Holiday season comes early with Xperia Store deals

Worried that Black Friday came and went too quickly and you missed out on the perfect gift for your loved one?

Fear not, here at Sony Mobile we’ve got you covered. From today and throughout December we’ll be bringing you deals of up to 50% off across a range of Xperia accessories just in time for the festive season.

So whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a gift, check out our Xperia Store to see what we’ve got on offer.

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Tested: PlayLink, the smartphone-controlled PlayStation® range

Like PlayStation? Like smartphones? Playlink might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Announced back at E3 PlayLink is a range of PS4 exclusives that does away with the DualShock controller and replaces it with a smart device e.g. your Xperia smartphone or tablet.

We headed down to PlayStation’s exclusive Christmas event, grabbed an Xperia XZ1, and got our hands on a few of the games.

Knowledge is Power

This family-friendly quiz game would be good for keeping families entertained over Christmas. Players each select a character, take a selfie, and begin. Each round consists of choosing a category and then answering questions. Straightforward enough, butyou can scupper your opponents by using various power ups to freeze their answers or cover them in goo. The whole game takes place in a super-shiny gameshow world which you are guided through by a host with potentially the most extraordinary quiff in video games.

Hidden Agenda

PlayLink isn’t all about party games. Hidden Agenda is a gritty crime thriller from the makers of Until Dawn. Playing like an interactive movie, players vote on choices as they search for a serial killer known as The Trapper. Playing on a phone throws up an interesting twist; players are periodically sent a secret ‘hidden agenda’ which only they can see and leads to some seriously sneaky behavior. The whole game is around 2-3 hours long so makes a good alternative to a Saturday night movie session.


Frantics is a compilation of increasingly daft minigames making it a great one to play with kids. Within ten minutes of playing we were firing our characters out of canons and trying not to slide off a disappearing block of ice. Did we mention the whole thing is hosted by a brandy-swilling, suit-wearing fox with dodgy stubble? Superb.

That’s You!

Another quiz game but with a difference – the questions are all about you and your mates. Once everyone has taken a ridiculous selfie, the game asks various questions like ‘who would fall in love on a first date?’ or ‘in art class…who would eat the glue’. You answer by swiping on the photo of the player you think it is with plenty of banter as the answers are revealed. “That’s You” is the kind of game that you could never really play using a typical gaming controller, with dedicated rounds that require players to draw each other as lumberjacks, elves, fairies and more, always with hilarious/terrible results.


Only recently announced at Paris Games Week, Erica blew us away and felt like the next step in the interactive drama genre. The whole thing plays out with live action cinematics so really feels like you’re playing a movie. Here, the smartphone controls deliver a real level of immersion. In one scene Erica, the character you control, begins to cry and you can swipe the screen to wipe away a tear. The whole demo was shrouded in mystery but for fans of interactive drama this is certainly one to watch.

We played these titles on the Xperia XZ1 which boasts a 5.2” HDR-enabled display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and 13MP front camera for taking those all-important selfies.

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Black Friday 2017: The best Sony Mobile deals

The sale is on as Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the calendar year, returns.

Here at Sony we’re bringing you the best mobile deals with up to 50% off from today until 27th November.

With great offers on the Xperia XZ1 and a range of headsets there’s something for everyone, whether treating yourself or just stocking up on Christmas presents.

Visit the Xperia Store for the deals now.

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The Journey of an Android Software Rollout

Besides new smartphone announcements, the most-read articles here on our blog are those that include info on all things Android. We’re Xperia users ourselves (obviously) and know how exciting it is to have a shiny new version of Android breathe new life into your device.

Whilst we’ve made positive strides over the past couple of years in developing and bringing upgrades and firmware to market in a timely fashion, we also read the comments and Tweets and understand that the wait between Google announcing a new version and actually getting the notification can sometimes take a while – particularly given the number of devices, partners and countries often in play. To help explain the process, we’ve rustled up the below infographic showing how Android software moves from Google, to Sony Mobile, to Xperia users out in the real world.

And in case you missed it, we recently announced that Android 8.0 Oreo is now rolling out to XZ Premium and Android 7.1.1 is hitting Xperia Touch. Hurrah!


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The best HDR content to watch on Netflix

Stranger Things season two has finally launched on Netflix, and here at Sony we couldn’t be more pumped to find out what happens next to Eleven and the gang. However, our excitement goes a little deeper, as not only do we know it’s a top programme, but it’s also available in jaw-dropping HDR quality. Here’s a roundup of other amazing shows Netflix offers in HDR, happy watching! (N.B. No spoilers, we promise)

Stranger Things

Following the disappearance of neighbourhood boy, Will, and the appearance of a psychokinetic girl called Eleven, the town of Hawkins begins to notice strange goings on, which all seem to link back to the nearby United States Energy Department. The science fiction-horror series produced by the Duffer Brothers, has won an avalanche of awards since launch, so if you haven’t watched it yet you’re probably living under a rock. The long-anticipated second series was released on 27th October of this year, and consists of 9 nail-biting episodes. 

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table follows the lives of world-renowned international chefs giving unique insight into their culinary inspiration. Diving deep into the kitchen, the series features legends such as Francis Melman, Massimo Bottura and Dan Barber among others across three series. One word of advice, don’t watch it when you’re hungry.

Girl Boss

Loosely based on the success story of fashion brand, Nasty Girl, Girl Boss is the story of Sophia Amoruso going from rags to riches as she starts her own fashion house. Sophia is a misfit who can barely hold down a job, so decides to create an online e-Bay shop, buying and selling beautiful vintage clothing. The series combines friendship, love and the quirks and catastrophes of young Sophia’s life. It’s an addictive watch with a kick-ass soundtrack.

The OA

The OA is about a young woman who resurfaces after going missing for many years. Previously blind, she reappears with her sight back, and refuses to tell the FBI and her parents where she has been, instead confiding in a small group of high school students to whom she reveals her story. She asks for their help in her quest to help the other children who suffered the same fate, claiming a portal into an alternate world is the only way to rescue them…

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