Critically Acclaimed Sci-Fi Clicker ‘SPACEPLAN’ Is $0.99 for the First Time on the App Store

The clicker game genre, alongside its auto-runner and match-3 contemporaries, seems to be the recipient of a lot of cynicism and pessimism amongst mobile gamers. A lot of this is deserved – the aforementioned App Store archetypes have led to a number of low-effort releases – but occasionally one title appears out of nowhere to subvert the ever-mounting suspicion. SPACEPLAN [$ 0.99] was one such title, and with a humorous setting and a really engrossing story, the game both managed to create an experience that both satirised the genre, but also used the limitations of clicker games to its advantage. While many were justifiably skeptical of such a strange concept around the game’s initial launch in May, SPACEPLAN has today gone on sale for the first time for only $ 0.99, and is certainly worth trying at this bargain new price.

SPACEPLAN has gone on this limited time promotion for what Devolver Digital are touting the ‘International Space Potato Week’. As brilliant as such a holiday sounds, I sadly think it’s fictitious. Maybe if we all assemble on Twitter and harass NASA enough, we can make it happen. As you can probably gather from such a ludicrous way to announce the sale, SPACEPLAN is full of eccentric humor, strange sci-fi misunderstandings and a lot of potatoes. If that doesn’t sell you on SPACEPLAN, our exultant five star review and Game of the Week award go into even greater detail on the strengths of the game, and for a mere dollar there’s a veritable bargain here for anyone wanting a title that perfectly suits a mobile device. Download SPACEPLAN for $ 0.99 this week, and let us know your own potato-based opinions on our forum thread.


Google Home users could get 3 months of Deezer Premium+ for $0.99 (US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia)


Here’s an almost-freebie to start off your week: Google Home’s promotions page has added one new offer for you to take advantage of: 3 months of Deezer Premium+ for $ 0.99. That’s one buck for 3 months of unlimited, on-demand streaming, no ads, but with offline saves and high-quality audio. Deezer Premium+ normally costs $ 6/month or thereabout, depending on where you live, so you’d be saving around $ 17.

The offer shows up on Google Home’s promotional support page in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada, but oddly not France.

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Google Home users could get 3 months of Deezer Premium+ for $ 0.99 (US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Radiangames Catalogue Is Back on the App Store Discounted to $0.99 with 64 Bit Updates Coming Soon

We were all disappointed when Luke Schneider who is basically Radiangames pulled his catalogue of twin stick greatness from the App Store thanks to the iOS 11 Appocalypse. Thankfully the likes of Inferno+ [$ 1.99], Super Crossfighter [$ 0.99], and more have all returned to the App Store. The prices for all the games have been permanently dropped to $ 0.99 (Inferno 2 is $ 1.99) as well. He promises 64 bit updates soon as well. It was interesting seeing the Tweets happen where Luke first announced bringing back his games to the App Store and then the confirmation of working towards 64 bit versions soon.

The games were pulled back in May when forum members started noticing the Radiangames catalogue was missing on the French and eventually US App Store. Now while many developers are going to just abandon their older games or even complete catalogue instead of putting the work into updates, it is fantastic to see these games return. Here’s an old interview with Luke from 6(!) years ago. Now is a great time to stock up on some fantastic twin stick games with the full catalogue back on the App Store.


Codemasters’ Rapid Racer ‘F1 2016’ on Sale for $0.99, Its Lowest Price Ever

F1 2016 [$ 0.99] was a fairly major release at the bookend of last year, and while we had a few issues with the game’s AI in our review, it is undoubtedly a beautiful representation of the blisteringly fast sport on the smaller screen. With the Belgian Grand Prix taking place this weekend as this year’s world championship firmly accelerates into the second half of the series, there has never been a better time to try out the App Store iteration of Codemasters’ racing series, and today the game has gone on sale for a mere $ 0.99 – the lowest price since its launch. For fans looking for something to fill the void while waiting for qualification to begin, or anyone wanting a game that truly make the most of the iPhone’s graphical fidelity, this limited time dollar promotion for F1 2016 is one you don’t want to let drive past you.

While its initial ten dollar price may have been a bit of a gamble considering Tasos’ extensive criticisms in our review, the jaw-dropping graphical design combined with some solid solo racing action are more than worth this new dollar price of entry. However, if past Codemasters sales are anything to go by, there’s no telling how long this promotion for F1 2016 will last. It could revert back to its base price within hours, or last for more than a week. With the latest entry in the form of F1 2017 releasing on consoles today, I’m hoping it’s the latter, but until then it’s best to jump on this sale as soon as possible if you’re interested in getting behind the wheel on mobile devices. Hopefully a slightly more refined F1 2017 iteration for iOS is in the pipeline, but until then, marvel at the beautiful detail of the Nurburgring in F1 2016 for only $ 0.99.


[Deal Alert] Tasker is currently on sale for just $0.99, saving you $2

Tasker is one of the most popular apps out there for modders and tinkerers, and it recently got a big makeover. The version 5 update included a major visual overhaul, bringing it in line with the material design we see in most modern Android apps. If you’ve been looking to try Tasker out but have been put off by the price tag, now’s the time to give it a go.

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[Deal Alert] Tasker is currently on sale for just $ 0.99, saving you $ 2 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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