Rear-facing 3D sensing technology possibly slated for fall 2019 iPhone, allowing Apple to press AR advantage

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With the iPhone X just three months out of the gate, and discussions about the 2018 iPhone refresh starting, eyes are starting to look at 2019, with new supply chain discussion by an investment analyst firm suggesting that Apple is now working on a world-facing 3D sensor to assert dominance in augmented reality.
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Apple’s iOS platform advantage in fixing bugs is beating Google’s Android

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Apple is the only PC or smartphone vendor to have full control over the user experience it provides to its customers, thanks to its positioning as an integrated platform vendor. This is a key–often overlooked–advantage for the company that is driving customer satisfaction and trust as well as attracting serious attention from the enterprise at a time when Google’s Android is doing neither one.
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Logic Pro X updated to take advantage of high core counts in the iMac Pro, future Mac Pro

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Apple on Thursday issued an update to Logic Pro X, the firm’s digital audio production tool, optimizing the performance of the software when used with the iMac Pro, as well as addressing an issue in High Sierra that prevented some users from working on their projects.
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Weekend poll: Do you use apps that take advantage of Android’s accessibility services?

Last month, Google announced that it would remove Play Store apps that were using Android’s accessibility services to add functionality other than that intended for disabled users. While it was terrible news for many developers, the logic behind the decision was understandable. Recently there have been multiple exploits that take advantage of accessibility services. But unfortunately, plenty of apps use it for legitimately useful purposes as well.

Google just recently decided to pause the ban while it debates the issue internally, and we got curious about how many users might be affected by the change if it was implemented.

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Weekend poll: Do you use apps that take advantage of Android’s accessibility services? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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