Moto Z2 Force is now $720 at Motorola, already $80 cheaper although it’s still on pre-order

A new smartphone receiving a price cut while it’s still on pre-order definitely is surprising, but that’s exactly what’s happened to Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force. Scheduled to become available in the US on August 10, it went on pre-order at the company’s online store for a hefty $ 800. Starting today, however, you can pre-order one for just $ 720. Why would this happen? Well, in lieu of an official explanation we’re going to have to assume that sales of the device at the initial $ 800 price point were less than stellar. So the company decided to make the Z2 Force a more appealing package by… – Latest articles

Motorola has quietly dropped the Moto Z2 Force price from $800 to $720

Motorola announced the Moto Z2 Force recently with a price of $ 800, a full $ 80 more than the first generation device. That seemed especially bold when Motorola is still pushing Mods that can cost as much as $ 300. Now, the company appears to have dropped the price without so much as a word. The phone is currently listed on the Motorola website at $ 720, the same as last year’s phone.

You can now order this phone for $ 30 per month with financing via Moto, previously $ 33 per month.

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