‘Alto’s Odyssey’ reaches your phone on February 22nd

Built by Snowman's Alto's Odyssey has been public knowledge for more than a year (and was subject to a last-minute delay in late summer), but it's finally here… almost. The Alto's Adventure sequel is now slated to launch on iOS and Apple TV devices…
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‘Atlo’s Odyssey’ from Snowman Is Finally Releasing on February 22nd, Pre-Order Available Now

Snowman’s Alto’s Odyssey [] was originally supposed to launch in Summer last year. It was delayed to make sure it is as polished as can be and after some silence, we finally have not just a release date but also a pre-order for the long awaited sequel to Alto’s Adventure [$ 4.99]. This is a standalone experience and you can go into it without playing Alto’s Adventure. There will be unlockable characters here with their own abilities and a relaxing mode called Zen Mode. This will remove all coins, power ups, and scores and just let you explore the endless desert.

Instead of being a direct sequel with similar gameplay, Alto’s Odyssey takes things in a different direction. There will be wall jumping, balloon bouncing, and more. Alto’s Odyssey even has a photo mode that lets you get the perfect shots to perfectly soak in the gorgeous artwork. As expected, every single screenshot on the App Store for this game is wallpaper worthy and I’m always impressed by the art direction from the team at Snowman.

Alto’s Odyssey is a single purchase with no in app purchases or ads and it will sync your progress across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV through iCloud. You can pre-order it on the App Store right now. I’m glad we finally have a release date for it and can’t wait to play Alto’s Odyssey. In the meantime, you can check out our forum thread for it.


Amazon’s checkout-free store opens to the public January 22nd

Amazon's bid to automate the convenience store is finally ready for the public. The company has confirmed that the Amazon Go store attached to its new Seattle headquarters will be open to non-employees on January 22nd, or more than a year later than…
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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launching worldwide on November 22nd

Nintendo has revealed when Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will officially launch, and it’s coming soon.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available worldwide on November 22nd. It’s coming to Android and iPhone devices and will be free with in-app purchases available.

Nintendo’s new mobile Animal Crossing game will see you creating a character and managing a campsite. You’ll need to gather resources to craft items for your camp, including furniture and decorations. You can make friend with characters, including other real-life Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players, who may later show up to visit your campsite.

You’ll also have a camper that you can take to different locations like a beach, a forest, and a river. The camper can be customized just like your campsite.

 Pocket Camp screenshots

In addition to collecting resources to build items, you’ll collect Bells to spend on items in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You’ll have the option of spending real money to buy Leaf Tickets, too, which you can use to shorten the time to craft items, more easily acquire materials, and get unique exterior camper designs.

Animal Crossing may not be quite as well-known as Mario, but it is still a major Nintendo property and it’s good to see it coming to mobile devices. It’s also great to see that that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be hitting Android and iPhone devices worldwide this week after Super Mario Run launched on Android three months after its iPhone debut.

Are you going to try Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?


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