‘Retro Highway’ is Like Your Favorite ’80s Motorcycle Racer Cranked Up to 11

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I LOVE retro-styled racing games, and there have been a ton of great ones over the years. Games like Final Freeway [$ 0.99 / Free] and Final Freeway 2R [$ 0.99 / Free], Highway Runners [$ 0.99], and the incredible Horizon Chase [Free] all captured the essence of classic arcade car racers like OutRun, but what about the motorcycle lovers? Games like Road Rash and Hang-On are classics too, where’s their homages on mobile? Welp developer Dumb Luck Games wants to make that happen with their upcoming game Retro Highway, check out this awesome trailer.

As you can see, Retro Highway is a decidedly over-the-top take on a motorcycle racer. Here’s how it works: “You score points and coins while trying to complete challenges the game throws at you until crashing into something. Inbetween races, you unlock new bikes and upgrade powerups. Once you complete enough challenges, you open the next stage. The first area is meant to acquaint players with the controls and mechanics, things get a lot more difficult and hectic after that.” It’s a more modern-style type of progression that’s a nice fit for a mobile game, especially with a roster of 10+ unlockable bikes and upgradeable power-ups acting as carrots on a stick. And the sense of speed is really impressive, too. If you’re liking the look of Retro Highway as much as I am, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s coming quite soon, and will be hitting both iOS and Android in just a couple of weeks on April 14th.


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Kingpin guide – How to bowl like a champ in this unique runner

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Kingpin Bowling is the a neat arcade runner where you control a bowling ball as you try to hit pins and avoid obstacles to net a high score. Although its gameplay is largely pretty similar to a lot of other runners out there, there are some things about it that make it uniquely challenging. This guide can help you navigate these things though and help make sure you’re a top bowler.

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Niantic Will Reportedly Settle the ‘Pokemon GO’ Fest Lawsuit for over $1.5 Million

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You’re probably aware of how big a disaster the Pokemon GO [Free] Fest was in Chicago. Eli was at the fest and was posting updates as the situation progressed. Niantic apologized for the event and posted about how they worked with a partner who spoke to major carriers to ensure everything goes smooth. Things obviously didn’t turn out well and some people sued. We hadn’t heard anything about this until now and it looks like Niantic is going to settle it and a dedicated website will go live for the settlement.

A TechCrunch report has now been published stating that Niantic will finally settle the lawsuit by paying out over $ 1.5 million dollars. This is to cover the costs attendees picked up on the way to the event including hotel costs, airplane tickets, pariking fees, and more. An official website is supposed to go up for the settlement. People claiming to be a part of the settlement will need to have been checked in at the fest.

Any money left over after all claims and lawyer fees in addition to other costs will be split evenly and donated to the non profit organization Chicago Run and the Illinois Bar foundation. No money will come back to Niantic as per the report. If you missed out on the fest, read up here on what actually went down.



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Shadowgun Legends Android and iOS guide – Every multiplayer mode in the game

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In this part of our guide to Shadowgun Legends, we’re going to have a look at the different multiplayer modes that the game offers. We’ve already gone over the various single player missions you can take on, so we figured it was time to shine some light on the PvP and PvE aspects of the game.

There’s more to come too, with some handy tips and tricks to get you into the swing of things, as well as more detailed looks at the maps and modes. So make sure to keep coming back to 148 to check out our latest content.

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‘Marvel Strike Force’ Guide – How to Assemble a Great Team for Free

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Marvel Strike Force [Free] is the kind of game that you would have assumed already existed. It’s a turn-based strategy RPG that has you gather five Marvel superheroes, villains, or in some cases, a mixture of both, and pit them against the teams of other players (asynchronously, alas) or waves of AI opponents from the movies and comics. If comparisons are more your thing, it’s a lot like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes except with Marvel characters and by a different developer, FoxNext Games. Even if you’ve never played that game, chances are you’ve played something similar on mobile and Marvel Strike Force won’t be extremely difficult for you to grasp.

That said, we want you to get the most bang for your buck, or even better, bang for no bucks. Read on and you’ll be exposed to all of our tips and cheats for playing as much as possible and unlocking heroes and villains without spending a dime — unless you want to, of course.


Marvel Strike Force Basics: How to Fight Your Foes

Marvel Strike Force uses a turn-based system where the order of actions in combat is determined by the characters’ speed. Each character on both sides of a fight has a blue bar under his or her health, and when it fills up, it’s their turn to act. When it’s one of your character’s turns, you’ll see a circle under them and icons for their possible actions in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Marvel Strike Force

Every character has one basic attack, which will be the first icon. The other icons represent additional attacks or abilities, which can include heals, buffs or debuffs, taunts which force enemies to attack them or multi-target attacks. Tapping and holding down on an icon will tell you exactly what that ability does. The small boxes above each ability signify whether or not it is ready to use, as all of them must be full before the ability can be activated. Think of these as another form of cooldown timer.

A red crosshairs appears on your character’s current target, which you can switch to another enemy simply by tapping on them. Tap the ability to activate it and you’ll see the ability play out, usually with some pretty cool animation.

That’s all there really is to it. Except for some specific scenarios where you must keep an NPC alive, activate a machine or survive for a specified number of turns, battles in Marvel Strike Force proceed until one side or the other is completely eliminated. The only other thing you need to know is that there are buttons in the upper-left corner that can speed up the action two or three times if you’re the impatient sort or automatically play the battle for you (that one looks like a fast-forward icon) if it’s an easy encounter that you are grinding out for some reason.


Know Your Modes: Everything You Can Do in the Game at Launch

One of the more common complaints about Marvel Strike Force during its release is that you quickly run out of Campaign Energy. That’s a fair gripe because every Campaign battle costs at least 6 units of Energy to play, so you can run out of it pretty quickly. Energy recharges slowly over time, and somewhat confusingly, there is a special currency called Campaign Energy Refill and the option of spending Power Cores, the game’s premium currency, to refill instantly.

Marvel Strike Force

Nevertheless, there’s actually a lot more to do than just the Campaign mode, though other modes require you to level up before they all unlock. Here’s a brief overview of all of them in the game at launch.

  • Campaigns – These are where the game’s story unfolds, with chapters requiring only heroes, only villains or a mix of the two. Campaigns cost Campaign Energy to play, can be replayed to farm specific rewards and can even be auto-played once you clear them with three stars — although Auto Win still costs you the same amount of Campaign Energy, so all it saves you is time.
  • Challenges – This rotating set of daily battles can earn you specific loot like Gold (the game’s basic currency), Health Packs, Training Modules and more. Each Challenge can only be played three times in its 24-hour period, though they have multiple difficulty levels with better rewards as you move up. You can also choose to Auto Win a Challenge once you’ve cleared it with three stars.
  • Arena – Here’s where you battle asynchronously against the teams of other players, using a mixed squad — so in other words, your best five characters, hero or villain. You have to set a squad for defense as well (which can be exactly the same one), and then you pick from one of three possible opponents when you want to battle. If you win a fight, you move up to your opponent’s rank, whereas you remain in your current rank if you lose. As long as you’re active in Arena mode, you’ll get a reward sent to your Inbox every 24 hours based on your current rank. Part of this reward is Arena Credits, which can be spent in a store specific to this mode. You get only five Arena attempts per day.
  • Events – Not to be overlooked, these character-focused quest lines have you battle through an increasingly more challenging string of fights in order to unlock the hero or villain at their center, or to bump them to a higher tier if you already have them. Some Events don’t even let you start them until your profile is level 20 or above, so they aren’t necessarily fare for beginners.
  • Blitz – Kind of a secondary PvP mode, this is where you can fight teams created by other players in ladder-like fashion. For every victory, you’ll earn points toward milestones that grant you ever better rewards. Confusingly, Blitz also has its own currency/energy called Blitz Charges, which you need to spend in order to keep using the same characters over again. Conversely, you can swap other characters into your team, so in time, this can be a useful mode for using heroes and villains who aren’t your mains.
  • Alliance Raids – A special mode available only to players who have joined an Alliance, Raids are co-operative quests that require players to work together to take down extremely powerful groups of foes. Like Blitz, Raids have milestones which give out periodic rewards. They also have their own store with a specific currency, because why not at this point?


How to Unlock More Characters for Free

Now that you know how to play and what you’ll be playing, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Specifically, you’ll want to be able to take advantage of all of the cool characters in Marvel Strike Force by adding as many as possible to your collection, and preferably without shelling out money for Power Cores.

Marvel Strike Force

Like many games of its genre, this one uses a system of shards to unlock and tier up characters. What that means is that you’ll often find a shard or several shards as a reward, but rarely will you acquire enough of them in one go to add a new hero or villain to your roster instantly. Essentially, then, what you need to know is where and how to get shards, and we can help with that.

  • Log in and play every day – Not only does Marvel Strike Force have a login calendar that gives you stuff, including character shards every few days, just for logging in, it also has daily objectives you can find via the big bright button that says exactly that in the bottom-right corner of the main screen. If you do nothing else each day you play, be sure to clear out the daily objectives. They’re worth it in their own right, but clearing the daily objectives a number of times can unlock a new character for free. For example, at launch you could unlock Wolverine by clearing the daily objectives seven times.
  • Use Auto Win on Campaign battles – Every third stage of each Campaign chapter offers character shards as a possible reward for beating it. Clearing it with three stars allows you to use Auto Win, which is a great way to grind out shards for a specific character. It also encourages you to keep advancing through the Campaigns as that will open up more shards you can farm in this fashion.
  • Check for Events – As we’ve already noted, Events are where you can unlock specific characters just by playing through a series of battles. Every time you hit a level with a multiple of 10, you should revisit active Events as you may now be powerful enough to tackle a previously locked battle and earn even more shards.
  • Play Arena battles daily – Arena wins don’t get you any shards on their own, but the Arena store does have a selection of shards for sale that changes daily. If you stay active, you’ll receive Arena Credits every 24 hours and be able to spend them on shards you want when they rotate through the store.
  • Play Blitz mode too – You’re probably sensing a pattern here that almost every game mode is the path to shards, and you’re right. The Blitz milestones also grant shards at certain levels, though you’ll typically need to reach at least the sixth milestone to start getting them, which takes some doing. That said, once you’ve got a pretty powerful roster, Blitz should absolutely be part of your daily playing rotation. On top of that, the Blitz store is pretty similar to the Arena store except with its own currency and daily shard selection.

One important note that may help you chase shards more wisely: If you tap on any character’s shards you want to purchase, it will tell you how many shards you still need before you unlock or tier up that character. it’s a very helpful way to prioritize.


How to Assemble a Well-Rounded Team

While it’s tempting to just toss your five favorite Marvel characters together in a group, that might not be the best way to proceed as you’ll likely struggle in fights where you don’t simply overpower your opponents (though to be sure, there are plenty of those). What you’ll want to do instead is get a team that actually has five characters whose abilities complement each other.

Marvel Strike Force

That starts with understanding the four general character classes in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blaster – Whether they get the job done with guns like the Punisher or repulsor rays like Iron Man, Blasters deal high damage to one or multiple targets but are also the “squishiest” class, needing either heals or taunts or both to make sure they stay alive.
  • Brawler – Arguably the most well-rounded and versatile class, they don’t do as much damage as Blasters but are also hardier. As the name suggests, they also deal their damage up close and personal.
  • Controller – The toughest class to pigeonhole, Controllers have abilities that make life harder for enemies, either slowing them, debuffing them or causing other non-beneficial effects. A little squishy but not as bad as Blasters.
  • Protector – Can force the enemy to attack them with Taunts, usually in conjunction with other abilities that allow them to stay alive when they are being targeted. Do the least damage with basic attacks but sometimes have surprisingly damaging secondary abilities.
  • Support – Can be thought of as the healer class, with abilities that heal, remove debuffs and other good stuff.

Can a team with one of each class work? It sure can, though that might leave you a little short on direct damage. A good idea when starting out is to have two Brawlers, one Blaster, one Protector and then either a Controller or Support character. Other combinations can also be very effective if you dive into character abilities more closely and see if there are synergies between them you can use to your advantage.

Finally, you’ll notice every character in Marvel Strike Force has multiple traits — words that define them besides their class. For example, Crossbones has the following traits: Villain, Global, Tech, Protector, Hydra and Inhuman (which he’s not, so … I dunno). Traits can also help suggest groups of characters that will be effective together based on their specific abilities. Sticking with our buddy Crossbones, his Vengeance ability gives +5 Armor to anyone on his team with the Hydra trait. This is the top level of team-building, but one you’ll want to explore in more detail once you’ve been playing for a bit.


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You Can Now Check out ‘Life is Strange’ Episode One for Free

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It seems the cadence of episodic game releases on the App Store goes a little something like this: A game that follows a pay-per-episode DLC schedule will be released on the App Store, and it’ll cost money. As more episodes are released, the first episode goes free to entire new players into getting their feet wet in the series and then buying the rest of it. Telltale has been following this model for years now, and it seems Square Enix is following suit with Life is Strange [Free]. The whole first episode recently was made available for free, and it’s difficult to think of many people playing through it and not wanting to continue.

We reviewed the first episode when it was first released last year, and the basic premise of the game has you playing as a high school student with the unique ability to rewind time to alter the story. In some cases, fiddling with the timeline will result in good things, and sometimes the results will be terrible- Ya’know, like most time travel stuff.

The art style of Life is Strange is fabulous too, and even if you somehow don’t get sucked in by the story, it’ll be a quick (and now free) visual treat for you to enjoy. Definitely give this one a look.


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‘Agent Wonky’ is a Silly Twitch Game from the Maker of ‘Tap Hero’ that’s Looking for Beta Testers

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Back in August of 2016, developer Michał Walaszczyk released Tap Hero [Free], a twitchy arcade game that challenged your left/right dexterity in a similar fashion to games like Timberman [Free] and many others. It also had some gorgeous pixel art and a great “feel” to the mechanics, and we enjoyed Tap Hero enough to award it our Game of the Week when it released. Now Walaszczyk has taken it upon himself to learn Unity and jump from 2D pixel art to full 3D polygons for his next release. The upcoming game is called Agent Wonky, and it too has a similar twitchy style to Tap Hero in that you’ll be blasting away bad guys approaching from either side of the screen, but you’ll do this by matching the direction and type of swipe that each bad guy has floating above his head. It’s a mechanic that reminds me a lot of the fantastic The Firm [Free], as some enemies have red colored arrows over their head which indicates you’ll need to swipe in the opposite direction that the arrow points to, and that’s the type of thing that will twist your brain into knots as the speed of the game increases and the pressure mounts up. Here’s a few gifs showing what Agent Wonky is like in motion.

That top gif is a sample of the general gameplay, the second gif is a look at the many unlockable characters in the game, and the bottom gif is a look at what happens when you mess up a swipe: Basically Agent Wonky gets scared and runs away arms flailing. Since mid-November when Walaszczyk first announced Agent Wonky he’s been keeping a developer blog going in the thread in our forums, and this is the exact type of thing I love seeing on TouchArcade. You can see what humble beginnings the game started from, and then over the course of months you’ll see vast improvements until finally the game is in a very playable state and is even at the point of needing beta testers. That’s pretty much where Agent Wonky is at now, so if you’re interested in testing the game drop by that forum thread and let the developer know. There’s also WAY more gifs and information about the game to check out there too. Hopefully a lot of testers sign up and whip the game into shape so it won’t be too much longer before we’re all enjoying some Agent Wonky silliness.


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3 New Hearthstone Cards Poised to be Overpowered and the Class Least Likely to be Good in the Witchwood

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With all the new Hearthstone[Free] reveals going on, we’re sitting down for a minute to look over what we have seen and shed a little light on what were this weeks big meta-changing cards in the Witchwood expansion. We’ve already looked at some of the ways Glinda Crowskin, Lord Godfrey, and Hagatha the Witch may have an impact. Today we look at a few more cards that have some far-reaching implications on what a good deck might look like in the months ahead and one very special class that seems to be behind the curve at the moment.

Lady in White

We are in a Priest renaissance right now. While it may not be as dominant as Shaman or Druid were in their heyday, the groundwork for solid Priest decks has never been as good and there is no sign of slowing. Between Lady in White and Vivid Nightmare the stage is set for not only revitalizing old deck types but the genesis of stuff from out of left field. I like this card, I think Priest will continue to be a thorn in my side if my Jade Druid deck continues to be viable and I feel bitter but I’m not, because Priests deserve good decks too!


Late game Hunter has some issues, and Emeriss is here to help. He is going to play well with Kathrena Winterwisp and is probably going to be reliant on a few key factors. The Kobolds & Catacombs expansion leaned very heavily on a low or no minion count Hunter style that means that even with a hand full of cards, which Hunter seems to rarely be afforded if the game is still going at round 9 or 10, most of those cards will probably not be minions. Indeed the only two Hunter decks listed at the moment on Tempostorm.com’s meta snapshot have very little use for this card. Between Houndmaster Shaw, Emeriss and the low-cost spell options for early game I think a hybrid of low cost non beast minions with high cost beasts might be viable. At the very least it is an angle that has had a solid trajectory for 2 expansions that may just end up being workable with more pieces of the puzzle in place. This one may edge its way in.

Vex Crow

Anything that encourages Mage to be throwing spells and benefitting in an additional way is worth strong consideration. Vex Crow is going to be the next Flamewaker or Mana Wyrm. While they are all susceptible to removal, the Vex Crow will open up some possibilities that never existed with these types of cards. Some may lament the RNG that this game sometimes involves, but a Mage throwing out spells and having a magic crow spit out small minions is goofy and flavorful and fun. Not to mention really strong, did I mention that?

So which class seems the weakest so far? Warrior

With this week’s reveals of Darius Crowley and the Blackhowl Gunspire, it looks like Warrior is going to be doubling down on middle-cost minions and the old charge-or-be taking damage schism that exists in the lineup. Granted now we are seeing this with Rush and Echo thrown into the mix but it does not seem like much new for Warrior as of yet. Does this mean that a combination of old and new cards won’t come together to make a solid deck? Of course not, but the point is that we really are waiting to be blown away by a Warrior card and the wait continues.

More reveals will be occurring in the weeks to come so stay tuned as we bring you the latest in Heathstone hype and expansion news! Special thanks to Hearthpwn.com for being a great database of Hearthstone resources.


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SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘ARMS’ Testpunch, ‘Toki Tori’ Impressions, ‘Punch-Out’ and More

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Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for March 30th, where we’re covering the latest Nintendo Switch news, releases, and sales! A happy Easter to everyone, and if you’re spending the time with (or away from) family, then you’ve got plenty of games on the Switch to pass the time. ARMS‘ Testpunch begins tonight, the arcade Punch-Out is now available on Switch, and I reminisce about Toki Tori with its Switch version now available. Let’s dive right into the news, today’s jam-packed:


ARMS Testpunch Starts Tonight

Get the Testpunch downloaded, and prepare, as the most obviously-named game since Game of War starts its free trial tonight at 9:00 PM PDT in North America. It ends on Monday night at 8:59 PM PDT, and the game is on sale for $ 41.99 on the eShop until April 6th!

Rocket League sees visual quality improvements in the Tournaments Update

This Tuesday, April 3rd, Rocket League will look a lot better when the tournaments update goes live. The resolution will be 60 frames per second in handheld mode, and 1664×936 in docked mode. Additionally, a new Performance mode will run the game at full resolution, locked to 30 frames per second, and enable Lens Flares, Light Shafts, Dynamic Shadows and Depth of Field. Oh, and there will be video capture!

New Releases:

Toki Tori ($ 4.49)

I got an early copy of Toki Tori, and I gotta say: this game holds up well. First released in 2001 for the Game Boy Color, this puzzle-platformer has you using a variety of tools to collect all the eggs in each level while avoiding harm…or getting yourself stuck because you misplaced a bridge, or used your giant freezing bazooka on the wrong enemy. Or just did things in the wrong set of steps. It’s gonna wrack your brain once you get past the first world, and new hazards keep popping up. It’s a load of fun if you get satisfaction from not only facing difficult puzzles, but solving them.

The tools you get to use are a lot of fun, such as the giant freezing bazooka, or warping a couple of tiles away. Some of the timing-based elements prove to be a bit annoying, such as one early puzzle where you have to time your warp to go past an enemy to beat the level. And the game really throws some devious puzzles at you as time goes on. But, Toki Tori as a protagonist is still super charming, and it feels great to solve those difficult puzzles. Plus, some levels let you shoot your freeze bazooka an unlimited number of times, and watching a yellow chick shoot a freezing bazooka is always fun.

The best modern addition beyond just remaking the game in 3D is the rewind feature. If you die or screw up, you can rewind a few previous steps and fix where you messed up. It helps make the experience so much less frustrating. Combine this rewind feature with the portability of the Switch version, and this is the definitive Toki Tori release. I never thought I’d be talking about Toki Tori 17 years after it seemed like an ill-fated indie Game Boy Color release, but oh does this throw me back to those days.

Arcade Archives: Punch-Out!! ($ 7.99)

The original arcade Punch-Out, complete with green wireframe protagonist, is now on the Switch. While the game that popularized the series is still Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out for the NES, this game is the bedrock of the series. Also, HAMSTER made sure to throw in portrait mode for the game. Prop up your Switch or get a stand to display your monitor in vertical orientation and check out this classic.

Shadow Bug ($ 8.99)

The mobile action-platformer makes its way to the Switch. You dash to move and attack, and just constantly slice your way through enemies to make your way through the game’s whole speedrunning gameplay. It was a lot of fun as a mobile title, and if you never checked it out, the Switch is a good way to play this gem.

Alteric ($ 4.49)

This platformer has you making your way through devilish platforming levels, with a parallel world to navigate, and some tricky physics to play with. If you dig that minimalist, Thomas Was Alone-style look, and want some challenging platforming for your Switch, this might be the time to check out Alteric. It’s pretty cheap, too.

Farm Expert 2018 for Nintendo Switch ($ 29.99)

Originally released on mobile, as one of these riffs on the popularity of Farming Simulator, you can now play a fully-premium version of this on your Switch. There seems to be an extreme pricing premium to get this on Switch (the paid version costs $ 4.99 on iOS), and a real Farming Simulator is on the Switch, but I guess if you want to save a few bucks, this is the way to go.

Devious Dungeon ($ 6.79 launch sale price)

I’ve always had a weird relationship with Ravenous Games, where some of their titles feel like they’re better on paper than in execution, perhaps. Still, Ravenous has good production values, and their titles might click with you better than they do for me. This is a their take on the roguelike action-platformer, with procedurally-generated levels and RPG-style character progression. And deviousness, don’t forget that!


Unholy Heights ($ 3.99 from $ 4.99 until April 12th)

Look, the reality is that all heights are unholy. Brush up on the Tower of Babel sometime. Keep your buildings to a reasonable number of stories, or storeys for our British audience, such as Rob “The Funnell” Funnell. I actually kind of like that spelling, same with tyre for your car wheels. But I digress. This tower is particularly unholy because your landlord is the devil, and you’re collecting rents. But the realistic part is that you use the rent to improve your living environment. You know, instead of just being some weird dude that spends the money on doing weird landlord stuff. Like being the literal devil. That’s what you do in this game.

Slain: Back From Hell ($ 16.99 from $ 19.99 until April 5th)

Miss a payment in Unholy Heights, then you can go to hell in this game, and get out of hell. Where you can then rent another apartment, and eventually get sent to hell again. Repeat the cycle endlessly. You can transform into a giant wolf in this game and a former member of Celtic Frost (albeit from the Cold Lake era, but still) did the music.

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern ($ 6.99 from %9.99 until April 5th)

Like those dungeon crawlers where you navigate in first person through mazes that are way too easy to get lost in, while you avoid traps, and fight monsters? Well, former reader of the RPG Reload column, this game is for you!

Chess Ultra ($ 9.99 from $ 12.49 until April 12th)

IT’S CHESS ULTRA, BROTHER!!!! flips a table, upsetting everyone at the local library

Actually, this does seem pretty cool. There are 10 AI levels, all approved by a Grandmaster of chess. And there’s cross-platform online multiplayer with the other versions of the game, with a whole Elo ranking system. You can watch and participate in official tournaments! There are tutorials that will help your lizard brain become a galactic brain! Also, there is a free Easter Island chess set DLC! Neat!

Don’t Knock Twice ($ 7.49 from $ 12.49 until April 5th)

Apparently this is a game based on a horror movie released last year starring Katee Sackhoff. Glad to see she’s still getting work well after Battlestar Galactica went off the air. Anybody ever watch Caprica? Feel like that show should’ve been so much better. I liked that the show was DOA soon enough for the creative staff to make an ending montage showing where things would have gone if the show had been good and continued onward. It was a nice bit of closure, for sure. I’m just ranting at this point, the game got way better reviews than the movie did, and the game is cheaper than buying the movie. Choose wisely, friends.

Riptide GP Renegade ($ 4.99 from $ 9.99 until April 5th)

I don’t have anything snarky to say here! Vector Unit makes some fun racing games that look really good, and now multiplatform releases are totally their thing. You can do split-screen racing in your hydrojets with up to four people at once, and do eight-person online races. Also, you can out run the hydrojet police. Hell yeah!

Keep an eye out every weekday for more SwitchArcade Roundups! We want to hear your feedback on Nintendo Switch coverage on TouchArcade. Comment below or tweet us with your thoughts!


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Two ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Tables Are Heading to ‘Zen Pinball’, ‘Star Wars Pinball’, and ‘Pinball FX 3’ Next Month

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Zen Studios just does not let up when it comes to releasing cool new licensed pinball games for their suite of digital pinball games. Last month saw the release of three new tables based around the Jurassic Park franchise in anticipation of the new Jurassic World movie releasing this June, and now Zen is ready to go back to one of their most rock-solid licenses with two brand new Star Wars tables arriving next month. These two tables are based on the most recent Star Wars film The Last Jedi, and as with all of Zen’s stuff feature some incredulous action and top-notch visuals. Here’s a trailer showing off both new The Last Jedi tables, followed by the official descriptions for both which, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, might be considered light spoilers.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Survive a First Order onslaught as the Resistance, train Rey in the ways of the Force on Ahch-To, and defend Finn from Captain Phasma, blasting away at stormtroopers as BB-8. Jump a ramp to shoot down TIE fighters, fight off Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer, and teach Rey that the Force isn’t just moving rocks!”

Star Wars: Ahch-To Island – Luke Skywalker (reluctantly) welcomes you to his secluded hideaway. Train Rey in the ways of the Force, convince Luke to join the Resistance and help Chewbacca deal with some Porg problems. You’ll even get a taste of everyday life on the island as Luke, including reminiscing about his Rebellion days through R2-D2’s hologram projections. And when the lights go off during a multiball mode? Let’s just hope the Force is with you…”

This new Star Wars Pinball: The Last Jedi pack is set to arrive across all platforms on April 17th, which means it’ll be part of both Zen Pinball [Free] and the Star Wars Pinball [$ 1.99] apps on iOS and Android and part of Pinball FX 3 on every other platform.


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