The Samsung Galaxy S9 arrives March 16 for $720, with AR emojis, real-time translation and a better camera

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 Samsung didn’t leave too much up to the imagination this time out. The hardware giant took a little wind out of its own sails back at CES when it announced it would be launching its latest flagship sometime this month. And then, of course, the invites went out, bearing a giant number “9.” Read More
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Moto Z2 Force is now $720 at Motorola, already $80 cheaper although it’s still on pre-order

A new smartphone receiving a price cut while it’s still on pre-order definitely is surprising, but that’s exactly what’s happened to Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force. Scheduled to become available in the US on August 10, it went on pre-order at the company’s online store for a hefty $ 800. Starting today, however, you can pre-order one for just $ 720. Why would this happen? Well, in lieu of an official explanation we’re going to have to assume that sales of the device at the initial $ 800 price point were less than stellar. So the company decided to make the Z2 Force a more appealing package by… – Latest articles

Motorola has quietly dropped the Moto Z2 Force price from $800 to $720

Motorola announced the Moto Z2 Force recently with a price of $ 800, a full $ 80 more than the first generation device. That seemed especially bold when Motorola is still pushing Mods that can cost as much as $ 300. Now, the company appears to have dropped the price without so much as a word. The phone is currently listed on the Motorola website at $ 720, the same as last year’s phone.

You can now order this phone for $ 30 per month with financing via Moto, previously $ 33 per month.

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