BAFTA-winning puzzle game ‘The Spectrum Retreat’ is almost ready

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Dan Smith was only 18 when he won the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award in 2016 for the prototype of his first-person puzzler. Now, his creation is almost ready to hit your consoles: video game publisher Ripstone Games is releasing The Spectrum Retrea…
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Apple Music almost doubles new Weeknd song streams versus Spotify

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The new EP by pop/R&B singer The Weeknd managed over 26 million streams within 24 hours on Apple Music, Apple said on Tuesday, some 6 million of those belonging to the song "Call Out My Name."
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Scientists Found a Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter. Here’s What That Means.

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Roughly 65 million light-years away from Earth is a galaxy called NGC 1052-DF2 (DF2 for short). But DF2 may as well be called F-U, because that’s what it’s saying to scientists who thought they understood galaxies, dark matter, and really anything about our universe.

What makes DF2 so special, you may ask? It appears to contain virtually no dark matter.

We’ve never seen dark matter directly. We only believe dark matter exists because we can see how it affects “regular,” or baryonic, matter. Based on these indirect observations, researchers have estimated that dark matter makes up about 27 percent of our universe.

Since dark matter was (sort of) discovered, researchers assumed dark matter was essential to galaxy formation. Dark matter would clump together. Then, the gravity from those clumps would attract baryonic matter, forming the stars, planets, and other objects we can actually see within a galaxy. Easy, right?

Based on this understanding, the team studying DF2 thought they had a pretty good idea how much dark matter it contained. But when they calculated how much dark matter DF2 actually had, they discovered it contained only 1/400th the amount they expected.

“It challenges the standard ideas of how we think galaxies work,” Pieter van Dokkum, a Yale University professor and lead author of a paper on DF2, now published in Nature, said in a press release. “This result also suggests that there may be more than one way to form a galaxy.”

DF2 is unique in other ways, too. It doesn’t fit the characteristics of a spiral galaxy, which typically have dense, central regions, spiral arms, and a disk. But it also isn’t like known elliptical galaxies, which have a black hole at their center.

Instead, DF2 is a rare ultra-diffuse galaxy. “It’s so sparse that you see all of the galaxies behind it,” van Dokkum said. “It is literally a see-through galaxy.”

This might seem counterintuitive, but DF2 actually supports the existence of dark matter, which some theories argue doesn’t exist.

“For those kinds of theories, it wouldn’t be possible to ever have a galaxy that looks as though it doesn’t have dark matter,” Jocelyn Monroe, a particle physicist and dark matter expert at Royal Holloway, University of London, who was not involved in the study, told The Verge. “So [this galaxy is] really interesting for the potential it has to exclude some of these ideas.”

The researchers hope to pin down the age of DF2. “At the moment, we only know its older than 10 billion years, but we’d like to know if it’s 10 billion years old or 13 billion years old, which is right after the Big Bang,” van Dokkum told ABC.

If DF2 does end up being 13 billion years old, it could rack in another superlative: the oldest galaxy ever discovered.

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Hyundai’s Kona is ready for almost anything

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Imagine you're going out for the night with friends. You have the perfect jeans. You just picked up a great shirt or blouse. You're having a great hair day, your sock game is on point. Hell, you even picked up a new smartphone earlier in the day. You…
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‘Almost There’ is a One-Thumb Hardcore Platformer Looking for Beta Testers

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Developers have been trying to crack the platformer nut on mobile touchscreens for years now. There are plenty of fantastic platformers that go the traditional route with virtual buttons and for many people that works just fine. Some people just can’t get on with virtual controls though, and so we’ve also seen plenty of great platformers that utilize one or two button controls but with a character that auto-runs. That’s fine too, and is certainly more accessible, but you lose a lot of the pizazz of a platforming game that has full movement. Recently, two developers are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Digital Melody is bringing out a unique one-touch platformer with full movement called Runventure next week, and solo indie developer Bony Yousuf is trying his hand at it with a game called Almost There. Check out the trailer.

As you can see in the trailer, Almost There crams a lot of functionality into that one-thumb swipe bar control setup. You can jump, long jump, wall jump, wall slide, and move left or right all using that simple control scheme. It’s a pretty cool idea on paper and I’m very curious to see how well it actually works in practice. Compared to the aforementioned Runventure, Almost There looks much more hardcore along the lines of something like Super Meat Boy, which is hard to imagine working well with just one thumb controls. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though! If you’re interested in trying this one out yourself, Yousuf is looking for beta testers in our forums so swing on by and check out the info you need to sign up for testing. Almost There is shooting for release sometime around May so look for it in the coming months.


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After almost a year in testing, EA has officially released ‘The Sims Mobile’ on Android

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That’s right, after almost a year of The Sims Mobile existing as a soft launch testing release Electronic Arts has finally seen fit to open the floodgates and officially push this title out to the rest of the world. But before you get too excited, it is sadly just like every other The Sims mobile game on our platform. This means you can expect plenty of wait timers and in-app purchases that range up to $ 99.99 per item.

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After almost a year in testing, EA has officially released ‘The Sims Mobile’ on Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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This startup almost went bankrupt, now it’s one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

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This interview is part of our series of Growth Stories. We interviewed the founders and CEOs of 20 of the fastest growing startups in Europe. We asked them about their companies, their companies’ culture, and their lives, trying to understand how these three factors played a role in the achievement of such impressive growth. Founded in 2014, Tiqets is a Dutch platform that sells tickets for thousands of major cultural attractions worldwide. Thanks to easy-to-use, mobile tickets that grant direct access to the venues, the company’s revenue skyrocketed, growing more than 10,000 percent over the past three years.  But things weren’t always rainbows…

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There are now almost 60 class-action lawsuits against Apple for secretly throttling iPhones

iPhone Battery

In late 2017, Apple was sitting pretty. The iPhone X was in plentiful supply and the company was well on its way towards generating a record-breaking $ 88.3 billion in quarterly revenue. Things took a turn, though, when Apple in late December admitted that it purposefully throttles CPU performance on iPhone models with older and degraded batteries. While Apple claimed the underlying goal was to prevent unexpected shutdowns, iPhone fans the world over were upset at the complete lack of transparency. Indeed, Apple only decided to come clean once independent testing confirmed that certain iOS updates had a discernible impact on system performance.

Just a few days following Apple’s admission, the lawsuits started rolling in. The first class-action suit against Apple was filed on December 21 and alleged that Apple’s actions not only lowers the resale value of existing iPhones, but also coerce iPhone owners to upgrade prematurely. In short order, scores of other class-action suits were filed. As it stands now, about two months removed from Apple’s admission, Tim Cook and co. are now dealing with nearly 60 lawsuits in jurisdictions all across the country and even a few suits outside of the U.S.

With Apple facing so many suits, recently filed court documents discovered by MacRumors suggest that a good number of the aforementioned class-action lawsuits filed against Apple will likely be consolidated into one overarching case. Hardly a surprise, multiple class-action suits that stem from the same alleged wrongdoing are often merged together in the interest of efficiency and to prevent duplicitous litigation.

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has disclosed that it will consider consolidating dozens of iPhone performance-related complaints filed against Apple during a hearing scheduled for Thursday, March 29 in Atlanta, Georgia, as is routine for similar cases filed across multiple states.

It will be interesting to see how the suits against Apple play out, especially in light of the numerous remedies Apple has implemented in the meantime. Most notably, Apple about two months ago announced a new battery replacement program wherein users with out-of-warranty devices can order a brand new iPhone battery for a discounted price $ 29. What’s more, Apple indicated in a letter to government agencies that users who purchased a new battery before the discount went into effect might be eligible for a rebate.

Apple – BGR

Cellebrite Says It Can Crack Almost Any iPhone (Even Running iOS 11)

iPhones are normally incredibly secure devices. But an Israeli data extraction firm recently announced that it can bypass the strong encryption on basically any iPhone currently on the market. Cellebrite, an Israel-based data extraction vendor and high-profile U.S. government contractor, is apparently advertising that it can unlock Apple devices running iOS 11 — which includes […]
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Gmail Go is almost identical to the original Android app, but half the size

Google’s Gmail Go is now available in the Play store for Android devices, bringing most of the functionality of the original app, while shaving off half the file size. It’s part of the company’s Go suite of apps, which are designed to work well on low-end phones with low memory and storage. That, in turn, is part of the Android Go program, which brings a streamlined version of the OS to said handsets. According to Android Police, the lightweight Gmail Go is practically indistinguishable in terms of features and functionality from Gmail; the only major difference is that it’s available…

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