Netflix’s ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ returns March 30th

Fans of Netflix's take on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, rejoice: The show's second season will be available on March 30th. The streaming service dropped a trailer teasing the next batch of episodes fronted by Neil Patrick Harris' m…
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One-Touch Platformer ‘Hoppenhelm’ Coming November 30th

I love platforming games, and I love one-handed mobile games, so it stands to reason that I’d REALLY love a one-handed platforming game. And… I do! A bunch of them, in fact, like Super Mario Run [Free] and Leap Day [Free]. Well, get ready to add another onto the pile as developer Tobias Örnberg has announced the release date for his upcoming one-handed platformer titled Hoppenhelm.

In Hoppenhelm you’ll play as the titular Sir Hoppenhelm as he tries to traverse across randomly generated levels filled with increasingly more deadly hazards. As you can see, although a one-handed and one-touch focused game, Sir Hoppenhelm actually has a couple other actions beyond just jumping, namely defending and attacking. If you enjoy these types of games like I do then look forward to Hoppenhelm when it launches late next month on November 30th, and until then you can talk about this one in our forums.


Solar car race kicks off 30th anniversary with a fresh challenge

It's a special moment in the history of clean energy: the 30th anniversary World Solar Challenge has begun. A total of 42 solar-powered cars (the largest field to date) left Darwin, Australia on October 8th to travel roughly 1,880 miles to Adelaide….
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