly limited in terms of capabilities. Some can only print with certain materials, and simply printing in two different colors is too much for many of today’s systems.

So, when will we all have 3D printers that can actually print anything we want — and do so faster than an Amazon drone can deliver it to us?

Unlimited Potential

According to the 2016 Wohlers Report, an annual global analysis of the state of 3D printing, in 2015 manufacturers sold more than 278,000 desktop 3D printers costing less than $ 5,000.

The U.S. alone has 125.82 million households, so even if all of those printers found their way into private residences and not offices, schools, libraries, or maker spaces, only about 2.2 out of every 1,000 households in the nation would have a 3D printer.

Clearly, home 3D printers are far from ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean they won’t one day be.

Bernard Luthi, CEO of electronics retailer Monoprice, thinks we’re about 10 years away from most households having at least one 3D printer that’ll be capable of printing most things. However, he told Futurism that he doesn’t think we’ll have 3D printers that can print anything until about 2038.

“This transformation is not going to happen overnight. There are still obstacles that we, as an industry, need to overcome,” said Luthi, noting the need for the technology to advance, and for printers that are truly consumer-friendly, affordable, and reliable to hit the market.

“However, we have made great advancements in the past few years, and can plan to see this market follow a similar trajectory of progress as other rapidly emerging technologies have in the past,” he added.

Dávid Lakatos, Chief Product Officer at Formlabs, thinks the transition will take a bit longer.

“As fun as it may be to imagine a future where there is a 3D printer in every home, I don’t see that happening in my lifetime, at least not for the creation of high-quality end-use products,” he told Futurism.

“It just isn’t realistic for everyday items to be printed in the home yet, not when parts made with injection molding can be made so inexpensively and shipped quickly,” said Lakatos.

He thinks it’s more likely that we’ll first see 3D printing used more broadly in mass customization, such to make custom earbuds at scale, as Formlabs is currently doing. Eventually, Lakatos sees companies such as Amazon and Target using 3D printing to customize products prior to delivering them to consumers.

If home 3D printers ever do remove retailers from the equation, the impact on our daily lives will be tremendous, according to Luthi. Not only will we have the ability to create exactly what we want the moment we want it, we could also experience new levels of efficiency that ultimately improve our quality of life.

“Once 3D printing is incorporated into our daily lives, it will help automate our mundane tasks and give us more time to focus on things we actually want to do,” he told Futurism. “Instead of going to the grocery store, we’ll print our food, hopefully freeing up time to live our lives more fully in other areas.”

As Luthi noted, the possibilities for 3D printing are truly endless. With each new advancement in this technology, we get closer to that day when we can print anything we can imagine.

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That regret seems to be driving people to any chance they have to get their hands on a bitcoin. For example, a tweet by @Joshwilkyyy, who’s claiming that he’ll give five lucky folks the chance to own some bitcoin, has now racked up over 20,000 retweets.

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