Ireland picks Bank of New York Mellon to hold Apple’s $18.6B tax payment in escrow

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The Irish government has reportedly selected Bank of New York Mellon to control an escrow fund holding up to $ 18.6 billion in back taxes collected from Apple, pending attempts to reverse a ruling by the European Commission.
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Samsung aims to dominate the chips market with a $18.6B investment

Samsung is a global leader in manufacturing parts for smartphones and other smart devices, but it has even bigger plans there. The company announced it will investment $ 18.6 billion in memory chip, SoC, and OLED display production to answer the increasing demand for such components. The new complex in Pyeongtaek According to Reuters, memory manufacturers will post record profits in 2017 due to high demand. Samsung plans to respond with KRW14.4 trillion (about $ 12.5 billion) put in a new NAND factory. A new production line for semiconductors is also planned. It will cost additional… – Latest articles