Russia’s troll identities were more sophisticated than anyone thought

The Russian troll farm has been hit with its first major indictment. Today, special counsel Robert Mueller laid out his criminal case against Russia’s Internet Research Agency, charging that the agency engaged in a sustained campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election. It’s a major shift for the organization, which has largely escaped blowback from the US, and it gives us the best look yet into how the Russian influence campaign actually played out.

One of the most surprising lessons of the indictment is just how seriously the Russians took their fake identities. We might associate troll accounts with spam or weird visuals, but at least some of the accounts described by Mueller were backed up by full-scale identity theft….

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Helpful Advice For Anyone Who Is New To IPads

Although owning an iPad is a great thing, figuring it out can be complex and frustrating. This article will offer up some useful tips on getting to know your iPad and maximizing your use of it. Before you know it, you will be an expert in all that this great device has to offer!

Apple always examines all of their apps before showing them on the store. This means that you can generally trust the quality of the item you will receive. However, you should at least give a cursory look at the reviews of previous user; this can be done directly from the store.

You can extend the life of your iPad’s battery by using the device in Airplane Mode. In Airplane Mode, WiFi and wireless radio are disabled. This is ideal if you do not require an Internet connection to use your iPad. You will still be able to use your tablet to read e-books, play games and use certain apps without draining the battery.

Go into your settings, navigate to “general” and slide the side switch to “lock orientation.” Typically, this is set to mute, but that can be incredibly inconvenient. For example, if you are trying to read on your iPad, the screen may continuously rotate, causing you some frustration. Fix this ahead of time.

Are you annoyed when your iPad audibly alerts you to every new email? Are you aware of a quick way to disable that unwanted sound? Under the Settings menu, choose “General”. You should then select the Sounds menu. In this area, you will be able to adjust your sound settings for NEW MAIL.

Auto correct is a wonderful feature on the iPad for those of use that are spelling challenge. Your auto correct feature is automatically enabled. To use it, simply hit enter as soon as you see the spelling correction pop up on your screen. This is an easy way to reduce your editing time and keep yourself from having to look up every word you spell.

Do you need some help with organizing your busy schedule? Install a Google calendar on your iPad. Tap on the mail section of your settings and select calendars. Choose add a calendar, select Google as your server and enter your Google account information. Your Google calendar will then be exported to your iPad calendar.

Get an iPad cover as soon as possible. While the front glass is made of Gorilla Glass (a very strong material), it can still scratch. You want to protect your investment. Get a screen cover that will protect your iPad glass when you have it in your bag. This way you are sure that it is safe.

Be careful with your iPad at the beach. Sand is a pretty dangerous thing for an iPad. Not only can it get caught in the little crevices of the device, it can also easily scratch your screen where few other things can. It’s best to use a screen cover in these situations, or better yet, leave the iPad at home for your beach time.

Since an iPad is a significant investment, it is wise to provide proper care for it. A majority of the people who own an iPad purchase a screen protector to help protect the glass screen from becoming chipped or cracked. Although the screen protectors are made of plastic and are very thin, they can help protect the screen of your iPad. Use a cloth that is designed for cleaning screens whenever you wipe off your iPad. Don’t use window cleaner or other household cleaning supplies.

You can set your iPad to block mature content if your child will be using it. To do this, just go into settings and find the mature content option. You can restrict mature content, including anything that has nudity or bad language.

You can use a keyboard with your iPad. Some people love their iPad, but miss the actual keyboard. The good news is that any Apple wireless keyboard will work with it. It will also work with any keyboard that uses Bluetooth. There are some iPads that already have a handy keyboard built in too.

Use Folders. You can now put folders on your iPad. Simply press down on one icon until it begins to jiggle, and then place it “on top” of another icon. You will then create a folder that includes both of those icons. This can be a quick way to organize all of the things you have on your iPad.

The new iPad and iPad 2 can be connected to an HD television. This can be done with an Apple Digital AV Adapter that is connected from the 30-pin Dock adapter to the HDMI port or even a regular Apple VGA Adaptor. Both of these iPads support video mirroring, which allows your whole Home screen to appear on the television, not just your videos.

When you’re losing weight, the iPad can be a great tool. There are apps to help you track your progress, keep a diet diary or even receive nutritional advice. You can search the web to find how many calories are in the items you’re eating, or take photos of clothing you want to buy when you fit into the items, which makes for great motivation.

Don’t limit yourself to the iPad’s touch-sensitive keyboard. It can be hard typing on a tiny keyboard that is on a screen. You can buy a Bluetooth keyboard and simply attach it to your tablet without a problem. That enables you to type just like you might on a laptop.

Your iPad’s battery power percentage display is meant to keep you informed of how much battery power your iPad has remaining so that you never run out of power unexpectedly. If you are like many users, however, and this display distracts or irritates you, you can easily remove it. To turn it off just go to settings, then general, then usage.

Since there is so much that can be done with an iPad, it can take a bit of time to figure it all out. Hopefully, this article has given your knowledge base a much needed boost! It takes even the experts a while to fully appreciate this amazing little machine, so give yourself time and have fun!

How to Prevent Anyone From Listening to Your Messages on HomePod

HomePod is a smart speaker that’s designed to work best with Apple Music. But it runs Siri and it can do things like reading and replying to messages, take notes, add reminders and more. But right now, HomePod doesn’t have any sort of Voice ID technology. So anyone in your house can just walk up to it (when your iPhone is on the same network) and reply to the latest message or add a reminder to your list. That’s a huge breach of your privacy. Continue reading
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Apple’s HomePod may sound amazing, but it could let anyone listen to your text messages

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While there’s no question that Apple is joining the smart speaker party a little bit late, Apple has never been one to rush a product to market in order to be first. From Apple’s vantage point, the ultimate goal is to release a product that simply outclasses the competition. Consequently, Apple had no qualms about delaying the HomePod release by a few months, all to ensure that the device worked as flawlessly as advertised.

“It doesn’t bother us that we are second, third, fourth or fifth if we still have the best,” Tim Cook said a little bit more than a year ago. “We don’t feel embarrassed because it took us longer to get it right. For Apple, being the best is the most important and trumps the other two by far.”

All that said, Apple’s HomePod release is just around the corner and many of the early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. More important than anything, the HomePod seems to deliver where it matters most as the device boasts best-in-class sound quality. As Nilay Patel from The Verge observed, the HomePod “sounds far better than any other speaker in its price range.”

There are some downsides, though, to the HomePod experience. While we already knew that Siri on the device was stunted, it turns out that the HomePod is not capable of discerning individual voices. This is rather bizarre given that the “Hey Siri” feature on the iPhone has been doing this as far back as iOS 9. This omission is problematic because it enables anyone to access a HomePod owner’s text messages.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you just click yes during all the setup prompts, literally anyone can ask the HomePod to send or read your text messages. Seriously, it’ll just read your texts to anyone if your phone is anywhere on the same Wi-Fi network, which usually reaches far beyond the same room as the HomePod. If your HomePod is in the kitchen and you’re in the basement, anyone can just roll up on the HomePod and have it read your texts. If you have kids, they can just text anyone at will while you’re in the bathroom and you can’t stop it.

In short, you’ll have to make sure that you turn this feature off lest you want folks having unfettered access to your texts. Notably, Patel asked Apple why the HomePod can’t make out individual voices but didn’t receive an instructive answer.

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