Apple faces multiple lawsuits after admitting to slowing down iPhones as their batteries age

iPhone owners aren’t happy with Apple, and they’re letting the company know with lawsuits. Five iPhone users filed a lawsuit in New York yesterday and are seeking class-action status over Apple intentionally slowing down their phones as the devices’ batteries aged. USA Today first reported the lawsuit, which follows others filed over the past week.

These iPhone owners claim that they all upgraded their devices to newer models once their phones slowed down after updating to new versions of iOS. The lawsuit states if they had known their batteries were to blame for the slowdown, they would have replaced the battery instead of buying a new phone. Prior lawsuits make similar arguments.

Last week, Apple confirmed that it slowed down the…

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Elon Musk vows to build Tesla pickup truck ‘right after’ Model Y

Tesla has been hyping up the prospect of an electric pickup truck for a long time (you're looking at an artist's rendering above), but when can you expect to see it? You might have a clearer idea. As part of a call for feedback, Elon Musk has promise…
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AT&T workforce stricken with over 2000 layoffs U.S-wide days after $1000 tax reform bonus check

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In the days before Christmas, AT&T and DirecTV gave layoff notices to a large number of landline, legacy service, and home installers spanning the country — and more are coming.
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OnePlus to name a star after the first 37 customers of the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition

OnePlus has announced that it will be naming a star after the first 37 customers of the recently announced OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition. Achieved in association with Star Register, the first 37 customers of the phone will receive a personalized “Star Wars” constellation and certificate of ownership with the details of their very own named star. Apparently naming a star after yourself is a thing. These are generally stars that are visible from the Earth and the location varies depending upon how much you pay. However, many of these names are not recognized by the… – Latest articles