A Tesla Just Drove a Record Breaking 900+ Kilometers on a Single Charge

The Model S Record

Tesla Model S P100D has just been used to set a new record for distance driven on a single charge: 901.2 km (~560 miles). Steven Peeters and Joeri Cools managed to break the record for the lowest energy consumption for the vehicle as well, achieving 88 Wh/km (54.7 Wh/mile).

They did so by hypermiling (driving the vehicle with the specific goal of increasing efficiency). For example, because cars are not as efficient at high speeds, the drivers averaged only 40 km/h (24 mph) — a speed that wouldn’t be ideal for actual travel, but that’s great for breaking records.

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Most previous approaches to hypermiling have focused on driving cars in a straight line, but Peeters and Cools opted for a different approach, following a 26 km (~16 mile) closed loop in Belgium in order to learn to optimize the car’s energy usage.

“By the time we finished the attempt, we knew perfectly how to take every turn and roundabout to make sure we drove with the least possible consumption,” Peeters explained in a blog post. They also learned how to drive under different temperature conditions as the attempt took them almost an entire day: 23 hours and 45 minutes.

In 2015, Elon Musk predicted that a Tesla with a 950 km+ (~600 mile) maximum range would be ready by 2017. This attempt was just shy of the prediction, but the drivers think they did the best they could under their circumstances and explained what would be necessary to break the 1,000 km (~621 miles) record: “That would have to be a perfect run in perfect circumstances, which I believe are not possible in our country.”

A Precedent for Electric Cars

Hypermiling is not the way the vast majority of people drive, but it is a good test to show just how efficient a car can be. We must also consider that this test was undertaken in the error-strewn landscape of human judgement. If the Model S’s Autopilot were adjusted to maximize efficiency, it could potentially learn more quickly than the drivers and make the appropriate adjustments.

The previous Tesla record holder, Casey Spencer, achieved an 885 km (550 mile) run last year, so this record-breaking run marks an impressive new milestone for the Model S’s efficiency.

While these scores are not particularly close to beating the records set by non-electric vehicles, we must remember that this is only the second Tesla car ever built (with the Model 3 coming soon), updates are arriving quickly, and a lower maximum milage is a happy sacrifice for a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

If Tesla’s cars continue progressing at this rate, it won’t be long before their environmentally unfriendly counterparts are matched in performance — the only category they’re really ahead in anymore. Electric cars are now closing in fast on their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, with other recent feats including a Nio EP9 achieving a staggering time of 6:45:9 around Germany’s Nürburgring track. Soon, they’ll be ready for full industry domination.

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Honda forced to shutdown plant due to ransomware infection

Honda forced to shutdown plant due to ransomware infection

Japanese automotive company Honda was forced to halt production at one of its manufacturing plants when it discovered the WannaCry ransomware virus had infected its computer network.

The Sayama plant in Japan, northwest of Tokyo, was shut on Monday following the discovery of the ransomware on Sunday. A Honda spokeswoman told Reuters that the virus had affected networks across Japan, North America, Europe, China and elsewhere, despite efforts to secure the network in May when WannaCry affected companies and public services across the globe.

Honda said that production across its other plants continued as normal, and that production at the Sayama plant, which produces as many as 1,000 vehicles a day, commenced from Tuesday.

The WannaCry virus was first spotted on May 12 this year, when over 200,000 machines in 150 countries were infected The UK’s National Health Service was among the worst hit, with 47 NHS Trusts in England and 13 in Scotland infected, forcing surgical operations to be cancelled and staff to use pen and paper to record patient data.

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The experts’ view

At the time of the initial Wannacry outbreak, security experts warned that further infections might be detected in the weeks ahead.

Commenting on the situation at Toyota, Javvad Malik of IT security company AlienVault said: “While the initial wave of WannaCry infected systems may have passed, it doesn’t mean that attacks have completely ceased and enterprises should become complacent. It’s vital that enterprises take the necessary steps to protect themselves against attacks like WannaCry, and keeping ahead of the curve with threat intelligence and having threat detection and incident response capabilities.”

Gavin Millard, technical director at Tenable, said that continued exploitations of MS17-0101, the vulnerability that Wanncry exploits, was “hardly surprising.”

“Conflicker and MS08-67, the main vulnerability it exploited, is still popping up on occasion nine years after it began infecting millions of systems around the world,” he pointed out.

And according to Leigh-Anne Galloway, cyber security resilience lead at Positive Technologies, this whole situation could have been prevented. “Microsoft released patches in March to fix the vulnerability that has allowed WannaCry to spread, but many organizations have been particularly slow to implement them,” Galloway said.

“Honda has taken the right precautionary measures ceasing production. Safety of employees should be of up most concern. However this incident could have been prevented with basic security hygiene, a patch management program and automatic updates to systems.”

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