‘Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS 2’ Has Released on the App Store and Google Play in Japan

Capcom is showing no signs of stopping with Ace Attorney releases on iOS and Android. They literally just released Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS [Free] onto the App Store and Google Play earlier this month and it made me think it would be a few months before the sequel shows up. I was wrong and Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS 2 is now available on the App Store and Google Play in Japan. I’m going to stress that this does not support English and that an English release is very unlikely. Out of the Ace Attorney games on DS and 3DS, the second INVESTIGATIONS release is the only Nintendo DS game that wasn’t localized. Watch the Japanese trailer below:

With this, the App Store in Japan is only missing The Great Ace Attorney 2 which is likely going to release soon at this rate. English speaking fans however are missing the second Investigations game which just released now and both Great Ace Attorney releases. I hope Capcom localizes at least this release since there isn’t any Sherlock Holmes and Watson related content. Many fans who have played the Japanese release on DS have held this in high regard. If you’ve never played an Ace Attorney game and want to check them out, the App Store has a lot and they are currently free to try. Check out the official Japanese website for Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS 2 here. If you’re inclined, check it out on the App Store and Google Play. Until this gets localized, you can read Shaun’s review of the first INVESTIGATIONS release here.


Best iOS Games Review Recap: ‘Gorogoa’, ‘Fez Pocket Edition’, ‘Life is Strange’, ‘Oddworld: New n Tasy’, ‘Ace Attorney Investigations’ and ‘Inside’

The weeks leading up to the annual holiday iTunes Connect freeze are always pretty wild, but they’ve been snowballing over the years to being these unbelievable onslaughts of new high profile games being sprayed on to the App Store. We had all hands on deck this week to review as many of them as we could, and along with all the other news of the week it’s possible you might have missed some of ’em. Here’s a quick recap:

5 Stars:

Gorogoa, $ 4.99Review – With its sense of artistic cohesion and its inventiveness, Gorogoa impressed me as few other puzzle games have, and I can’t see any player who enjoys puzzle games even a bit not enjoying it. It might not be the longest game in App Store history, but it also doesn’t overstay its welcome, which can be an issue with story-heavy puzzle games. Gorogoa really is a gem of a game that belongs on most people’s devices and one that will cast its magic on you as soon as you start playing. …Read More

4.5 Stars:

FEZ Pocket Edition, $ 4.99Review – Fez is a very good game, and I love how the player never really faces any consequences for failure. It goes a long way in creating an experience that’s fun from beginning to end, instead of being loaded with frustration because you ran out of continues and missed a jump. The virtual controls are basically in line with most other games that have reasonably decent virtual button configurations, but the “real” way to play Fez is with an MFi controller.

Whether you pair a controller, or wrestle with virtual buttons, as long as you’re actually playing Fez, you’ll be in for a great time. …Read More

Life Is Strange, $ 2.99Review – Since this is the first episode, Dontnod did a great job with making me hate the episodic format upon release. The first episode literally had me craving for more and the wait for episode 2 was unbearable. You won’t need to worry about that because Episodes 2 and 3 are available right now via in app purchase with the remaining episodes launching early next year. I hope the visual issues and some performance issues are ironed out because this could end up being the best way to experience Life is Strange. The lack of proper controller support is baffling because this exists on multiple consoles. Out of all the point and click adventure experiences available today, Life is Strange is my favourite by a long shot. I hope this does well for Square Enix so they can port Life is Strange: Before the Storm as well. …Read More

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, $ 7.99ReviewOddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! is a faithful port of an excellent classic remake. If you game with an MFi controller, it’s a ridiculously easy title to recommend. In the absence of that option, you need only ask yourself how well you can cope with what is a relatively complex layout of virtual buttons. If nothing else, the controls are better here than they were in the other mobile Oddworld titles. If you were okay with those games, you’ll be more than fine here. If not, you may want to skip this one. But I really do suggest giving them a solid go. The game is fantastic, and if you have to spend a little time adjusting to the controls to experience it, you’ll still find the effort worth it in the end. …Read More

4 Stars:

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS, FreeReviewAce Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a little different from the usual Ace Attorney game, but it carries a similar feel and quality that should please fans of the other games. The mobile version is sensibly improved from the original Nintendo DS release, as well. Adventure game fans would do well to give this game a look. As with other Ace Attorney games, it’s a bit of a long haul, with over 20 hours of play required to reach the ending, but you won’t notice the time passing by for a pretty good portion of that. …Read More

Playdead’s INSIDE, FreeReview – I probably would’ve scored Inside quite a bit lower had the port not be so unbelievably well done. I started playing it on my iPad, and it occurred to me that I should check and see if it’s iPhone X optimized. I downloaded the game on my iPhone, and not only is it in full iPhone X widescreen, but it just automagically loaded my save game from my iPad on the first launch without me needing to do anything. This kind of cross-compataibility and iCloud syncing magic is the exact kind of future I want to be living in. Developers bringing their games to the App Store from other platforms should take a good long look at Inside.

If you enjoyed Limbo (or similar trial and error puzzle games), chances are you didn’t even need this review to smash the buy button- You’ll really dig Inside. However, if you’re like me and aren’t really into the obtuseness of it all, there’s a lot to like about it but I’m not sure I’d consider the game a must-have. …Read More


Heads-Up: The Entire ‘Ace Attorney’ Series is Currently On Sale

The surprise release of Ace Attorney Investigations last week caps off a strong push by Capcom over the last couple of years to get just about every entry in the series onto mobile devices. The mobile ports have been excellent, offering crisp, high-resolution versions of the DS and 3DS cult hits. On top of that, they’ve been coming frequently enough that you might find yourself falling a little behind on picking them up, in fact. If that’s you, you’re in luck. To celebrate the release of the latest game, Capcom has cut the price of every last Ace Attorney game on the App Store and Google Play. This limited time sale is your chance to catch up on these great courtroom adventure games.

If you’re using Google Play with an Android device, it’s simple enough. All four of the titles available on Android have had their up-front price tag reduced to $ 11.99. On iOS, the games are sold with a slightly different structure. They usually charge $ 0.99 for the first episode, then sell the rest of the episodes a la carte or in one big package through IAP. What Capcom has done for this sale is to drop the initial episode’s price to free, and reduced the cost of the IAP to unlock the full game for each. Prices are as follows, in US dollars:

  • Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD [Free] (Full Unlock $ 9.99)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)

Those are really great prices for some really awesome games. I should note that while Capcom likes to err on the side of caution in its App Store descriptions and only claim support for the latest iOS version that was available when each app was last updated, all of the games apparently still work on iOS 11. It has also been pretty good about keeping them working, so I doubt they’ll be abandoned anytime soon. It’s uncertain how long this sale will go on for, so as usual you’d best grab what you want as soon as possible.


Capcom has released ‘Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth’ at a discounted price of $11.99

Capcom’s Ace Attorney series of visual novel court drama games have existed for years on Nintendo handheld systems. While many have already been re-released on Android, one of the few missing from our platform was Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth. This is no longer the case as Capcom has just released the title on the Play Store, and it’s even on sale for a limited time.

Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth is the fifth game in the Ace Attorney series.

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Capcom has released ‘Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth’ at a discounted price of $ 11.99 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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‘Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS’ Is Now Available on the App Store

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth [] is one of the few Ace Attorney games that hadn’t hit iOS and Android. Over the last few years, Capcom has been porting everything Ace Attorney to mobile platforms and we couldn’t be happier. They recently released Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice which is the sixth mainline entry. Read our review of it here. While there are obviously some releases like The Great Ace Attorney that will likely not be released in English, INVESTIGATIONS has a DS English release and it is now available on the App Store. Watch the Japanese trailer below:

Unlike the mainline releases, Investigations focusses on Miles Edgeworth. He investigates multiple cases together with a larger narrative at play. I quite liked it when I played the DS version on the 3DS. Sadly the sequel never saw an English release. Just like with past Ace Attorney mobile releases that had English releases on Nintendo platforms already, Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS has released on the App Store and Google Play. It is free to download on iOS with in app purchases to unlock more content than the free version as with the other Ace Attorney releases. The official Japanese website for the release is up and it has details about OS support for both iOS and Android. It also mentions higher resolution visuals which is a given since the original released on the Nintendo DS a while ago. As with Capcom tradition, the newest versions of both iOS and Android are not officially supported. You can check out Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS on iOS here and Android here. You could also get the other Ace Attorney games on iOS because we now have all 6 mainline entries on the App Store in English along with one spinoff.