Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak With Cydia Final Version Will Be Released To Public After All

We have some good news. Electra iOS 11 jailbreak with Cydia final version will be released to public after all with CoolStar onboard. Here are the details.

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Samsung left with excess OLED panels after Apple halved production

Samsung Display may have been left with a surplus of OLED panels, due to Apple’s reduced iPhone X production. Samsung is reportedly in search of new customers to take on some of the excess panels but that may be harder than you’d think. Most manufacturers aren’t ready to make the switch to OLED because of its higher cost, meaning Samsung might be facing a reduction in profits. Most Chinese manufacturers attend to lower price ranges and would prefer to stick to LCD panels, which are around 40% cheaper. Only about 5-10% of Oppo and vivo smartphones use OLED screens. Apple itself is…

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iPhone and Apple Watch Emergency SOS feature save woman, child after collision

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After a horrifying collision with a drunk driver at a stoplight, a woman saved her life by calling for help with her Apple Watch with its SOS feature.
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The Morning After: Water purification could lead to more electric cars

Hey, good morning! Welcome back! We hope you had a great weekend. We've been playing with some cool dinosaur toys (we're grown-ups, I promise), hearing about Tesla's next power grid experiment, and the end of free Wikipedia data for developing count…
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