Snapchat reportedly turned down a $30B offer from Google — but what if it hadn’t?

Rumors have been floating around today that Google was interested in buying Snapchat back in early 2016 for as much as $ 30 billion. Business Insider cited sources on the inside of Evan Spiegel’s company who called the potential deal an “open secret.” Google didn’t comment, and Snapchat insists that formal discussions never happened. Obviously the deal didn’t go through — it may have never gone past the metaphorical drawing board, but what if it had? What would Snapchat look like now? I imagine Snapchat would have been folded into Google’s suite of tools. I could seeing it being Google Plus’s answer…

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Google extended $30B takeover offer to Snap in 2016, may still be open to deal – report

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At one point in 2016 Google floated the idea of buying Snap — the parent company of popular messaging app Snapchat — for at least $ 30 billion, and a similar offer may remain open, according to a report.
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