Minimalist Button-Pushing Puzzler ‘PUSH’ Releasing October 18th

Back in August we checked out the trailer for the very interesting upcoming puzzler called simply PUSH. A collaborative project between Klocki [$ 0.99] and Hook [$ 0.99] developer Maciej Targoni and Zenge [$ 0.99] and Art of Gravity [$ 0.99] developer Michal Pawlowski, PUSH has you, well, pushing buttons and performing various other actions in order to solve each of the game’s puzzle boxes. You can see this in action in the newly released trailer for PUSH below.

I love the clean aesthetics and moody soundtrack in PUSH, but I’m much more interested in solving some of these fiendish looking puzzles. It almost feels like a futuristic, minimalistic take on The Room mixed in with some more general room escape puzzling. If you also think PUSH is looking really good, you’ll be pleased to know that the developers have announced a release date of October 18th for the game, less than two weeks away. I’m looking forward to that day very much so I can start pushing all those buttons. What is it about buttons that make them so darn tantalizing? Until its release, you can check out more about PUSH in the game’s forum thread here.


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