Court rules in favor of FTC to proceed with 2014 lawsuit against AT&T

This is another page in the book of AT&T’s still ongoing lawsuit with the FTC where the US Federal Trade Commision sued AT&T. The original lawsuit was filed in 2014 when AT&T was accused of throttling unlimited data subscribers as early as 5GB into the month without properly informing them. AT&T’s defense was that it was its common carrier status supposedly did not make it eligible to be under the jurisditcion of the FTC. in 2015, a judge rejected the claim, then in 2016, a three-member appeal’s court expemted AT&T from this lawsuit because of its common carrier status. Today, the Wall… – Latest articles

2014 Redmi Note also gets MIUI 9

Yesterday the 4-year Xiaomi Redmi 1S got MIUI 9 and now the Redmi Note, also from 2014, followed suit. Once again though, the latest Xiaomi user interface runs on top of Android KitKat and the security update is dated as far back as October 2016. The version for the Redmi Note is MIUI, while it’s Prime variant receives MIUI, both with a size between 150 and 200 MB. The update is rolling out in phases and should arrive to all units by the end of the week. With upgrading to MIUI 9, Redmi Note users will get UI design changes, new features like… – Latest articles

Russian hackers have been targeting journalists since 2014

The hacker group called Fancy Bear (which has been linked to Russian intelligence agency GRU) has been accused of the leaking of the Democratic National Convention emails, the distribution of malware that hijaked Ukranian artillery guns, phishing cam…
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Hackers stole information from 1.7 million Imgur accounts in 2014

If you were an Imgur user in 2014, you might want to consider changing your password. Yesterday, the photo-sharing site revealed (via Engadget) that it learned of a security breach in 2014 that compromised the e-mail addresses and passwords of approximately 1.7 million users.

Imgur’s Chief Operating Officer, Roy Sehgal, confirmed that the breach occurred in 2014. Sehgal explains that Imgur doesn’t collect names, addresses, or phone numbers from its users, and that only user e-mails and password information was leaked. According to ZDNet, Troy Hunt, who runs the notification service Have I Been Pwned, obtained the data, and turned over the information to Imgur.

The company says that it’s still investigating the incident, but that it…

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Microsoft almost made a bezel-less Windows Phone in 2014, and it looked great

Microsoft almost beat Apple, Samsung, and Google to the punch when it comes to bezel-less, full-screen smartphone displays. Windows Central happens to have in its possession a rare Windows Phone prototype device, codenamed “Vela,” that was an early iteration of what would eventually become the uninspired Lumia 435.

The device sports the now nearly ubiquitous edge-to-edge display style now being used by Apple’s iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, and Google’s new Pixel 2 XL. Vela’s development appears to also predate Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, which helped popularize the modern bezel-less trend last year. Even more surprising: Windows Central says Microsoft was planning to price the unreleased Lumia phone at under $ 200, choosing to brand…

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Samsung updates Verizon Galaxy S5 (launched in 2014) with August 2017 security patch

We like to make fun of Samsung (and most other OEMs) for being slow to roll out new versions of Android. It’s true that Google puts everyone else to shame when it comes to big updates, but Samsung has been doing much better when it comes to security updates. Case in point: the Galaxy S5 on Verizon just got a security patch more than three years after it first launched in April of 2014.

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