Over 5,000 Wells Fargo ATMs now support card-free access via Apple Pay and other mobile wallets

 Wells Fargo’s ATMs are getting an upgrade. The bank announced today that more than 40 percent – or over 5,000 of its ATMs – will now allow customers to perform transactions without having to pull out their bank card. Instead, users can take advantage of NFC – aka the “tap and pay” technology that powers mobile wallet systems like Apple Pay, Android Pay,… Read More
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5000+ Wells Fargo ATMs now have NFC, can be signed into with Android Pay

Today Wells Fargo announced that over 5,000 of the company’s 13,000 ATMs support NFC for card-free access. Wells Fargo customers can now initiate an ATM transaction with little more than their phone and PIN, no card required. This is in addition to the one-time access code ATM system deployed earlier this year. 

The new system can work via Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or the Wells Fargo Wallet system in the Wells Fargo app, presumably so long as you have a Wells Fargo card set up and selected in the application.

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5000+ Wells Fargo ATMs now have NFC, can be signed into with Android Pay was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Wells Fargo enables Apple Pay-authorized transactions at 5,000+ ATMs

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U.S. bank Wells Fargo on Tuesday annnounced that it’s now supporting NFC-based authentication — including Apple Pay — at over 5,000 ATMs, letting people use the machines without having a debit card handy.
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