‘Santa Clarita Diet’ returns to Netflix on March 23rd

Netflix's show about managing suburban life with a zombie wife, Santa Clarita Diet, proved popular enough to secure a second season last spring. A year from that renewal, fans will finally get to watch when it arrives on March 23rd.
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Duncan Jones’ sci-fi movie ‘Mute’ debuts on Netflix February 23rd

Duncan Jones' next movie won't be coming to theaters — it's going straight to streaming. The Moon and Warcraft director has revealed that his long-in-the-making sci-fi film noire, Mute, will premiere on Netflix February 23rd. The movie is set in a f…
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‘Detective Pikachu’ game’s US debut set for March 23rd

Ever since the Detective Pikachu game launched in Japan in early 2016, there's been a lingering question: when would it be available elsewhere, if it ever left Japanese shores? At last, there's a date. The Pokémon Company has announced that…
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The Morning After: Thursday, November 23rd 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. To go along with the Thanksgiving feast, we have the FCC's plan to kill net neutrality. It's not much of a treat but should provide some reading material if you have the day off. Otherwise, we have an alert abou…
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Charming Runner ‘Pukk’ Lets You Get A-Head on November 23rd

Don’t you sometimes feel like just banging your head on things given everything that’s going on in the world right now? Well, the (head?) runner Pukk, which releases November 23rd, might be the perfect way to do so while avoiding concussions and other possible injuries. Pukk, which we wrote about a few weeks back, is about a Nordic treasure hunter, a head that glides around the polar ice smashing ice blocks and all kinds of other containers in an effort to grab as much treasure as possible. As one would expect, all that treasure can be used to get even cooler helmets for that poor head of yours before heading out to bang that head even more.

And just to keep you motivated and honest, a cute polar bear chases you the whole time, hoping to give that head a nice (deadly) bear hug. Since you lack and legs to run, you better hope you slide the right way and fast if you want to stay a-head (sorry, I just love puns). Pukk has really cute visuals and should be fun to play. Head over to our forum thread for more information on the game.