Sega Nomad was the Nintendo Switch of 1995 — and now a modder has given it USB power

Think of the Sega Nomad as the Nintendo Switch of 1995. The hardware was conceptually audacious, a chunky portable that played the cartridges of Sega’s home console, the Sega Genesis. And with its AV output, the Sega Nomad could quickly and easily connect to a television.

However, unlike the Switch, the Nomad never found its audience. Blame the battery life: a trio of AAAs promised, at most, three hours of play. 22 years later, modder Catch 22 on NeoGAF has remedied this problem.

Catch 22 added USB charging to a Sega Nomad, allowing it to draw power from the many power sources that keep our smartphones alive. A considerable upgrade, the mod makes the portable more, well, portable. The video above, via Engadget, shows the final result.


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