4 tips to code while overcoming our own psychological flaws

Will everyone be able to write code?

Given the choice between one piece of cake right not or a whole cake one month from now, we would probably choose the first. This psychological bias is known as “Time Preference” or “Delay Discount.” We’ve all seen this fine example of kids trying to hold on by not eating a marshmallow, in hope of a greater reward: When writing code we often face the same problem, having to choose between the short-term advantages of bad practice and the long-term costs it generates. See also: IoT and coding – what are the most popular programming languages? To help rise above binging…Read More

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How will IoT change the lives of our aging population?


How do we conceptualize aging and disability in an era where there’s a heady excitement about a future reality that surpasses our current lived experiences of health and old age? Consider future tech such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a growing movement of people into posthumanism and of course fiction like the TV series Black Mirror with the incredibly poignant San Junipero episode giving a fictional account of life beyond our physical beings. See also: Will data analytics change our healthcare system? With these thoughts in mind, it’s not every day that you talk to a hugely…Read More

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Can we use wearables to predict your future?


Imagine having a wearable that is capable of warning you when you are about to start a fight and can provide you with alternate behavioral solutions.  The study of biometric data in prediction models for human behavior is an interesting peek inside what the future of wearables may be like. See Also: Check out Michael Kors’ fitness and fashion wearable mashup One topic of interest for these wearables is that of marriage.  Being able to incorporate machine learning technology into a wearable can help warn individuals of increasing emotional responses using physiological data, and can…Read More

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How San Leandro is using IoT to transform itself


San Leandro, a suburban city in California, plans to integrate a 10-gigabit fiber loop into public infrastructure and services, in a move to evolve the city from its industrial roots. The fiber loop is capable of connecting thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices together, sending all the data back to servers where it can be analyzed. See Also: California parking garage operator prepares for self-driving revolution The city’s LED streetlights and controlled irrigation are already connected to the IoT system. The LED lights are expected to save $ 8 million in the next 15 years and will…Read More

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New Stanford biodegradable wearable takes your data to its grave

A pile of hard drives being recycled. The tops have been removed, and the drives are dusty and dirty. View is from the top.

A wearable electronic device that can dissolve in vinegar and is currently considered to be the lightest, thinnest electronic device, was recently unveiled by researchers at Stanford University. This technology can help reduce electronic waste while maintaining privacy. See Also: How personal beacons can help keep women safe The need for biodegradable tech in an era when new gadgets are constantly being introduced and quickly discarded, causing tons of electronic waste, presented the key concern and main focus for the team of researchers who have shared this new device. The team designed this…Read More

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5 questions for IoT about what we could learn from the WannaCry hack


Last Friday here in Europe, we saw over 50,000 companies and over 100 countries hit by the WannaCry ransomware attack. In Germany, digital display boards at Deutsche Bahn train stations were inoperable. In Spain, internal computers were down at telecommunications provider Telefonica. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) was hit, with staff unable to access patient records, some phones down and operations canceled. The attack was halted when cybersecurity experts MalwareTech found and inadvertently activated a “kill switch” in the malicious software, although its…Read More

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Will Delphi and their self-driving supergroup create autonomous hits?


In July 2016, the BMW Group, Intel, and Mobileye announced that they would join forces to deliver a highly and fully automated driving system for serial production by 2021. The companies have since developed a scalable architecture that can be adopted by other carmakers and mobility providers in pursuing state-of-the-art designs and to create brand differentiation. See also: Study shows just a few driverless cars ease traffic The group this week announced that Delphi will become a systems integrator and development partner for their joint automated vehicle effort in an announcement this…Read More

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Hive goes the subscription route with “smart home as a service”


Hive, a connected home company, is launching a new subscription service aimed at introducing people to smart home products without having to pay for each device. The “Welcome Home” service has three tiers: starter, regular, and premium. The starter package includes the Hive Hub, an Active Plug to manually turn off devices, two LED Active lightbulbs and two window or door sensors for $ 9.99 a month. The subscription service is also available in the United Kingdom for £5.99 a month. See Also: Microsoft to turn Windows 10 PCs into smart home hubs Regular customers receive all of…Read More

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How artificial intelligence will transform IT operations and devops

How Artificial Intelligence will Transform IT Operations and DevOps

To state that DevOps and IT operations teams will face new challenges in the coming years sounds a bit redundant, as their core responsibility is to solve problems and overcome challenges. However, with the dramatic pace in which the current landscape of processes, technologies, and tools are changing, it has become quite problematic to cope with it. Moreover, the pressure business users have been putting on DevOps and IT operations teams is staggering, demanding that everything should be solved with a tap on an app. However, at the backend, handling issues is a different ball game; the users…Read More

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South Africa wants to crank out more connected devices


When you think about global leaders Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) manufacturing, a few regions come to mind. China, Europe, and the United States are certainly among them. But, government leaders from South Africa want to add a new region to the global conversation: Africa. South African Telecommunications and Postal Services Minister Dr Siyabonga Cwele recently attended a Smart Africa Alliance board meeting Kigali, Rwanda. This meeting, which was part of the Transform Africa Summit is part of a larger effort to bring African nations forward technologically. “The…Read More

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