AT&T announces Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco as first three 5G cities for 2018

Following AT&T’s pledge last month to build out a true 5G network by the end of the year, the telecom has announced its first three of 12 locations that will get standards-based, mobile 5G by the end of the year. The company says two Texas cities, Dallas and Waco, are on the list, as well as Atlanta, Georgia. An AT&T spokesperson says additional cities will be “announced in the coming months, rounding out the dozen we have committed to hit this year.”

AT&T originally announced its intentions to build a 5G network last year. But that technology was essentially a rebranding and deployment of existing LTE capabilities that AT&T cleverly called “5G Evolution,” which it seems was intended to confuse consumers into thinking its network had…

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Archos announces world’s first Android-powered scooter, will cost €499.99 ($617)

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French tech company Archos is largely known for its budget Android phones and tablets, but it has also been producing mobility devices for the past year (in Europe, at least). In case you ever wanted a scooter running Android, Archos has you covered with its new ‘Citee Connect’ scooter, which goes on sale this summer for €499.99 (about $ 617).

The Citee Connect is equipped with large puncture-proof 8.5-inch wheels, a 250W motor, and a 36W battery.

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Archos announces world’s first Android-powered scooter, will cost €499.99 ($ 617) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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BotChain platform for AI bots announces key partners

Talla has announced new partnerships for its blockchain platform for bot registry, identity validation, and event ledgering for AI products.

As the global ecosystem of artificially intelligent bots and software grows, and businesses become more dependant on them, the need for a standardised, trustworthy, and immutable ecosystem to support it also grows.

Talla is looking to address this with its blockchain platform, BotChain. The AI-powered knowledge and information management company has raised $ 12 million in equity funding so far – helping it to build a system that offers universal registration, identity validation, bot audit, and compliance capabilities, along with an event ledger for AI products.

The new partnership programme has just been unveiled, introducing an initial roster of platforms and SaaS applications. Together, they make up 50,000 developers and over 150,000 enterprise and consumer-facing bots, reaching 400 million users with billions of messages every month.

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The line-up includes Gupshup, a platform for developers, and B2B enterprise bots Polly, CareerLark, Botkit, Disco (formerly Growbot),, and Botkeeper. The Gupshup platform is deployed at the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and HDFC Bank.

“The rapidly growing and widespread demand for bots that we’ve seen at Gupshup clearly proves the need for a new level of standardisation within the industry, and BotChain offers a powerful solution,” said Gupshup CEO, Beerud Sheth. “Everyone who interacts with a bot in any capacity benefits from this new layer of enablement and increased accountability, and we are excited to be a part of that.”

The BotChain ecosystem is impressively broad, expanding beyond bot, AI, and robotic automation to include software companies, messaging platforms, and enterprise consultants.

Revenue from AI products is predicted to exceed $ 47 billion by 2020, making a universal system for managing this ecosystem an attractive proposition. Blockchain’s immutability makes it ideally suited to the task.

“BotChain will be managed and moulded by an invested and proven group of like-minded partners,” said Anthony Habayeb, head of BotChain partnerships. “Aligned thinking is key for fuelling adoption and acceleration.”

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BotChain will be eager to establish itself as a serious player in the blockchain space, given the plethora of ‘me too’ companies and cryptocurrencies that are rushing to exploit this fashionable technology. By positioning some big names alongside their forward-looking products, BotChain is well placed to grow with the systems it is supporting.


In other news, decentralised healthcare blockchain platform HealthCombix has partnered with NuCypher to explore distributed security technology to tackle privacy, consent and identity challenges.

HealthCombix is looking to redesign how healthcare is delivered and paid for by using blockchain. NuCypher’s proxy re-encryption (a type of public-key encryption that allows a third-party proxy to transform cyphertexts from one public key to another) will play a key role in this.

“Our goal is to build out the next generation of healthcare systems. We are redefining and redesigning in an open protocol a decentralised network model for healthcare, replacing existing systems with best-of-breed distributed technology in a layered and integrated architecture,” said HealthCombix founder and CEO, Cyrus Maaghul.

“Decentralised key management, privacy, and consent are cornerstone capabilities in this new healthcare economy, and we believe NuCypher is on the leading edge in this space.”

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Danish E-Commerce Payment Provider Clearhaus Announces Support for Apple Pay

Danish acquirer Clearhaus today announced support for Apple Pay, bringing Apple’s mobile payment platform to over 5,000 Nordic online merchants who use the e-commerce payment institution.

In October 2017, Apple Pay was introduced to Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, where top Nordic banks like Nordea, Jyske Bank, Edenred, N26, and ST1 quickly adopted the digital wallet system, allowing physical stores across the region to accept contactless payments with iOS devices.

Online payment gateway solutions and acquirers like Clearhaus, which has 20 percent of the market share in Denmark, have since been following suit.

“The emergence of mobile-friendly payment technology like Apple Pay proves that consumer behavior is changing – and webshops will need to adapt quickly. It’s an easy, secure payment method, with the fastest checkout in the market today. That’s why we have cooperated with our partner, QuickPay to bring Apple Pay to over 5,000 webshops in the Nordics.”

Clearhaus serves 7,500 merchants in 33 countries across Europe with secure payment solutions for accepting Visa and Mastercard online.

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[Update x7: Huawei Watch 2 and 5 others] Google announces which Android Wear watches will get Oreo update, and which already have it

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[Update x7: Huawei Watch 2 and 5 others] Google announces which Android Wear watches will get Oreo update, and which already have it was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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