Gold Box Deal of the Day: 2015 12″ MacBooks (certified refurbished) for $799-$899 ($400 off)

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Today only, Apple’s 2015 12" MacBooks (certified refurbished) are marked down to $ 799 during Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day. Or opt for an upgraded model with a faster 1.2GHz processor and 512GB of storage space for $ 899, a discount of $ 400 off, with free shipping and no interest if paid in full within 12 months with an Store Card.
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Study: 1 in 6 Deaths Worldwide Caused by Pollution in 2015

Deadly Pollution

We all know that pollution, in general, is harmful to human health. But a study published in The Lancet has shown the true magnitude of the threat. According to the study, in 2015, 1 in every 6 deaths around the world were caused by toxic air, water, soil, or workplace environment. That’s roughly 9 million people. To drive home the true weight of these figures, this means that pollution kills three times more people annually than tuberculosis, AIDS, or malaria.

Of these 9 million annual deaths, 92% occur in less wealthy nations, signaling an obvious socioeconomic divide. Developing economies have the financial burden of fighting the causes of pollution (the welfare-linked costs of which are estimated to be roughly $ 4.6 trillion a year) while at the same time handling its repercussions. This problem will only continue to grow unless broader interventions are put in place — as the countries most greatly affected cannot afford to take major action on their own.

“Pollution is much more than an environmental challenge – it is a profound and pervasive threat that affects many aspects of human health and wellbeing,” said Philip Landrigan, a professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai who co-led the study.

Drastic Consequences

The study, published this past Friday, was conducted by about 40 international scientists. They used data from the Global Burden of Disease study and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. It is clear from the study that not only is pollution a deadly, global issue, but there is clear division between wealthier and poorer countries. According to the study, pollution causes approximately 16% of all deaths worldwide — a figure that is 15 times larger than deaths caused by war and violence. And, while this figure is staggering worldwide, when you take a closer look at more-affected countries, that figure could jump to 25%.

Besides causing the deaths of millions, pollution has also been affecting our planet in other ways: it has even sparked lightning storms. There are a number of ways that people are looking to combat this serious issue. An obvious way in which pollution can be battled is through legislation. China is taking this effort seriously, as  1.1 million people die in the country annually as a result of pollution. China is also investing 3 trillion yuan ($ 440 billion) in incentive programs and credit mechanisms for businesses that will shift priorities toward producing less emissions.

In addition to government-backed programs, there are some who are using technological innovation to fight the battle: One group of scientists has even developed a device that turns air pollution into usable fuel. If we’re going to get serious about fighting pollution on a global scale, we’ll need more intensive methods. It is not a slow-moving issue that can be thought of occasionally and worked at on a small scale. It is a problem that’s already proven deadly, requiring direct and immediate action.

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Abstract 2015 Puzzler ‘The Guides’ Getting a Sequel Next Week Called ‘The Guides Axiom’

Just over two years ago puzzle designer Luke Lisi and game developer Kevin Bradford collaborated on a very interesting abstract puzzle game called The Guides [$ 2.99]. Well, labeling it as simply a puzzle game probably doesn’t do it justice, as The Guides was stuffed not only with challenging puzzles to solve but also codes to break and ciphers to, uh, decipher. The game was quite popular in our community, and coupled with the optional The Guides Compendium [$ 0.99] which added all sorts of additional narrative flavor to the base game, people became really wrapped up in the experience. Well, if you were among those who got swept up in The Guides fever, you’ll be happy to know that a sequel called The Guides Axiom is on the horizon.

How on the horizon? Why, it’s launching a week from today in fact, on September 5th. The Guides Axiom will provide over 50 new hand-crafted puzzles to solve, with even more set for release in future updates. There will be integrated decoding tools to help you out with things like morse and binary code, and you’ll be able to take screenshots and record notes in order to keep track of all the little details that might result in finding a solution. There’s also a reimagined level select system which should offer a much more nonlinear path of progress through the game. Also, you won’t have to have played through the original The Guides to enjoy The Guides Axiom, but you probably should anyway just because it’s great. The Guides Axiom will hit next Tuesday for free with a pay-what-you-want IAP monetization system and we’re really looking forward to checking it out.


Samsung’s Note 8 Will Steal iPhone’s Hottest Feature.. from 2015

Back in September of 2015, Apple showcased the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which boasted powerful new features like advanced camera hardware, A9 chipsets, and a revolutionary new display technology dubbed 3D Touch. Designed as a functional UI element, 3D Touch enables users to engage with their iPhones on a much deeper level, allowing for force-specific interactions like opening and selecting options on a menu, navigating the text in a field by merely swiping on the screen, and so much more. It’s become a wildly-popular feature for recent iPhone owners, and was most recently the object of speculation as a potential future feature for Google’s Android OS.

Now, it’s been revealed in a report by The Korea Herald that Samsung will be implementing its own form of force touch display technology on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet, and much like Apple’s ‘3D Touch’ branding for the technology on iPhone 6s models and up, Samsung will ingeniously call its technology “3-D Touch,” too

“Samsung Electronics’ upcoming Galaxy Note 8 has adopted force touch that allows the phone to read the amount of pressure applied to the screen,” South Korea’s ET News reported via The Korea Herald, adding that “The force touch, also called 3-D touch, will use the same solution adopted for the current Galaxy S8 to replace all the functionality of a home button and open a hidden menu with shortcuts to different features.”

The report goes on to suggest that the Galaxy Note 8’s rendition of ‘3D Touch’ technology will use the same force sensitive technology employed in the Galaxy S8 and S8+’ virtual home buttons, which allows for interaction with a variety of virtual buttons designed for onscreen navigation. Whereas the Galaxy S8’s implementation of the feature is limited to the bottom-most portion of the display, however, The Korea Herald report suggests that Samsung will extend the technology to cover the entire surface of the Galaxy Note 8’s 6.3-inch AMOLED infinity display.

While it’s certainly not uncommon for Samsung to copy iPhones most game-changing features, it will nevertheless be interesting to see how this ‘3-D touch’ will work on the Galaxy Note 8 — especially in terms of what force-sensitive features will be accessible through the phablet’s giant display.

Don’t get too excited, though, as unlike Apple, Samsung doesn’t control key design elements of its Android OS, and so this ‘3-D touch’ feature may not even live up to the expectations — you know, seeing as how there’s only so much the company can do with it. Worth noting is that this wouldn’t be the first time Samsung was rumored to showcase a 3D Touch-like display technology, so with a little less than two weeks to go until the Galaxy Note 8 is shown off on stage, we’ll just need to wait and see what this feature is all about before we start casting stones.

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Deals: 2017 13″ Touch Bar MacBook Pro for $1,649 ($150 off); $300 off 2015 15″ MacBook Pro; 2017 27″ iMac for $1,699 ($100 off)

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Apple authorized reseller B&H Photo is offering instant cash rebates on popular Mid 2017 Macs this week starting with $ 150 off the 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Apple’s latest 27" iMac 5K is also $ 100 off with no tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ, while an upgraded 2015 15" MacBook Pro is now $ 2,199 while supplies last.
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