Gmail Go is almost identical to the original Android app, but half the size

Google’s Gmail Go is now available in the Play store for Android devices, bringing most of the functionality of the original app, while shaving off half the file size. It’s part of the company’s Go suite of apps, which are designed to work well on low-end phones with low memory and storage. That, in turn, is part of the Android Go program, which brings a streamlined version of the OS to said handsets. According to Android Police, the lightweight Gmail Go is practically indistinguishable in terms of features and functionality from Gmail; the only major difference is that it’s available…

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Tim Cook says Apple’s wearables business is almost as big as a Fortune 300 company

Apple Watch

Steve Jobs used to make fun of Amazon for not releasing specific sales figures for devices like the Kindle, which is somewhat comical given that Apple over the past few years has refused to divulge how many Apple Watch units the company sells every quarter. As for the reasoning behind Apple’s decision, the company’s initial explanation was that it didn’t want to provide competitors with any strategic information about its brand new wearable. Even if you buy that argument, it doesn’t really hold weight anymore given that the Apple Watch has now been around for nearly three years.

That notwithstanding, Apple certainly isn’t trying to mask underwhelming sales. Far from it, it seems as if the Apple Watch continues to grow in popularity with each passing year. Most recently, and thanks to the Apple Watch Series 3, cumulative Apple Watch sales have exploded in recent months. As Tim Cook explained during the company’s recent earnings conference call, Apple Watch sales during the recent holiday quarter were higher than they’ve ever been.

Shedding some more light on the company’s wearables business overall, Tim Cook during today’s annual shareholders meeting said that revenue from Apple wearables (which includes the Apple Watch, AirPods, and Beats headphones) is now approaching the size of a Fortune 300 company. As a reference point, Cook this past May said that revenue from Apple wearables was comparable to a Fortune 500 company.

For some additional context, consider this: revenue from Apple’s wearables is now close to surpassing revenue from the likes of companies like Netflix and eBay.

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Snapchat almost acqui-hired anonymous app Secret

 Evan Spiegel secretly tried to hire away the team at Secret, but the price was too high. That’s according to three sources familiar with the deal who spoke to TechCrunch. The information expands and clarifies a report from the new book about Snapchat’s origin story coming out next week called “How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars” by former TechCrunch writer Billy Gallagher. Read More
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ZipRecruiter is raising money for the first time in almost four years

The company is raising $ 50 million — and that’s likely just the start.

The job-posting website ZipRecruiter is returning to the fundraising well for the first time since 2014, authorizing a new round of financing that values the company at almost $ 1 billion.

The eight-year-old company is slated to raise around $ 50 million in new capital, according to a fundraising document, and it is in talks to possibly collect even more money beyond that. The current financing authorization would value the company at around $ 930 million, according to the November filing with the state of Delaware that was provided by Lagniappe Labs, creator of the Prime Unicorn Index.

The identity of the funder could not be learned, but it is believed to be a major financial institution as opposed to a venture capital firm. ZipRecruiter declined to comment.

The company was last valued at $ 300 million, according to PitchBook, after accepting $ 63 million in a round led by IVP. The company operated for four years without taking outside funding.

ZipRecruiter faces competition from platforms like Glassdoor, a possible IPO candidate, and Indeed, which has been acquired, but ZipRecruiter claims to have hosted 120 million job seekers. The Santa Monica-based company led by Ian Siegel has close to 1,000 employees.

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