USB 3.2 announced: up to 20Gbps speeds

USB 3.2 has been tentatively announced. It could offer up to 20Gbps transfer speeds, double what USB 3.1 Gen 2 can do. However, it is still in the final draft phase, the formal release will be in September when specs will be locked in. The new standard will be used exclusively with USB-C cables – the A/B connectors do not have enough wires to carry that much data. Yep, version 3.2 will be making use of the muli-lane capabilities of existing USB-C cables to deliver “over 2GB/s data transfer performance”. If your USB-C cables can do 10Gbps (that’s USB 3.1 Gen 2), then those cables will be… – Latest articles

USB 3.2 standard promises 20Gbps speeds over existing Type-C cables

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An upcoming revision of the USB standard, USB 3.2, should in some cases dramatically boost transfer speeds over Type-C cables — hinting at a likely upgrade path for Apple’s future Macs.
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