Essential reportedly only shipped 88,000 phones in 2017

 Essential knew it had a hard road ahead of it. Andy Rubin and company acknowledged as much when they launched a handset aimed at taking on the likes of Apple and Samsung. Given that the company hasn’t issued anything in the way of official numbers thus far, a new batch of numbers from IDC are the best we have to go on at the moment — and things don’t look great. Read More
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Essential Phone said to have sold 88,000 units in 2017

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Essential hasn’t talked much about how many of its Essential Phone it’s sold in the months since the device’s release, but because Essential is a new company and the Essential Phone is its first device, many people are interested in sales numbers. Today we may finally be getting an idea of the Essential Phone’s sales figures.

The Essential Phone shipped 88,000 units in 2017, according to Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director at research firm IDC. “@arubin’s @essential smartphone is still a long way from becoming a successful venture”, Jeronimo said.

Orders of the Essential Phone began in mid-August, and Essential sold the unlocked version of its device through various online retailers and its own online store. Essential also partnered with Sprint to sell the Essential Phone in Sprint’s stores.

The Essential Phone got a lot of hype in the months between its official announcement and its launch. Not only was it a new flagship Android Phone, but it was an attractive device with slim bezels made by a new company that was created by the co-founder of Android. While no one expected the Essential Phone to sell millions of units, sales of less than 90,000 units in 2017 suggest that the Essential Phone hasn’t gained much traction with consumers, despite Essential’s partnership with Sprint.

What will be interesting is seeing what Essential does differently with an Essential Phone 2. What do you think the company could do differently with a second device? – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts