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Today only, save $ 350 on DJI’s Mavic Pro Fly More Combo at B&H, now just $ 949. Apple’s latest 13" MacBook Pros are also $ 150 to $ 200 off with no tax outside NY and NJ. Meanwhile, new DirecTV Now subscribers can snap up a free Apple TV 4K with three months of prepaid service (as low as $ 105).
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LG V30s with AI-powered LG Lens, 256GB storage said to go official at MWC 2018

It is already known that LG has dropped the plans of launching their G7 flagship at the MWC 2018. There were rumors claiming that the company might introduce an enhanced version of the V30 instead. Now according to ETNews, LG is said to launch a new version of the LG V30; the V30s in the Korean markets next month that will make an appearance at the MWC 2018 later this month. The LG V30s fall in line with the company’s CEO plans of retaining the existing model for a longer period rather than releasing a constant stream of new phones. The new LG V30s is said to feature a massive 256GB storage which is a significant upgrade from the 64GB and in fact, this will equal the storage of the LG Signature Edition, which was launched back in December. In terms of the design, the V30s feature an identical design with no changes. Another addition will be the LG Lens which is a camera with AI features similar to the Bixby Vision Camera found on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. This feature will bring the ability to search and shop items using the camera. Furthermore, it will also offer a foreign language translation service …
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LG V30s with 256GB storage to show up at MWC

We heard that LG will bring an upgraded V30 to the MWC, though company officials refuted that this is in lieu of a G7. Anyway, ETNews reports that the upgraded model will be called LG V30s and will focus on AI and something called LG Lens. The V30s model will have 256GB of built in storage, double what the LG V30+ offers and four times the 64GB of the base model. As for LG Lens, it’s the company’s vision-based assistant. You can snap a photo and the AI will recognize the object and seek out prices. Lens can translate text (like QuickTranslator)as well as give you location-based… – Latest articles

256GB iPhone X Now Costs $1,700 in India After Tariff Hike

A 256-gigabyte iPhone X will now cost about $ 1,700 in India, due to yet another set of import duty hikes on mobile devices in the country.

The price hikes are effective immediately, and they come less than a week after the Indian government announced it would raise customs duty on imported mobile devices from 15 to 20 percent, CNN reported.

India was previously one of the most expensive places to buy an iPhone. In December 2017, a separate important tariff hike on mobile devices caused the prices for many Apple devices to rise about 3.5 percent. At the time, a 256GB iPhone cost 105,720 rupees, about $ 1,237.

This week’s tariff hike has caused about 14 percent of Apple’s newest iPhones to rise about 3 percent in price on top of that. As such, a 256GB iPhone X will now run Indian buyers 109,000 rupees, or $ 1,700. The same exact device costs $ 1,149 in the U.S.

Apple confirmed the price change, and has updated its online storefront in the country accordingly, the Economic Times reported on Monday.

The increased tariffs are meant to curb imported devices and encourage phone manufacturers to produce their handsets locally. That’s important because India is a lucrative market, and is becoming increasingly critical to tech firms. Last year, India surpassed the U.S. as the world’s second-largest phone market behind China.

But while the tariff increases affect all imported smartphones, Apple has been hit by them more critically than its competitors. Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi already produce most of their locally sold devices in-country. Apple, on the other hand, imports about 90 percent of the devices it sells in India.

India’s importance as a market has spurred Apple to begin aggressively seeking out a strategy to gain a foothold there. In addition to price cuts across its devices, Apple has taken to producing its lower-cost iPhone SE model at a Bengaluru-based Wistron plant. As a result, the price of an iPhone SE in India has remained unchanged despite the recent set of import tariff hikes.

Reports also suggest that Apple could debut a new “Made in India” iPhone SE-type device this year, with some rumors claiming that it could be an Indian market exclusive, at least initially.

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256GB iPhone X now costs a staggering $1,699 in India as Apple hikes prices yet again

The Indian government is essentially forcing Apple to set up local manufacturing.

Apple cannot catch a break in India. The government increased import duties from 10% to 15% at the end of last year, and with Apple yet to set up a manufacturing facility for most iPhone models in the country, it had to raise prices of its devices.

In its 2018 Union budget, the government announced that it is once again increasing import duties, this time to 20%. The doubling of the duties in under two months means Apple is once again hiking the prices of most iPhones models sold in India, with the 256GB iPhone X now retailing for an eye-watering ₹1,08,930, which comes out to an equivalent of $ 1,699.

To put things into context, the first price correction increased the cost of the iPhone X to ₹1,05,720 ($ 1,649), up ₹5,720 from its launch price of ₹1,02,000 ($ 1,590). With the latest price hike, the iPhone X is now ₹6,930 ($ 110) costlier than when it made its debut in the country at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, the 64GB variant of the iPhone X has also seen a similar hike, from ₹89,000 a few months ago to ₹95,390. That’s an increase of ₹6,390 ($ 100) over the course of two months.

The price hike isn’t limited to the iPhone X either, with all iPhone models costing 2% to 3.2% more. Here’s the breakdown of the new pricing:

Model Old price New price
iPhone 6 32GB ₹30,780 ₹31,900
iPhone 6s 32GB ₹41,550 ₹42,900
iPhone 6s 128GB ₹50,660 ₹52,100
iPhone 6s Plus 32GB ₹50,740 ₹52,240
iPhone 7 32GB ₹50,810 ₹52,370
iPhone 7 128GB ₹59,910 ₹61,560
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB ₹61,060 ₹62,840
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB ₹70,180 ₹72,060
iPhone 8 64GB ₹66,120 ₹67,940
iPhone 8 256GB ₹79,420 ₹81,500
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB ₹75,450 ₹77,560
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB ₹88,750 ₹91,110
iPhone X 64GB ₹92,430 ₹95,390
iPhone X 256GB ₹1,05,720 ₹1,08,930

Even the Apple Watch Series 3 wasn’t immune to the import duty hike, with the 38mm variant now set to cost ₹32,380 ($ 505), up from ₹29,900 ($ 465).

It is incredulous that the government is raising duties for the second time in as many months, effectively destroying Apple’s ability to compete effectively. Most Android manufacturers have set up local manufacturing facilities several years ago, so the move doesn’t affect the pricing of the Galaxy Note 8 or the multitude of phones Xiaomi sells in the country.

It’s clear what the hike in duties is designed to do: force companies to set up local manufacturing facilities. Apple has already committed to bolstering its efforts in this segment, but right now just the iPhone SE is assembled in India. With duties now at 20%, it’s no longer feasible for the company to import devices into India.

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