Dash returns to App Store seven months after review system manipulation accusations

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Dash, an API documentation browser, has reappeared in the iOS App Store seven months after it was removed over alleged review manipulation, with developer Bogdan Popescu claiming the app was resubmitted to stop others from uploading their own copy-cat apps using the open-sourced code.
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Main Surface Pro Improvements Are Beneath the Surface

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a refresh of its Surface Pro tablet-laptop computer. Although Microsoft said the fifth generation of the unit has been redesigned from the inside out with more than 800 new custom parts, the Surface Pro looks similar to its predecessor. “If you were looking for a major redesign of Surface, this isn’t it,” said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research. Nevertheless, Microsoft has made some significant improvements in the tablet cum laptop. Battery life has been boosted to 13.5 hours.

The Splash Drone 3 is the Aquaman of drones

There are lots of drones out there that can do all sorts of things like fly around, take pictures and video, or even lift a human. But how many can swim?

Meet the Splash Drone 3, the latest drone from SwellPro. It’s fully waterproof, and while it can’t quite swim, it can float, which is pretty neat. It’s actually an updated edition of the original Splash Drone, which the company released two years ago, but this model adds a redesigned gimbal with a new 4K camera, stronger motors, and an improved flight controller. SwellPro launched a Kickstarter campaign for the device launched this week, and it’s already raked in quite a few orders.

The Splash Drone 3 comes in two models — the Auto, which can be controlled by a mobile…

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DJI unveils Spark, its smallest and lightest drone yet

DJI’s foldable Mavic Pro from last year was already rather easy to pack along on your trips, but the Chinese company has unveiled an even smaller and lighter drone today. It’s called Spark and is a “mini drone”, DJI says. It’s not calling it a “selfie drone”, although that’s probably what most people will end up using it for. The Spark takes off from your palm and can be controlled with hand gestures alone, in a first for any drone. You can send it up and away from you, tell it to capture an image, and call it back – all with such gestures and nothing else. The new drone weighs just…

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Google app v7.3 beta prepares for podcast subscriptions, data saver for Now Cards, and more [APK Teardown]


Version 7.3 of the Google app began rolling out to users in the beta channel earlier today. There are a few odd little changes to be found poking around in the UI, like a new menu shortcut on many of the Assistant settings screens that leads to the Activity Controls settings, but it’s all pretty innocuous. We’ll surely see more significant features going live as Google activates them remotely over the coming weeks™.

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