Samsung Drops Support For 2015 Galaxy S6, S6 Edge While Apple’s 2013 iPhone 5s Continues To Get Updates & Support

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Samsung has officially dropped support for the 2015 Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones while Apple’s 2013 iPhone 5s continues to get updates and support even today. Here are the details.

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Video: iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro (Part 4) – 3D rendering and thermals

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In the last installment of our four part series, we put the $ 5,000 iMac 5K to the test against one of the most popular Mac Pro configurations to see how both machines perform from a 3D rendering and thermal perspective.
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Video: iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro (Part 3) – video editing

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In the third installment of our series, we put our $ 5,000 iMac Pro to the test against one of the most popular configurations of the Mac Pro to see how much of a performance difference you can expect when editing videos in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.
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Apple might retire iPhone X next year… just like it did iPhone 5 in 2013

Often, in the Apple rumor space, the what gets conflated with the why. If Apple retires iPhone X later this year, it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Just ask iPhone 5.

KGI Securities financial analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a history of getting information out of Apple’s supply chain, has clarified an earlier “prediction” about Apple’s 2018 product line.

According to MacRumors, which obtained a copy of Kuo’s note:

iPhone X would hurt product brand value & lineup of 2H18 new models if it continues to sell at a lower price after 2H18 new models launch: Lowering iPhone X’s price after the 2H18 new models launch would be a negative to product brand value given 3D sensing and OLED display are features of the new high-price model. Additionally, to sell iPhone X at a lower price may have a negative impact on shipments of the new 6.1″ LCD iPhone in 2H18. Thus, we estimate iPhone X will reach end-of-life (EOL) around the middle of 2018.

Often, in the Apple rumor space, the what gets conflated with the why. Someone comes across some information and instead of just reporting the information, it gets spun into a larger narrative that, at times, is partially or completely out of context. Multiply that through a chain of broken reblogs, and hilarity can and often does ensue.

Back in 2013, Apple chose not to follow its typical strategy and reduce the price of iPhone 5 by $ 100 to sit below the new, flagship iPhone 5s. Instead, Apple introduced iPhone 5c. It was a product that better suited the market and manufacturing goals Apple had at the time.

(In 2016, Apple did the same with the original Apple Watch: It was retired in favor of Apple Watch Series 1, which was introduced alongside the new, flagship Apple Watch Series 2.)

2018 could easily be similar to 2013, where iPhone X gives way to the new, cheaper LED form factor that better suits the market and manufacturing goals (and realities), which then sits beneath the new, flagship iPhone XI devices (whatever Apple calls the second generation and larger size versions.)

Apple doesn’t set out to make one or two or three new iPhones in a year. The company sets out to make the best product line up. Often that entails keeping the previous year’s device on the market at a slightly reduced price. But not always.

Forget competing for customer attention — or OLED supply. If Apple really wants to offer a less-expensive and larger sized edge-to-edge iPhone as part of this year’s product line up, then retiring current iPhone X to make way for it is the way to do it.

(Let’s just hope it finds higher attraction among its intended customer base than iPhone 5c did.)

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Video: Apple’s iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro – photo editing comparison (Part 2)

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In the second part of our series, we put Apple’s $ 5,000 iMac Pro to the test against one of the most popular configurations of the Mac Pro to see how much of a performance difference you can expect when editing photos. We’ll also explore the upgradability of both systems.
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Watch: Apple’s iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro with benchmarks and specs

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In the first part of our series, we put our $ 5,000 iMac Pro to the test against one of the most popular configurations of the Mac Pro, to see how much of a performance difference you can expect between the two machines.
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Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been subpoenaed to testify to Congress about the company’s 2013 security breach

So she’ll testify at a Tuesday hearing after all!

Senate lawmakers quietly subpoenaed former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in October in order to compel her to testify before a key committee that’s investigating a 2013 security breach at the tech giant that has affected three billion of its users.

Initially, Mayer’s representatives declined to make her available to appear before the powerful Senate Commerce Committee, which is set to convene a hearing on Tuesday that explores the attack on Yahoo as well as a separate, later 2017 incident at credit-monitoring agency Equifax, which affected more than 145 million Americans.

Both the panel’s chairman, Republican Sen. John Thune, and its top Democratic lawmaker, Sen. Bill Nelson, agreed on the subpoena, according to a panel spokesman. In response, Mayer told the committee she would testify at the hearing, the spokesman said, but the subpoena remains in effect.

The Hill first reported on details of the subpoena. Spokespeople for Nelson as well as Mayer, Verizon and Yahoo’s new entity, Oath, did not immediately respond to emails from Recode seeking comment.

That brouhaha could result in an especially uncomfortable grilling for Mayer at the Senate’s data security hearing. Thune initially called the session after Yahoo, now part of Verizon, revealed that a 2013 cyber attack on the company affected three billion of its users — three times its initial estimate.

Lawmakers’ other target is Equifax: The Senate Commerce Committee is focused on a 2017 incident at the credit-monitoring agency in which malefactors stole 145 million Americans’ sensitive data, including their home addresses and even some credit card numbers.

For some on the panel, though, the added issue with Equifax is its slow, widely criticized response to the security breach, not to mention later revelations that Equifax’s own consumer-help websites had been affected by malware.

In a statement this October, Thune stressed the hearing would give “the public the opportunity to hear from those in charge, at the time major breaches occurred and during the subsequent response efforts, at two large companies who lost personal consumer data to nefarious actors.”

Some lawmakers, however, are sure to use the hearing to call for greater regulation — not only in the way that companies collect and secure data but also the means by which they inform and help consumers in the event of a security breach. In recent months, Equifax and its peers in the industry have ramped up their lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. to stave off such rules and restrictions.

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OWC ships Aura Pro X PCIe SSD flash storage upgrades for 2013 and later Macs

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Mac upgrade supplier OWC has released its newest SSDs, the Aura Pro X, with the flash-based PCIe storage said to be the fastest the firm has ever produced, claimed to offer up to 2.3 times better performance compared to the stock storage used by Apple.
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Yahoo says all 3 billion user accounts were impacted by 2013 security breach

Yahoo today announced that the huge data breach in August 2013 affected every user on its service — that’s all three billion user accounts and up from the initial one billion figure Yahoo initially reported. Since disclosing the hack, Yahoo continued to add more numbers of accounts compromised, but today’s announcement makes it clear that if you had a Yahoo email account, you were part of the breach.

The hack exposed user account information, which includes name, email address, hashed passwords, birthdays, phone numbers, and, in some cases, “encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers,” the company said back in 2016. Yahoo did confirm that passwords were not…

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