Reliance Jio launches Jio Cricket Season Pack, Jio Cricket Play Along game and Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live Show for IPL 2018

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Reliance Jio today launched new offerings –  Jio Cricket Play Along game that lets you win prizes, Jio Cricket Season Pack that offers live streaming of IPL matches on the app and Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live comedy Cricket show for the IPL season starting this week. All these will be available on My Jio app that will also be available for non-Jio subscribers. Jio Cricket Season Pack enables users watch IPL matches live on MyJio app throughout the duration of 51 days at Rs. 251 and also comes with  102GB data. Jio Cricket Play Along game will be available on MyJio app everyday during the matches, spanning 7 weeks and 60 matches and can be played in 11 Indian languages. You stand a chance to win a house in Mumbai, 25 cars, cash prize worth crores and more. Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live starts at 7th April  at 7:30 PM, with original live episodes, releasing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hosted Sunil Grover and popular sports anchor Samir Kochhar, every episode will feature cricketers and celebrity guests in fun conversations, gags and  more. They will be joined by a host of popular comedians along with cricket legends Kapil Dev and Virender Sehwag.
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Foxconn Acquires Popular Accessory Maker Belkin Along With Linksys and Wemo

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Foxconn is best known as an Apple supplier that assembles Apple’s devices and supplies components to the Cupertino-based company, but as of today, it’s taking over a major Apple accessory maker.

Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT), a Foxconn subsidiary, today announced that it has acquired Belkin International in a deal that’s worth $866 million. The acquisition includes the Belkin brand along with Linksys, Wemo, and Phyn, other companies owned by Belkin.

One of Belkin’s recently introduced wireless charging accessories

The acquisition will allow Foxconn Interconnect Technology to “further tap into premium accessories and the smart home market.” The deal is also expected to expand Belkin’s presence both in the United States and “key markets globally.”

“FIT is excited to acquire Belkin and its capabilities in the premium consumer products space,” said Sidney Lu, CEO, FIT. “Integrating Belkin’s best-in-class capabilities and solutions into FIT, we expect to enrich our portfolio of premium consumer products and accelerate our penetration into the smart home.”

“This move will accelerate our vision of delivering technology that makes the lives of people around the world better, more convenient and more fulfilling. I am thrilled to take our brand portfolio of Belkin, Linksys, Wemo and Phyn to new heights,” said Chet Pipkin, CEO and founder, Belkin International. “We see significant synergies with FIT, including leveraging its world-class manufacturing capability to enhance Belkin’s operating efficiency and competitiveness. The transaction also grants us access to more resources to invest in our people and to aggressively pursue opportunities in the marketplace.”

Under the Belkin brand, Belkin offers a wide range of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch cases, cables, adapters, wireless chargers, and more, while the Wemo brand offers HomeKit-compatible home automation devices. Through Linksys, Belkin sells wireless routers and similar accessories, and the Phyn brand offers a smart water assistant for monitoring for leaks.

All of the Belkin-owned brands will continue to operate as subsidiaries under Foxconn Interconnect Technology.

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Autonomous Cars Are Coming, and Bringing Change Along for the Ride

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Some changes autonomous cars bring will be great… others, not so much.

The post Autonomous Cars Are Coming, and Bringing Change Along for the Ride appeared first on Futurism.


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Pack a virtual bag and follow along other travelers in Trips by Lonely Planet

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Travel and destination discovery apps are a dime a hundred (not even a dozen) on the Play Store, but there are still a few names I come back to again and again. Google’s own Trips is one of them because it helps me organize everything as well as see popular places to visit, organize day trips, and get discounts on tours, but I have yet to find a nice app just for the discovery of new destinations.

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Pack a virtual bag and follow along other travelers in Trips by Lonely Planet was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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‘Stargate: Origins’ debut brings the 1994 flick along for free

As promised, MGM's Stargate Command service has launched the first three episodes of Stargate: Origins exclusively for its streaming customers. The service is making a pitch similar to, but not exactly like the one attempted by CBS' controversial All…
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Xiaomi teaser hints at Mi TV launching in India along with Redmi Note 5 on February 14 [Update: Flipkart exclusive]

[Update: Flipkart has posted a new teaser that says that it will be 4.9mm thick, so it will be Mi TV 4.] We already know that Xiaomi is all set to launch the Redmi Note 5 smartphone with 18:9 display in India on February 14th. Now the company has posted a new teaser on its … Continue reading “Xiaomi teaser hints at Mi TV launching in India along with Redmi Note 5 on February 14 [Update: Flipkart exclusive]”
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Ride along with the dummy driving Elon Musk’s Tesla to Mars

Mere minutes after successfully launching the Falcon Heavy rocket on the first try, SpaceX is now live streaming footage from Tesla Roadster it released into space. Now we know what CEO Elon Musk meant yesterday when he teased that there would be “epic views” if the launch went well.

The Roadster is still attached to the Falcon Heavy’s upper stage, which is currently an hour or so into what is supposed to be a six-hour “coast” through the Van Allen radiation belts. If the upper stage’s systems survive being bombarded with all that radiation, then it will fire one last time, pushing the Tesla out towards its elliptical orbit around Mars.

The stream is currently oscillating between the three cameras mounted to the car and the data feed…

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Discord Desktop Apps Gain Deep Spotify Integration, Including Real-Time ‘Listen Along’ Feature

Gaming-focused chat platform Discord today announced a new integration with Spotify that will allow users to connect their Spotify accounts to Discord in order to showcase what they’re listening to. Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to “Listen Along” to songs and full playlists together with fellow Premium members directly within their Discord server, which syncs up tracks so that each user is hearing everything at the same time.

Non-Premium members will have the ability to display a currently listening to track in their Discord profile, so when friends click on the profile they can discover new music with a “Play on Spotify” button. Discord confirmed to MacRumors that the Spotify update will be available for both the Mac and PC apps, as well as in web browsers, and all of the Spotify integrations will go live on Discord today.

On iOS, Discord users will be able to see what their friends are listening to, but shared listening will only be available on the desktop apps.

“This is the next natural step to highlight the importance of music as an integral part of the gaming experience,” said Mikael Ericsson, Product Director, Platform & Partner Experience at Spotify. “Starting today, we’re really excited to offer Spotify Premium and Discord users the ability to listen together as a group or highlight what they’re jamming out to while enjoying their favorite games.”

Today’s updates are set to become more enhanced additions to existing features already available in Discord. For example, the chat app previously included syncing with Spotify to show when members of a server were using the music streaming service, but today’s announcement is a far deeper integration between the two companies with specific track listings that show song, album, and time in the song.

There have also been bots in Discord that perform a somewhat similar function to Listen Along, allowing server mods to create channels where users can add songs to a playlist — with audio usually sourced from YouTube music videos — and let multiple people join in the channel to listen in real time and edit what’s coming up next.

For those who haven’t downloaded it yet, Discord is a free app for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android that lets its users join servers that are typically aimed at discussing a specific game and organizing events around the game. The Mac app is available to download on the company’s website and the iOS app is free on the App Store [Direct Link].

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Google posts January 2018 Android security patch info along with Nexus and Pixel system images

Google Pixel 2 XL hands-on

The start of a new month means new security patches for Android devices, and that’s exactly what Google has provided us with today, the second day of January.

Google today unleashed the January 2018 Android security patches. There are many fixes included in the 2018-01-01 patch level, including one for the Android runtime and several more for the Media framework and the System.

There’s also a 2018-01-05 security patch level that includes a handful more fixes, including one related to HTC components and one for LG components.

For you Nexus and Pixel owners, Google also offers a dedicated Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin. These phones will be updated to the 2018-01-05 patch level, which should start going out over the air today. If you’ve got a Nexus or Pixel device, your phone should get its update in the coming days.

If you’d prefer to update your Pixel or Nexus device now, Google does offer factory images and full OTA images that you can download and sideload onto your device. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

WWE Clash of Champions Live Stream Starts Soon, Hop in ‘WWE Mayhem’ to Play Along During the First Live Event

Last week you may have seen us post the news that Reliance Games in partnership with the WWE launched a new swipe-fighter called WWE Mayhem [Free], which pits many of WWE’s Superstars from both past and present against each other in one-on-one or tag team bouts. You also might remember that in that post we mentioned that the game supports special live events that will happen simultaneously during WWE’s live televised events, and the first of those live events is happening today during the Clash of Champions pay-per-view. Being both a big wrestling fan and a big fan of the many swipe-fighters available on the App Store, I figured I’d follow along with this first WWE Mayhem live event since I’d be watching the pay-per-view event anyway. And then I figured, hey, why not share this experience with our lovely readers? So if you’ve been enjoying WWE Mayhem since it came out last week or have yet to try it, but are intrigued by this live event business, read on for how to check out the pay-per-view and partake in the game’s event.

First off, what’s the best way to watch Clash of Champions? Well, it’s a pay-per-view event which means you can order it through your cable or satellite company and it’ll set your back somewhere in the vicinity of $ 50. And that’s just a one-off charge for this one single event. It’s not a great deal. The better way to go about it is to sign up for the WWE Network, which is WWE’s streaming and on-demand service. It’s basically Netflix but for WWE content. And like similar streaming services WWE Network costs $ 9.99 per month to subscribe. If you’re a wrestling fan though, the cost of an entire year of the service is roughly the cost of just a couple of pay-per-views, so even if you’re a more casual wrestling fan that only orders a pay-per-view a few times a year the network is still probably worth it in the long run. That’s not even considering all the original content the service offers, some of which is not especially great but there are quite a few shows that are super interesting to watch as a wrestling fan as it gives you more of a behind the scenes look at the business or just a deeper look into the individual wrestlers in their daily lives. PLUS there’s tons of legacy content including almost all the old pay-per-view events from the history of not just WWE but WCE, ECW, NWA, and more.

I know I’m sounding like an infomercial for WWE Network right now, but there really is a ton of great content on the service and at least in my opinion it’s more than worth the ten bucks a month if you’re pretty into wrestling. Best of all is that they’ll give you the first month for free, and you can cancel at absolutely anytime even after your free month as there’s no contract you’re locked into or anything. So if you’re reading all this, and you’re still not sure about dropping money on the network, but you ARE interested in today’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view and the accompanying WWE Mayhem live event, then you can sign up for your free month and check it all out with no obligation and then just cancel it if you want. I mean, I’d urge you to at least use your free month to check out all that the service offers, but if you only wanted to have it for today’s events then you can totally do that.

Here are some links that will help:

Sign up for the free month of WWE Network:

Check out the additional ways to watch through your cable or satellite provider:

With all that out of the way, what about this live event in WWE Mayhem? Well, I don’t know much about it right now, as it’s not set to go live until the pre-show starts which is at 7pm EST, or roughly 30 minutes from now. There’s a selection of Events available already, including ones for Raw and Smackdown and even a Clash of Champions event that’s already live, but they’re just generic-style events having you face off against opponents for prizes. What I’m thinking (and hoping) happens when the true Clash of Champions live event kicks off is that it’ll be a series of events that’s based on the matches happening in the actual show, and going one step further maybe the events can even change based off of what happens during the show. This particular pay-per-view has all the current champions putting their belts on the line, so there’s bound to be some championships changing hands, and it would be cool to see that sort of thing reflected in the in-game live event.

Whatever the case I’m curious enough about the whole thing to be on board, so if you want to give it a shot follow the instructions above to watch Clash of Champions tonight (as mentioned, the pre-show starts at 4pm EST and the actual pay-per-view starts at 5pm EST) and grab WWE Mayhem from the App Store if you haven’t already. You’ll need to level up your profile in-game to level 5 in order to partake in the live events, but it’s pretty easy to get to there quickly just beating the first set of story campaign missions. If anything truly neat happens with the Clash of Champions Live Event during the show I’ll update this post, otherwise enjoy the show and the game!