Samsung’s new Gear 360 camera is available today for $229

Back in March, Samsung announced the successor to its popular Gear 360 action camera. The GoPro competitor won many fans with its ability to record video in 360 degrees via two fisheye lenses. The 2nd generation version promises more of the same, but with 4K video recording plus a smaller, lighter frame. Samsung has now released the device in the US and it’s available for $ 229.

The original Gear 360 was hamstrung somewhat by the fact that it could only be used in conjunction with a Samsung Galaxy phone, and this new model seems to carry mostly the same limitations.

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Samsung Gear 360 (2017) lands in the US tomorrow, yours for $229

Samsung’s latest Gear 360 camera launched in the UK already, and now it’s finally on its way to the US. It will land across the pond sooner than you might expect, in fact. The Gear 360 (2017) that Samsung announced in March will be out in the US tomorrow. You’ll be able to purchase one from Best Buy, Amazon, every one of the major carriers, as well as many other retailers. It will cost $ 229, which means it’s going to be significantly cheaper than its predecessor from last year. It’s also getting much better distribution, so clearly Samsung thinks more highly of this iteration than… – Latest articles