‘Mirror Land’ Review – I’m Starting with the ‘Mon in the Mirror

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I’ve experienced a few games now from Magic Cube, and while they’ve always sounded interesting on paper, they never quite seem to come together like you would hope. Their latest, Mirror Land [$ 0.99], is a monster-collecting RPG built around a cute idea. The game uses your actual location and allows you to summon monsters based on that information. The farther you are from where you first started up the game, the more interesting and unusual creatures you’ll find. It’s obviously inspired by Pokemon GO, but it works a little differently in practice. The game attached to that cool idea, on the other hand, is simultaneously the best I’ve played from this developer so far and yet still quite flawed.

Mirror Land tries to spin some kind of story around a world parallel to our own where people battle using special creatures called Fingermons that apparently come from our real world. Or something like that. There are evil clones, the hero has amnesia and can’t remember their surely uneventful past, and rivals a-plenty. The plot is rolled out in conversations that occur before and after completing story missions, events that become so spaced out over time that it was hard to remember how things connected. Not that it really matters. This isn’t the sort of thing you’re going to play for its story.

No, you’re probably here to collect monsters and do battle, and I can happily tell you that there’s plenty of both things going on in this game. The only way to earn monsters is through summoning, but there are a few ways to go about that. The splashy location-based summoning lets you call a monster using either easily-obtained coins or somewhat harder-to-come-by cubes. You can only summon once in any given location, at least for a certain period of time. It seemed to refresh after around a day. Your initial location when you start the game seems to be set as the home lab in-game, and monsters you summon near that lab will almost always be disappointing and mostly the of the same type. Head a little farther afield and you might find something interesting, though.

Most of your monsters will probably come from the standard summoning, however, which doesn’t involve your location at all. Instead, you choose which of the three types of summon you want to perform, pay the required amount of coins, and collect a random Fingermon whose rarity more or less corresponds with how much you spent. Basically, you can summon a pretty weak bronze character after every couple of battles, hang in there for a bit and get a more useful silver character, or wait until Lucifer dons a knitted sweater and nab a powerful gold character. Mirror Land contains no IAPs whatsoever, so the only way to fill out your collection of monsters is to grind those coins.

And grind you will, my friends. There are a lot of things I like about Mirror Land. It’s generally well-crafted, the summoning gimmick is neat, and the battle system is actually pretty fun and somewhat original. Battles play out sort of like the Active Time Battle system in many of the Final Fantasy games. Each character has to wait for a meter to fill up before they can do anything. Once the meter is full, you tap on them to use their action. If you tap just as the meter fills up, you’ll get a bonus. You can also tap just before an enemy strikes to block some of the damage at the cost of a bit of your meter. If you tap before the meter fills, the character will not only fail to act, the meter will also slightly drain. It’s lively, somewhat strategic, and surprisingly tense at times.

Unfortunately, it’s also the entire game. You’ll enter battles from a map screen, where you are presented with a random assortment of missions with different conditions. In this one, you can only use bronze monsters. Over here, you’ll have to fight one-on-one. Most of the time, you’ll have a few types to pick from, though they’ll occasionally collapse into a single mission that you’ll have to either pass or fail to get a new spread. The battles earn experience for participating Fingermons, experience for your hero, and either coins or cubes. Fingermons can only level as high as the hero’s level, and your regulars will usually cap out well before your hero gains their next level. Presumably the idea is to keep the players using an assortment of creatures.

The story is advanced by completing special story missions. These appear after you fulfill a certain set of requirements, like fighting a specific number of battles or summoning a particular amount of Fingermons. You can then tackle the story mission and should you win, you’ll be given the next set of requirements. Things move quickly enough in the beginning, but the further in you go, the more time-consuming it gets to satisfy those requirements and the more difficult the story missions themselves become. Some requirements ask you to summon using the location mechanic, so if you can’t go wandering around in the real world, you won’t be able to move forward. Mirror Land eventually devolves into a game where you grind battles to satisfy the requirements to make the story mission pop, then grind more battles to get to a high enough level to be able to beat that mission. Rinse and repeat.

Contributing to the problem is that the fundamentals of combat don’t change as the game unfolds. The same things that you do near the beginning are what you’ll be doing hours down the road. Watch carefully for each character’s turn to come up, try to tap them at the right moment, and hope your team is strong enough to outlast the other. It’s fine when you only need to do a few battles in a row, but when the game starts asking you to do twenty battles or try to level up to match enemies that are fifteen to twenty levels higher than you in order to proceed, it starts to feel like a genuine grind. A grind that demands your attention, mind you, so you can’t get away with doing it while you watch a movie or something.

The characters also feel like they’re not balanced very well. Faster Fingermons are definitely more useful than the rest, as any attack will drain some of a character’s meter and slow their ability to take their own turns. That goes both ways, so using slower Fingermons becomes a formula for frustration as you watch your meter slowly climb only to get knocked down with each swift strike. I picked up a speedy silver character early on who could punch well above her weight level-wise, while a higher-ranked character who was strong but slow tended to get beaten up by far weaker foes.

Besides leveling up through battling, you can also enhance your creatures by spending coins on their special abilities or cubes on ranking them up. Higher ranked characters tend to be a lot more powerful than their low-ranked cousins, though you’ll still want to keep an assortment of characters of each rank around for specific battles. Characters who are silver-ranked or higher have access to special abilities like drain strikes, attack buffs, and so on. They’ll use them automatically, but you can spend your coins to improve their effectiveness. Fingermons come in different types, with the usual system of each type having one type they’re strong against and one that they’re weak to. This doesn’t usually matter that much, but it can make a big difference in tough battles.

It’s not hard to imagine a world parallel to our own where Mirror Land was a free-to-play game with a stamina meter and premium-currency summons. I applaud the developer for not taking that particular route, but I honestly feel like the game works a lot like one of those kinds of affairs. You can run as many battles in a row as you want to here, but I wouldn’t recommend doing too many at once lest the game start to feel tiresome. You can dump your coins into a ton of weaker summons, but you’re probably best to wait until you can afford a shot at the best ones. Progress is slow and tedious, battle strategies don’t change a whole lot over time, and the story feels like a bunch of weak connecting tissue to provide some kind of context for rolling the same situations over and over again. I liked this game in the moment, but the longer I played it, the less I wanted to.

Mirror Land is better than I was expecting given this developer’s track record, and it can be quite enjoyable at times. But for a game that doesn’t try to extract any additional money from the player beyond the initial asking price, it sure feels structured like a game that does. The stop-and-start pacing and tremendous amounts of repetitive grinding required detract greatly from a game that could otherwise be pretty solid. There’s a decent game here, and it’s really only in the incidentals that it doesn’t shake out to be more than that.


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‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Invites Now Being Sent, Version 3.3 Patch Available Now

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Check your inboxes: the first wave of invites for Fortnite [] on iOS are now going out. Not everyone is going to get in with the initial batch of invites, but Epic promises that more players will get in with the coming days and weeks. Also, if you have a friend that gets acess to the game, they can offer you a code to sign up for the preview event yourself. And there is the cross-platform multiplayer, so if you have the game on PS4, Xbox One, or desktop, you can play with someone who has the mobile version Fortnite is available on the App Store, but for now your Epic Games account must have access to the game in order to play.

It appears that the 3.3 patch, out today, was required before Fortnite‘s mobile invites could start to go out. Epic promised that the mobile Fortnite will feature the same weekly updates as every other version of the game, so while the mobile version will get its own optimizations and performance tweaks, they’ll not miss out on any of the content that everyone else gets. And Epic updates Fortnite on a weekly basis, so there is a lot to keep up with!

Fortnite version 3.3 adds in Remote Explosives, which you can use to detonate opponent’s fortresses in quick fashion. The Supply Llama will appear in unexpected places and provide some sweet loot, but only three will appear per match. They contain 500 wood, stone, and metal; 10 stacks of each ammo type; three traps and consumables. Epic has vaulted the smoke grenade in this update. Version 3.3 also includes Blitz mode, which will enable on March 19th. The storm times are shorter, and the maximum match length is 15 minutes, with changed loot availability.

Check out the full patch notes at Epic’s site. And if you have your invite, get downloading and get playing, let us know what you think!


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‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Initial Impressions: I Can’t Believe How Well This Plays

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We were blown away earlier this month when Epic Games announced that Fortnite: Battle Royale would be coming soon to iOS. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week and a half, Fortnite has been busy overtaking Minecraft and PUBG in popularity while breaking Twitch stream records. A few of us over at TouchArcade were in the first wave of invites went out earlier today to check out the iOS version. I’ve been playing Fortnite: Battle Royale for a few hours now and it simply blows my mind how well it works in the mobile arena.

I’ll save the long diatribe for how games like Battle Royale and PUBG operate, but to put it simply, you enter a game with 99 other people in a last man standing arena style combat. Along the way, you’ll find weapons and ammo to attack and defend yourself, and accumulate resources to build your way to hopeful victory. Fortnite has been steadily rising in popularity primarily due to how well Epic Games has improved on this formula.

What everyone wants to know at this point is how well Fortnite: Battle Royale plays on iOS. Well, at least on my iPhone X, I can safely say that I’m blown away with just how amazing it plays. Battle Royale’s colorful visuals are well represented in this mobile port and the game runs at a pretty smooth framerate with some occasional popup. The touchscreen controls do take some time to get used to, but the game’s strafe and aim assist do a decent job of compensating for the understandably lost of precision. The same goes for build mode, where the game’s intelligent placement system works well enough in letting me quickly build structures on the fly. Cool control options such as double tapping to lock in running and multiple fire options also do a great job of transitioning to touch screen controls. In fact, my biggest issue with the controls probably has to do with switching between weapons, as having to tap between each one on a small screen takes some practice to be precise.

So, Fortnite: Battle Royale easily passes the visual, framerate, and control tests in my book. But, most importantly, is it still as fun on mobile as it is on other platforms? I’d say the answer to that is a resounding yes. The general length of games are perfectly acceptable for holding a mobile device (although expect some heavy battery drain) and the game’s myriad of cosmetic unlocks combined with the gameplay itself lends the title to an insane amount of replayability.

I plan on continuing my adventures in Battle Royale indefinitely, but there are a few things to keep in mind. My awesome experience was on an iPhone X, so these impressions don’t cover other versions of iPhone or the iPad or controller experience (which I imagine would be quite a bit different from a control standpoint). Also, I haven’t had a chance to play a cross-platform game, which may change the general difficulty depending on your opponents. Even still, based on what I’ve seen and played so far, this is going to be the game to play for quite some time. If you’re interested in checking the game out ahead of its release, be sure to register for a chance to get an invite.


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SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Clustertruck’, ‘Hex Gambit’, ‘The Long Reach’, and More

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Welcome to the March 15th SwitchArcade Roundup, where we are covering the latest Switch news and releases! A busy day with nine releases, yet it’s tough not to look over the shoulder and see iOS players starting to enjoy Fortnite. It plays surprisingly well even on older mobile hardware, so a Switch version seems absolutely imminent, right? With controllers and Nintendo’s openness toward cross-platform play, it sure feels like this game is coming soon, it absolutely has to be. Battle royale needs a home on the Switch, and why not have it be the most popular battle royale game going right now? Oh well, until then we’ll have to entertain ourselves with this massive other cavalcade of games.


Hex Gambit new trailer, comes to Switch later this year

One Man Left has a new hex grid strategy game in the works called Hex Gambit. It’s in the works right now for Steam and Switch, and it will hit Early Access on Switch in April. To commemorate the occasion, One Man Left has a new trailer. Check out all the bop-based transportation you’ll do in this one! Matches are designed to take 15 minutes tops, and there’s both 1v1 and 2v2 play in a system that features both asynchronous and real-time play, with a natural transition when players drop out. Looks like another potential winner from One Man Left, and here’s hoping that we see the Tilt to Live games on Switch someday. Or perhaps a second life for Outwitters?

Runner3 Switch release date and physical release revealed.

Choice Provisions’ latest Runner game, initially part of the Bit.Trip series, has a release date: May 22nd. Their auto-running platformer starring Commander Video will feature new abilities, new alternate-path levels, and plenty more quick-reflex challenges to tackle. The physical release will include an instruction manual (a rarity these days with physical releases!), a light-up PVC character strip, and a 3″ CD with a sampling of the game’s music.

Fangamer has a vertical grip for the Switch in the works.

When I wrote about Danmaku Unlimited 3 the other day, I lamented that there wasn’t a great way to play handheld games in portrait mode, perfect for shoot ’em ups and other arcade titles that support rotating the screen. It appears this void in the Switch’s accessory lineup might be filled, with Fangamer partnering with game journalist Jeremy Parish for this grip project. If this covers the vent, then it might prove to be problematic, as that is quite necessary to keep the system’s innards from melting. That would be bad, but I’m pretty sure this has been taken into consideration.

New Releases

Sparkle 3: Genesis

Forever entertainment’s Sparkle series of games comes to the Switch. You control a strange, sea-creature-esque organism, and make your way through 12 surreal levels in a dreamlike atmosphere, controlling and evolving your creature the way you want by consuming elements throughout the digital ocean. Sparkle 3 Genesis feels like the perfect kind of title to rejuvenate itself with a new audience on the Switch, or even just with a group of players that maybe missed it the first time around.


tinyBuild’s latest Switch port has you trying to drive trucks through chaotic tracks. The floor is lava, the trucks go fast, and eventually lasers get involved. Thankfully, you’ll have a grappling hook, a truck cannon, and time control abilities to help you through this trucky situation. This is the kind of game that will give your screen recording function a workout, as you will constantly find new and ever more hilarious ways to watch your trucks crash and explode through the game.

WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom

This is the paid Switch port of the free-to-play iOS/Android game of the same name. You immigrate to a faraway kingdom, and enjoy a new life, possibly finding love and forming a party of heroes to fight monsters. You know, the typical immigrant experience. There are still a few cosmetic in-app purchases for this one, but otherwise, this is essentially what happens if a free-to-play game gets converted into a paid one. This likely is more for Asian markets than western ones, but perhaps there’s an appeal here for people who might have avoided a free-to-play, online only title on mobile like this, that would love it on their Switch.

Bingo for Nintendo Switch

Exactly what it says on the tin. Play in four different types of Bingo with up to four people at once. Hey, this might not be for the gaming enthusiasts who pick up a bunch of the retro shoot ’em ups, but the Switch is for everyone. There’s surely an audience for a simple party game like this, and it only costs $ 4.99, and looks like it has some decent production values to it.

Enchanting Mahjong Match

Another simple title, albeit one for those looking for ladies named after Chinese constellations. If you want to unlock these artworks, you’ll have to play through 140 levels of increasingly difficult Mahjong. puzzles. Probably not for the grandparents, unless they’re really cool.

Aero Fighters 3

HAMSTER announced the other day that they were working on bringing other Video System titles to modern consoles, and the Neo Geo title Aero Fighters 3 is now out on the eShop. This shoot ’em up gets a little weird, as enemies vary from standard military hardware to giant sea creatures. Oh, and the playable characters include two animals. There are branching paths and multiple endings for the intrepid player to discover. An intriguing choice for the discerning shoot ’em up fan.

The Long Reach

This pixel-art thriller makes its debut on the Switch. The Ukrainian developer Painted Black Games puts players into modern-day New Hampshire, as the protagonist Calvin explores a strange facility and discovers what’s happening just around the corner from where he lives. Or, don’t: players don’t have to discover everything happening in this game, and features plenty of deception and trickery to screw with players. Sounds like an interesting experience if you’re up for a game that claims inspiration from The Cave and Lone Survivor.

Keep an eye out every weekday for more SwitchArcade Roundups! We want to hear your feedback on Nintendo Switch coverage on TouchArcade. Comment below or tweet us with your thoughts!


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‘The Blockheads’ 1.7 Update Adds Expert Mode and New Features – Check Out the Full Patch Notes

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Majic Jungle’s The Blockheads [Free] is still kicking five years after release, and update 1.7, out now, is a dramatic new update. The biggest feature? Pets! You can now tame creatures, including sharks and dodos, and breed unicorns that fly through the sky with rainbow sparkles. Seriously. Dodos can even lay special eggs that help provide special resources.

If you’ve played the heck out of The Blockheads and want a fresh new start, there’s a new expert mode to play. This has a redesigned tech tree that gives players a different but apparent progression through the game, with some other tweaks to make the game more difficult. This mode is available in cooperative play, and you’ll need the help!

New customization options are available after you craft a mirror, and there’s new faces, colors, and hairstyles available. Trade portals got a bit of a nerf, with a greater difference between the buy and sell price for items, and you can only buy items you have already discovered. Custom rules worlds can play with the old rules if the want. Also, job listings are now available at trade portals, so you can send your other Blockheads off-world to complete tasks for you.

Check out the full patch notes for all the changes:

– Added mob taming, by feeding a given mob the correct food/item
– Added dodo breeding, resource eggs , egg extractor
– Added donkey breeding, rainbow cake.
– Added mirror to customize blockhead appearance
– Added new blockhead skins
– You can now rename blockheads
– Added gates
– Added cages
– Added wheat, flour, yeast, dough, bread, flatbread
– Added tomatoes
– Added pizza oven and pizza
– Added yaks, yak horns, razors, yak shavings, milk, mozzarella
– Added plaster block and luminous plaster block
– Added gem blocks, craftable at a press
– Adds D-pad for direct control of blockheads, and as an alternative to tilt control for boats/handcars/donkeys etc.
– Added job listings at trade portals
– Added new custom rules for teleportation, meditation, pole item degrading/respawning, blockhead death drops, trade portal buy/sell tax, and whether you need to discover items before you can buy them at trade portals
– There is now wind, which affects clouds, rain, and some particles, blows fruit off trees, and lowers blockhead happiness due to exposure
– New HD clouds
– The time required to craft is now shown both before and during crafting
– You can now change the area covered by ownership signs
– Added /clear command to clear the chat
– Expert mode added, see below

– New font
– New look buttons
– Baby dodos!
– Pole items now slowly degenerate over time like other clothing, and respawn at the poles 40 days after removal. This is configurable in custom rules.
– The time crystal item has been mostly removed, should be impossible to do anything useful with any that remain
– Coffee cherries now give a 10 second extra speed bonus- All food now gives a small energy boost
– Energy now goes down a little faster to compensate
– Foods now replenish half as much food and health
– Sleep now also replenishes health slowly
– Plant harvesting has been changed so you always harvest the entire plant no matter which part of it you tap. (excludes vines and kelp)
– Plants no longer give a correct tool bonus when harvested by digging the block below with a spade
– Plant item drop counts have changed
– Sunflowers now emit light
– Time crystal and gold ore and gold blocks now have a larger light radius, which matches the gem block light radius.
– Boat moved to woodwork bench
– String moved to weave workbench
– After a rewarded video is watched, you need to wait 10 minutes before another will become available
– Fur is now a little harder to come by from drop bears
– Game Center multiplayer is no longer supported
– ‘Share a link’ crystal reward has been removed
– All tools and weapons now lose durability 4x faster per strike if they are used as a weapon
– The way animals spawn, feed and breed has totally changed, with longer lifetimes and different spawn rates
– Trees above 3 blocks tall will now always give at least one fruit per season
– Dodo feather drop on death is now 50% chance instead of 1 + 50%.
– Fruit now falls off the trees at the end of the fruiting season, and stays on the ground for one day.
– Tool decay custom rules are now 2x and 1/2x, not 4x and 1/4x
– Water is no longer removed when capturing a fish or shark in a bucket
– Dodos and donkeys now eat food lying around on the ground
– When a mob or kelp is frozen in ice, it will no longer die, but will be preserved in its current state until it thaws and comes to life again
– Drops from plants no longer make a sound unless they are being harvested by a blockhead
– New sword sound
– HD textures are now free, and are the default
– Trade portals now have a far greater tax between buying and selling, 0.5x the base price when selling, 2x the base price when buying. This is configurable in custom rules.
– Trade portals now require that you have picked up each item before you are able to buy/sell it in each world, however all items < 1.7 are unlocked in worlds you have already played in with 1.6. This is also configurable in custom rules.
– Happiness no longer influences craft speed
– Renamed ‘vanilla’ or ‘normal’ to ‘survival’ when used in text as a comparison to custom rules
– Diamonds and diamond colored things now are a whiter color
– Gems now emit a longer reaching light
– Donkeys now suffer fall damage, can die from high falls
– Scorpions now have babies even if there is a back wall
– All mobs except cave trolls now take damage from high temperatures
– New UI for selecting sun color
– If you tap while riding something, you now see a button to ‘STOP RIDING’ instead of immediately jumping off
– If the custom rules setting for world modification is set to disallowed or admin only, ownership signs can now be used to allow certain players to modify restricted areas
– If you don’t have permission to remove/modify a sign, you now can’t mine/modify the block behind it
– Chat notifications are suppressed if the UI to mute another player is visible

– Expert Mode:

Adjustable with custom rules:
– Teleportation requires diamond portal
– Tools are used up at half the rate, as long as they are not used in an attack
– Hunger rate doubled
– Doubles damage received when harmed in any way
– All items dropped when you die
– Cannot meditate

Not adjustable with custom rules:
– Totally new progression through workbenches with new crafting recipes for most items
– Cannot get a workbench using time crystals, it must be crafted at a portal
– Trade portal crafting requires diamond portal
– In order to use any workbench/crafting block other than the spawn portal, you must be the one who placed it
– Number of time crystal blocks has been doubled
– Ore bonus with correct tool reduced from 3x to 2x
– Plant drops are lower, and more related to current tool and whether it’s currently flowering. It’s possible to get no seed drop.
– Trees and branches don’t drop anything extra when they fall as the result of another block being removed, the only drops come from the single block which was chopped
– Dead trees don’t leave any drops
– Less leather & fur drops from dropbears and donkeys
– Less fruit grows on trees
– Fewer treasure chests, and only in caves, not under beaches
– Energy given by coffee and other food items halved
– Low happiness gives a greater penalty to mine speed
– Pole items have reduced effects
– Health increase while sleeping is half that of normal mode

The Blockheads update 1.7 is out now.


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The best games that came out for iPhone and iPad this week – March 15th

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Death Coming best games of the week

It’s not been the best week for games on the App Store. There are a few decent ones here and there, but nothing that’s really going to make you throw down what you’re doing and run to the nearest WiFi hotspot in order to download it. That’s not to say everything is terrible, but there are plenty of just good games out this week.

[Read more]
148Apps » iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod touch App Reviews and News (RSS Feed) | 148Apps

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‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ is Coming to Mobile, Beta Signups Available Now

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Welcome to the age of big games coming to mobile in unabridged format: ARL: Survival Evolved is coming to iOS and Android, with an iOS beta opening today. The plan for the mobile version is to contain the full online experience as the PC version of ARK, with a full 50-person multiplayer environment with the ability to join tribes to share resources, XP, and spawn points; there is also an offline singleplayer mode available.

ARK: Survival Evolved drops players on a mysterious island that’s full of dinosaurs. Players will try to survive the ARK, an island with over 80 species of dinosaur, by crafting the tools they need to survive. It’s possible to build structures as well, including entire cities! You’ll find blueprints and notes that reveal the history of the ARK, and can explore its many different ecosystems. Also, you can ride a Pterodactyl.

ARK: Survival Evolved is tremendously popular on console and PC, and this mobile adaptation promises to introduce mobile players to the series as well. The only compromises from the first media releaed appear to be some visual fidelity, as the game needs to run on a variety of hardware that might be powerful, but is optimized for battery life rather than performance. Still, ARK: Survival Evolved is looking quite good, and like it could faithfully represent the dinosaur survival experience on the go.

And much like the Fortnite announcement for mobile, this is showing the capability of mobile platforms. Players are mature enough to handle complicated virtual touch controls now (though I’m hoping for controller support), and if the games can work on mobile hardware, and prove to be financially viable…why not? In the same way that dinosaurs and humans meet in ARK: Survival Evolved, so too are the barriers breaking between disparate platforms.

If you’re intrigued by ARK: Survival Evolved on mobile, you can sign up for the beta today at this link, with a spring release planned for the game on iOS and Android.


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‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Has a New Fishing Event Running Right Now

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I’ve been a little grumbly at times about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Free], I’ll admit. Perhaps I’ve just been frustrated that what seemed like a slam-dunk franchise for a mobile game seemed to almost completely miss the point. But I also haven’t exactly been quiet about my main gripe with the game, which comes down to just how little there is to do in it. Even the events have mostly had you doing the same old things and getting rewards. The gardening event was neat the first time, but now that we’ve had a few, it’s getting a little boring. Well, the latest update to the game hit yesterday, and it seems to have brought a new type of event with it: a fishing tournament.

Sort of, anyway. Unlike in the mainline Animal Crossing games, you’re not actually competing with anyone here. Instead, the goal is to catch as many special tournament fish as possible. The total quantity of the fish you deliver is calculated when you hand your latest catch in, and you’ll be rewarded with prizes at various intervals. One interesting note is that we can see a new type of monetization with this event. The host of the event, Chip, will rent you his special golden fishing rod, which allows you to catch twice as many fish each time. The cost? 80 Leaf Tickets. Well, it’s something to do with Leaf Tickets, I suppose. It’s too early to tell how the event is balanced, but it may be the case that you’ll need that rod to get every prize.

Also interesting is that this event is overlapping the month-long event being run in celebration of MAR10 Day. We’re still in the first part of that event, which has players collecting Super Mushrooms to craft special Mario-related items. The Super Mushrooms aren’t quite as easy to come by as the special items in previous events, but the pace is slow enough that most players should be able to get the things they want without too much trouble. The trick will be in balancing the two on-going events, I suppose.

This all follows on the heels of the game’s latest update, which added a few new features. First of all, fish and insects you catch will now have a size attached to them, and your best catch of each type will be recorded. Gardening is easier than ever now as you can harvest, water, and plant in batches rather than the maddeningly slow one-at-a-time method from before. The update also fixed a few bugs and presumably laid the framework for the current event.

Only time will tell if Nintendo can get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the shape it needs to be in to last as a long-term app, but I will say that I’m at least a little interested in the new event. Perhaps once Nintendo has a good mix of activities to bounce between for events, it’ll be a little easier to keep players engaged.


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Best New iPhone Games: ‘Fighting Fantasy Legends’, ‘Death Coming’, ‘Lost in the Dungeon’ and Loads More

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As I mentioned earlier this morning, this week and the following week are the busiest time of our year with GDC. We’re putting this list together a bit earlier in the day than we usually do, so it’s possible there might be a few games we miss in this roundup. Keep your eyes on our forums for any big releases which will undoubtedly quickly bubble to the top!



iTunes Description

.projekt is a new minimalistic puzzle from creator of Evo Explores.

.projekt requires you to look at things differently. Playing .projekt is like taking a geometry lessons but in a fun and relaxing way.

Forum Thread: .projekt (by Kyrylo Kuzyk)


Casino Resort Slots & Poker

iTunes Description

Life is a gamble, so raise the stakes, take the leap, and roll the dice! Test your wits and fortune on a variety of casino games and build the BEST and BIGGEST resort empire that there is while you’re at it! Compete against players from around the world, and find out who’s the BRIGHTEST and the LUCKIEST!

Forum Thread: Casino Resort (by Animoca Brands)


Cat Tower – Idle RPG

iTunes Description

Collect best items and fight!!!

How far can you reach?

Forum Thread: Cat Tower – Idle RPG (by 111%)


Cobalt Dungeon

iTunes Description

Welcome to Cobalt Dungeon! This is a turn-based Puzzle Roguelike game, so you can play at whatever speed you’re most comfortable with. As you descend to each floor in the dungeon you will encounter harder and harder monsters to fight. Along the way you’ll find shops where you can save your progress and upgrade your character, bosses which you’ll need to defeat, and a whole lotta procedurally-generated levels to beat. Can you make it to the 21st floor?

Forum Thread: Cobalt Dungeon (by Thomas Hunter)


Death Coming

iTunes Description

You Died.
Pure and simple, but death was not the end. You have become an agent of Death: a Reaper. You have the powers of Death, but there are rules in this supernatural afterlife.

The Reaper ends lives, but it cannot control humans directly due to the Free Will Clause. As the Reaper, you must plan and execute your killings by using the environment to your advantage. In the meantime, be wary of Minions of Light, who will try to save humans from their grim fate!

Forum Thread: Death Coming (by Sixjoy)


Fighting Fantasy Classics

iTunes Description

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are epic text-based adventures! Originally published in the 80s, Fighting Fantasy Classics brings these old favourites into a digital format, complete with on-screen dice rolls, Adventure and Encounter Sheets, battle mechanics and more!

Forum Thread: Fighting Fantasy Classics (by Tin Man Games)



iTunes Description

Hopper is an immersive platformer that is free-to-play with minimal ads & IAPs. There are 40+ intricately designed levels across 4 unique worlds: Blockworld, Clocktower, Cloud Castle & Neon Techno. Each world has it’s own distinct style and challenges for you to crush. Shoot for high scores and collect plenty of coins & gems to unlock new balls .

Forum Thread: Hopper (by Sweet Gaming)


Idle Gangsters

iTunes Description

Rise through the ranks of the mafia in this fun, addictive idle incremental match-3 game.

Start out as a low life punk and work your way up through the mafia ranks to Godfather using every manner of lie, trick and scheme possible.

Forum Thread: Idle Gangsters (Mat Hopwood)


Keep Combo

iTunes Description

In the year of 2009, A Jump game let mobile phone casual games be popular. Ten yeas past, though hip an hop games seem to be out of date, I still have a fondness for hip and hop games. With this specil affection, I make a game, KEEP COMBO, to pay my respects to all casual games which had touched my heart, also to pay my respects to the palyers and gameplatforms at that time.

Forum Thread: Keep Combo (By cassplay)


Keep in Mind: Remastered

iTunes Description

Keep in Mind follows Jonas, a tormented alcoholic whose life is falling apart. One night, he awakens to a shadowy mirror world where beasts lurk and the stars don’t shine. Lost and scared, Jonas must face all those twisted beasts if he ever wishes to return home and learn the truth about his darkness.

Forum Thread: Keep in Mind: Remastered (by Akupara Games)


Lost in the Dungeon

iTunes Description

Lost in the Dungeon is a dungeon crawler based on a card system.

The goal of the player is surviving to a series of increasingly hard dungeons thus being rewarded with the loot they need to get stronger and stronger.

Forum Thread: Lost in the Dungeon (by Eggon srls)


Master of Eternity

iTunes Description

A galactic war fought by a colorful cast of Pixies, Master of Eternity!

Enlist now to launch into a universe full of endless excitement!

Engaging narrative that explores the backstory of every Pixie, mechanics, equipment and suits that grow more powerful and complex as you progress, and SRPG combat that’s as simple to learn as it is hard to master!

Forum Thread: Master of Eternity (by NEXON)


Meteor 60 Seconds!

iTunes Description

Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action game that simulates your life if there were a meteor heading towards Earth and you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to do with your last 60 seconds, even if it’s illegal! What about planting an apple tree?

Forum Thread: Meteor 60 Seconds! (by Avocavo)


Monster Chef

iTunes Description

At first look, the world you see may seem to be nothing out of the ordinary. Look beneath the surface however, and you’ll find an unimaginable place filled with strange, dangerous, and delicious creatures.

The Society of Dark Cuisine is an ancient and mysterious organization comprised of brave adventurers willing to explore the unexplored and to taste the untasted. With the help of the mystical Sootsoot, they seek out and capture strange monsters in order to farm their divine ingredients.

Forum Thread: Monster Chef (by Coconut Island Games Limited)


Mowy Lawn

iTunes Description

The oh-so-satisfying Mowing game that you just can’t put down!

Welcome to lawnmower heaven – a Garden of Eden where lucky blade-spinners are set free on fields of glorious bushy overgrowth.

Forum Thread: Mowy Lawn (by PlayStack)


My Tamagotchi Forever

iTunes Description

Raise your very own Tamagotchi characters, and share your adventures with your friends! Your Tamagotchi character needs your daily care to stay healthy and happy. Keep it well fed, washed, and entertained, then meet other Tamagotchi friends in town for more fun. But don’t forget to put your character to bed!

Explore Tamatown in full AR (Augmented Reality), find your hidden friends and collect treasure and bonuses in the first ever AR-enabled Tamagotchi game!

Forum Thread: My Tamagotchi Forever (by BANDAI NAMCO)


Mystery Dungeon: Roguelike RPG

iTunes Description

This is a Roguelike adventure role-playing game which features classic Roguelike elements such as dungeon, questing, building and mining.

Forum Thread: Mystery Dungeon: Roguelike RPG (by ColorfulApp)


Pixel Plex

iTunes Description

In Pixel Plex you are in charge of building your Plex however you want!
Invite your friends to join your city, trade resources, and work together to build HUGE
CITY-WIDE projects.

Forum Thread: Pixel Plex (by Toast Mobile)


Rooms of Doom

iTunes Description

So you wanna be a hero, save your beloved and do all those zany and crazy things that hero’s do?
Welcome to the rooms of doom a collection of 80+ rooms designed for your doom, actually that’s not quite true;
Yes there are rooms in which your death is most likely unavoidable there are many rooms designed for some seriously fun platforming and puzzling action.

Forum Thread: Rooms of Doom (by Terry Gill)


Royal Blade

iTunes Description

Everything’s falling down!

How long can you last?

Forum Thread: Royal Blade (by 111%)


Runestone Keeper Final

iTunes Description

Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike to roguelite dungeon crawler that blends classic role playing elements and turn-based combat strategy.
Dive into the dungeon roguelite-ness and begin your very own epic adventure! Grab your rucksack, sharpen those dusty swords, step into the dark chamber and fight for glory!

Forum Thread: Runestone Keeper Final (by Cimu Co. Ltd.)



iTunes Description

JUMP in to the action and EXPLORE mysterious lands in search of TREASURES. Avoid the DANGER, RUN through various locations. JUNGLES, TEMPLES, CASTLES and many other places loaded with deadly traps and hordes of enemies. Use your reflexes to jump over hot lava, or rope swing over piranha pools escape the deadly skeletons and hungry wolves.

Runventure is unique, beautifully designed mobile platformer. The first mobile platformer fully controlled with just one finger – thanks to completely new run-jumping-bar control! Build the team of experienced exploreres, level them up, complete challenges and unlock precious treasures. Now it’s time for adventure, it’s time for Runventure!

Forum Thread: Runventure (by DIGITAL MELODY)



iTunes Description

Schemata is a fast-paced puzzle game based on digital logic diagrams. Race through logic circuits while organically learning how they work. The game is free with ads and has a $ 2 option to disable them. No other micro-transactions are in the game.

Forum Thread: Schemata (by Friendly Fish Games)


Seascapes : Trito’s Adventure

iTunes Description

Make a journey to legendary Greece where Gods and Heroes reign! And help Trito, son of Poseidon, to save his family and the entire underwater kingdom from the intrigues of sly Sea Witch. Wicked sorceress has charmed the Sea God, broke his trident and scattered its fragments across the ocean!

Forum Thread: Seascapes : Trito’s Adventure (by FredBear Games)


Siege of Dragonspear

iTunes Description

Experience the Siege of Dragonspear, an epic Baldur’s Gate tale, filled with with intrigue, magic, and monsters. Lead your party of heroes into deep dungeons filled with tactical battles and magical traps in this 30-hour Dungeons & Dragons adventure that expands the Baldur’s Gate saga.

Shortly after the conclusion of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, we return to the Forgotten Realms caught in a time of strife. A crusade marches from the north, seizing supplies, forcing locals into military service, and disrupting trade along the Sword Coast. A charismatic warrior known as the Shining Lady leads this army, her background shrouded in mystery.

Forum Thread: Siege of Dragonspear (by Overhaul Games)


Sushi Tycoon – Idle Game

iTunes Description

Kanpai! Welcome, sushi lovers all over the world, to Sushi Tycoon Clicker! World’s best sushi simulator!

Have you always dreamed of owning a Sushi Restaurant with Michelin 3-star or 5-star? Dreamed about being a sushi chef or a sushi master? Forming your own sushi restaurant chain all over the world in New York, Paris, London and more?

Forum Thread: Sushi Tycoon – Idle Game (by Family Play Pte Ltd)


Teenage Crush Love Story Games

iTunes Description

Hello, teenagers! Are you ready for an awesome love story adventure? Are you looking for high school games with high school love storyline? Are you willing to help an attractive heroine win the heart of the boy she likes? Download the brand new game Teenage Crush Love Story Games and create your own love story with the most attractive characters, excellent visuals, and tricky choices. This interactive story presents you with a deciding choice – once you choose your own path, there’s no turning back!

Forum Thread: Teenage Crush Love Story Games (by Midva Games)


To The UltraViolet

iTunes Description

You’re Ultra, a little violet square lost in all the colors.
Your goal is to reach the UltraViolet color by passing through 70 unique levels, in one go.

Be careful of the nine dangerous enemy types along the way, each offering a unique challenge!

Forum Thread: To The UltraViolet (by Bryan Schuller)



iTunes Description

Twos is a puzzle and strategy game requiring quick thinking and efficient use of powerups to keep your board clear and generate higher matches and swipes.

The goal is to match and swipe your way to the Ultimate Goal. A three way swipe involving the highest number in the game. Can you manage to swipe three 2048 tiles? And if you manage it, can you do it quicker and in less moves then anyone else?

Forum Thread: Twos! (by Slyddar Studios)


Wiggle Whale

iTunes Description

A simple, but addictive shooting game: Wiggle Whale! Destroy pirates to gear up. Stack more items and become the ultimate whale. Show who’s boss. Rule the ocean!

Something Cool
◆ Collect items to shoot new patterns
◆ Meet ocean friends that will help you
◆ Collect over 20 unique whales (and others)
◆ Mix ’n Match skins to create your own whale(?)
◆ Rank your score on leaderboard

Forum Thread: Wiggle Whale (by 111%)


Wizards of Brandel

iTunes Description

You wake up and notice… that your house is gone!

The young wizard Darius loses his house after he fails to make a loan repayment, and ends up living for free in the house of a wanted sorcerer!

He meets a female swordsman who has absolutely no sense of direction, and a young demon girl who shrivels up immediately if she doesn’t drink enough water. Fate decrees that they end up traveling together.

Where will the quarrels over differing principles lead to?

Forum Thread: Wizards of Brandel (by KEMCO/EXE-Create)


2 Knights

iTunes Description

Tap to jump and stay alive as long as possible !

Forum Thread: 2 Knights (by Laurent Bakowski)

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‘Fortnite’ Developers Discuss the Design of ‘Battle Royale’

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

While the world still waits to play Fortnite on mobile, Epic Games is going around talking about how they made the Battle Royale mode work on top of the existing Save the World architecture. In case you don’t know, Fortnite initially started out as a cooperative PvE game with building elements, where players worked together to fight off the Storm and zombie hordes. However, the company wound up adding in a Battle Royale mode, and it quickly became one of the most popular games on the planet. Epic’s Eric Williamson says:

We wanted to create Battle Royale in a relatively quick timeframe. One of the things that we intentionally said upfront was that no one’s on the team’s allowed to say “what if”.

What we meant by that was that because our timeline was so short, and we wanted to create a playable version immediately, it wasn’t “hey we could do all these crazy things” it was “what can we do, and how can we get it done as quickly as possible.” It wasn’t pie-in-the-sky land. Naturally, that meant that lots of ideas we had didn’t really get fully explored.

One of the reasons Fortnite has a better reputation than PUBG at this point is because the game feels like a better-designed product at this point, with fewer bugs and issues than that title. The Save the World base is noted as an important starting point, but the studio was compelled to make some design changes compared to Save the World, such as including a more naturallly-flowing terrain.

The building is a standout aspect of Fortnite: Battle Royale, but it wasn’t clear how it would factor into the game. Williamson says

Very early on in our prototypes it was really a little unclear how players would use building. In our internal playtests, players felt initially like “why would I build a base if the storm’s going to close in and I can’t use it?”

Over time that’s evolved into “I can build cover very quickly,” or “I can build a base very quickly” and it’s considered a throwaway base—when you’re done with it you move on, you go to the next place.

Additionally, Fortnite has limited-time modes to add some unique experiences, similar to how Clash Royale [Free] has special challenges. Williamson says that “it helps keep things fresh” and that the 50v50 mode might return in some form in the future.

Check out the full interview over at Gamasutra. You can sign up for Fortnite: Battle Royale‘s iOS invite event, though we’re still waiting to hear when invites will go out.


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