Help a 7-Year Old Boy Shape the World Through a Social Network in ‘Friends of the Prince’ from the Developer of ‘Nano Empire’

James Senter, creator of the A Dark Room [$ 1.99]-inspired text-based incremental game Nano Empire [$ 0.99] which became hugely popular in the accessible games community for its VoiceOver support for the visually impaired, has announced his next game and I’m loving the premise to death. It’s called Friends of the Prince, and it takes place in a twisted future where robots are just about to take over the world. But before the Robot Queen can enslave all of humanity, an unlikely hero “deceived her with cuteness and smashed her face” thus making him the leader of the world with absolute power. That hero is a 7-year old boy known as the Prince. Now he’s ready to reshape humanity by way of his very own social network known as Friends of the Prince.

In Friends of the Prince, you’ll either “like” or “dislike” the messages posted by the Prince and will be awarded Power based on if the Prince feels like you’re being a good citizen or not. You can then use that Power to beef up the three categories that affect society: Culture, Economy, and Security. What’s cool is that this is a multiplayer game so “all players’ choices combine to impact a shared game world.” Kind of like an MMO version of Reigns [$ 2.99] mixed in with some Nano Empire-style incremental world-building. It sounds really cool! So is being beholden to an authoritarian 7-year old any better to being enslaved by a Robot Queen? Who knows! We should find out next month when Friends of the Prince is released, and in the meantime if you’re interested in beta testing this one check out the thread in our forums.


Reigns: Her Majesty guide – how to use every item

Ruling a kingdom isn’t easy–doubly so for a queen whose every decision is questioned by the other factions seeking a slice of power. Reigns: Her Majesty builds on the original game’s swipey tactics, adding items that you can use to move the story forward and potentially save your life. This spoiler free guide will show you how to use these items effectively so that you will reign long and triumphantly.

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‘Clash Royale’ Anime Trailer Looks Great

Supecell has the art team (and money) to make some great Clash Royale [Free] commercials, and the latest one, called “Cards Coming to Life,” is one of the best commercials yet. The commercial turns many of your favorite Clash Royale characters into perfectly designed anime characters that truly belong on your TV. It’s actually a bit funny that the commercial demonstrates how better Clash Royale‘s art would be if it adopted a style closer to anime versus the one it has now. And that’s saying something given how fun the current art style of the game is.

Supercell is asking if people like this new commercial and whether it should make more of them. The developer has been dabbling into animated episodes starring the Clash Royale characters, so I can see Supercell turning this anime experiment into a new animated series. Reddit seems to be pretty happy with the commercial, although there’s some commentary on the Musketeer’s outfit. What do you think of the commercial and this take on the game’s characters?


‘Tako Bubble’ is a Great Looking Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer Coming in January

Taiwanese developer Noice2D, which is really just two people, have announced their new upcoming mobile game called Tako Bubble, and it’s looking really neat. Tako Bubble is a turn-based puzzle platformer that has you guiding an adorable octopus around numerous hazards and enemies in order to pop 3 special glittering bubbles and move on to the next level. There are 10 different types of enemies in the game each with different movement and attack patterns, so you’ll need to become familiar with them and keep that in mind while making each move otherwise you might find yourself cornered and becoming somebody’s next order of calamari. Check out the trailer for Tako Bubble.

There will be 60 levels to work your way through in Tako Bubble, and in addition to just completing each level you can also choose to seek out and collect 31 different hidden pixel art beetles throughout the game as an added goal. You’ll control your octopus using simple 1-finger 4-direction swipe controls, and if you’re anxious to try out the game ahead of its iOS release then check out the free HTML5 demo version here. That web demo features exclusive levels and it’s even playable right through your mobile device’s browser. For the real deal game, Tako Bubble is scheduled to launch on iOS and Android January 11th for free with ads and a one-time $ 1.99 IAP to remove them. Until then, check out the game’s forum thread for more.


Heads-Up: The Entire ‘Ace Attorney’ Series is Currently On Sale

The surprise release of Ace Attorney Investigations last week caps off a strong push by Capcom over the last couple of years to get just about every entry in the series onto mobile devices. The mobile ports have been excellent, offering crisp, high-resolution versions of the DS and 3DS cult hits. On top of that, they’ve been coming frequently enough that you might find yourself falling a little behind on picking them up, in fact. If that’s you, you’re in luck. To celebrate the release of the latest game, Capcom has cut the price of every last Ace Attorney game on the App Store and Google Play. This limited time sale is your chance to catch up on these great courtroom adventure games.

If you’re using Google Play with an Android device, it’s simple enough. All four of the titles available on Android have had their up-front price tag reduced to $ 11.99. On iOS, the games are sold with a slightly different structure. They usually charge $ 0.99 for the first episode, then sell the rest of the episodes a la carte or in one big package through IAP. What Capcom has done for this sale is to drop the initial episode’s price to free, and reduced the cost of the IAP to unlock the full game for each. Prices are as follows, in US dollars:

  • Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD [Free] (Full Unlock $ 9.99)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)

Those are really great prices for some really awesome games. I should note that while Capcom likes to err on the side of caution in its App Store descriptions and only claim support for the latest iOS version that was available when each app was last updated, all of the games apparently still work on iOS 11. It has also been pretty good about keeping them working, so I doubt they’ll be abandoned anytime soon. It’s uncertain how long this sale will go on for, so as usual you’d best grab what you want as soon as possible.