Amazon is working on a pair of Alexa-enabled ‘smart glasses’ and a home security camera

In the battle to become our smart assistant of choice, Amazon’s Alexa is currently losing out in one key area: mobile. Apple’s iPhones have Siri, and Android phones have the Google Assistant, but with the failure of the Fire phone, Alexa isn’t the convenient choice on any smartphone. According to a report in the Financial Times, Amazon plans to address this issue by launching a pair ‘smart glasses’ that can interact with Alexa.

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Amazon is working on a pair of Alexa-enabled ‘smart glasses’ and a home security camera was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Amazon reportedly working on Alexa-enabled ‘smart glasses’

Amazon wants to make Alexa a more formidable competitor to Google Assistant and Siri by letting you put it on your face and take it anywhere, according to a Financial Times report (paywall). The company is said to be developing a pair of normal-looki…
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An Alexa-enabled alarm clock feels like the perfect nightstand gadget

I hate my alarm clock. I like sleeping, and every morning, without fail, my alarm clock ruins that for me by loudly and unsubtly waking me up. Of course, that’s the whole point of an alarm clock, but there are other annoying things about my alarm, too. It’s old, it can only charge a single 30-pin iPod, and it can’t use my carefully curated collection of song snippets as alarms for shocking me awake in the morning.

As a smart alarm clock with Amazon’s Alexa assistant built in, the Sandman Doppler would probably earn my ire by rudely waking me up each morning. But by the same token, the Sandman Doppler also seems like it might fix all my other problems and become the perfect bedside gadget.

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Amazon’s new Alexa-enabled Dash Wand is basically free for Prime subscribers

Amazon has released the Dash Wand, a new Alexa-enabled device that can help you scan grocery barcodes, convert measurements, and order household essentials from Amazon just by using your voice. The Wi-Fi-enabled Dash Wand is magnetic, so you can stick it on your fridge, and also offers some of the features of its bigger Echo sibling, allowing you to find recipes and restaurants without using your hands.

At a few inches long, and made out of white and black plastic, the Dash Wand looks like a refreshed version of the company’s original Dash devices. First released in 2014, those Dash also let you scan item barcodes or use voice controls to add products to your shopping cart, but forced you to check out via Amazon’s site. They also had no…

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