Samsung’s Always-On Display can now show GIFs

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Samsung is giving owners of its recent smartphones even more personalization options for the Always-On Display. According to Android Police, now you can showcase GIFs on the screen when your phone is asleep. The Always-On Display appears whenever you lock your phone and it shows the time, your notifications, remaining battery percentage, and other critical info. Users can change the colors, clock style, and other aspects of the AOD to make it feel a little more customized to their own liking.

For the past couple years, Samsung has also let customers choose between preloaded images or pick their own photo to appear alongside those indicators. It’s a good place to stick a picture of your partner, a family member, your kid, or maybe just a…

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Samsung Always-On Display updated to support GIFs

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You could always add an image to your Always on Display to customize the look of the phone while it permanently displays the time, date, and any incoming notifications. Samsung’s Always on Display is being updated to support GIFs to further customize the look of your AOD. Version of the app allows you to set any GIF to adorn your AOD by opening the GIF in the Gallery app and tapping the overflow menu (.), then selecting “Set as Always on Display image”. There are a couple of limitations that you should know about. The app only supports GIF files and didn’t… – Latest articles

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Apple details the energy use of its always-on HomePod speaker

Now that the HomePod is nearly here, Apple is dribbling out details of what its first smart speaker will do… including, apparently, that it's a power miser. The company has posted environmental data showing that the HomePod uses no more than 9.25W…
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Garmin vivofit 4 activity tracker features always-on color display, over 1 year battery life

Garmin has launched a new activity tracker. Dubbed vivofit 4, the main selling points for the wearable include an always-on color display and over 1 year battery life. The device is also swim- and shower-safe. In addition to basic activity tracking, the vivofit 4 can also track your sleep and intensity minutes. Other features include a countdown timer, stopwatch, alarms, weather info, and the Find My Phone functionality. Available color options for the activity tracker include White, Limegreen Speckled, and Black. As for price, the device carries a tag of $ 80, and is available for… – Latest articles

Garmin’s new Vivofit lasts for a year with an always-on color display

It's hard to stand out in the fitness tracker world when you can easily cover the fundamentals at a very low price. Garmin, however, is trying its level best. It just launched the Vivofit 4, which combines an always-on color display with its predec…
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iMac Pro Will Gain Always-On ‘Hey Siri’ and A10 Fusion Coprocessor

The iMac Pro, along with being Apple’s most powerful Mac computer, might also be the company’s first to feature an A-series processor.

Over the weekend, several developers — including Johnathan Levin, Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo — began to dig into the BridgeOS 2.0 software package released by Apple. And, according to their findings, it’s looking like the iMac Pro will feature an ARM-based A10 Fusion coprocessor.

Yes, that’s the same SoC used in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And it would mark the first time that Apple has used a proprietary A-series chipset in its Mac machines.

Previously, Apple shipped a custom-designed ARM chip called the T1 to power the Touch Bar in its MacBook Pro. But this is a step further than that.

Notably, a Pike’s Universum report from earlier this year suggested that the iMac Pro could feature an ARM coprocessor. This weekend’s reports corroborate that and give us a glimpse into how Apple might use the chip in its computers.

iMac Pro Features

For one, it appears that the iMac Pro could be used to take over the boot process, security and the FaceTime camera. It could also allow for Apple to maintain tighter control of the OS without the “userbase freaking out,” as Troughton-Smith puts it.

In addition, it seems that an always-on “Hey, Siri” voice command is coming to the iMac Pro — and it’ll be powered by the A10 Fusion. Brazilian-based developer Guilherme Rambo found a “Hey Siri” setup process on macOS that’s identical to the one on iOS.

Because of the presence of the A10 Processor, that means “Hey, Siri” could be usable even if the iMac Pro itself is shut off.

Future Plans for ARM Architecture

Of course, while the inclusion of the A10, and its use for boot, Siri, security and FaceTime, have all but been confirmed the addition of the iPhone 7 chip could also foster other capabilities.

Among those, it could mean nominal features like the ability to ask Siri to boot up your Mac (since the A10 might always be on). It could also mean a much better iOS emulator for app developers. Essentially, developers could run an actual version of iOS on their iMac Pros to test apps before releasing them. With the A10 responsible for FaceTime, it could also hint at Face ID coming to future Mac platforms.

Apple seems to be testing the waters for a broader use of A-series chips in its computers. If A-Series chips eventually make their way to a MacBook Pro in the future, for example, it could use that chip to let Siri, Power Nap and other features run without significantly affecting battery life.

iMac Pro Release Date

The iMac Pro, first revealed at WWDC ’17 this June, is slated for a launch next month — though we don’t have any official date quite yet.

The high-end desktop is the most powerful Apple has ever made, and comes in a variety of workstation-class configurations. The entry-level model will retail for $ 4,999.

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Report: Apple’s iMac Pro will come with always-on Siri

Apple is slated to begin shipping its all-powerful iMac Pro desktop computer next month, with options including an 18-core 4.5GHz processor, 11 teraflops of GPU horsepower, and a 5K display. It might also come with a surprise in the form of an A10 Fusion chip, according to reverse engineering expert and author Jonathan Levin. That’s the same badge as the one on the processor that powered the iPhone 7 from 2016, but the iMac Pro will likely feature a stripped-down edition of it to handle certain macOS security processes, as well as enabling support for an always-on version of Siri…

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Pixel and Nexus 6P get Always-on Display without root

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL premiered Always-on display on pure Android, but the functionality didn’t trickle down to the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Yet, it’s now possible to enable Always-on display without root on the Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview on the Google Pixel, Pixel XL and even Huawei Nexus 6P. Image credit: InFlames03 The process is a bit technical and requires some time and studious following of instructions. You can find a full guide in the source link. The short version is this: you need to setup a theme manager app, buy a $ 1.99 plugin for it, install… – Latest articles

Always-On Display is now available on Android Oreo ROM

The Google Pixel 2 XL might come with Always-On Display, previous rumors suggested. But you don’t have to wait for that one to get the feature – one user at XDA found a way to run it on any rooted Android Oreo phone. A mere modification of the will make the Always-On Display option to appear in Settings once “false” is changed to “true”. Then the Always On Ambient Display pops up inside System UI Tuner. Many unofficial ports already enabled the feature. Google’s implementation works similarly to Samsung’s or LG’s AOD. The… – Latest articles