Track Calories Using Your Voice with the Simple Evolve App

Let me start off by saying that this is not a perfect app, but I still think Evolve (Free) is worth your time. It’s an app that’s still building momentum, so it lacks some of the features I’ve come to take for granted in an app such as MyFitnessPal. But I’ve been using this app to track my calories for over a week, which is something I’ve never before been able to do every day. But Evolve’s minimalist user-interface makes a huge difference in the level of stress or discomfort I feel when tracking calories. Other apps have amazing features; but for me, it’s often too much. Evolve’s goal is to make tracking food the easiest and simplest it’s ever been. And at this, it succeeds. The clean, unobtrusive interface lends beautifully to this, and the streamlined design is mirrored in Evolve’s features. One of the app’s most promoted features is the ability to track what you’ve eaten with only your voice, which is meant to take only ten seconds (and sometimes does). I’m going to dive into the specifics of Evolve below; find out if it’s right for you.

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Evolve (Free)

What It Does

The Evolve app tracks calories (and macronutrients) and allows you to track your food intake with contextual phrases, such as “I ate a cup of quinoa, a sweet potato, and three cookies for lunch.” I’ve honestly been surprised at how often doing this worked perfectly. There are errors about every fourth entry (usually regarding the amount), but you can easily tap on an entry to edit its specifics. My hope is that this app will gain a larger following and, if needed, add a paid tier. Although the company has promised that calorie tracking will always be free in the app, perhaps it will add a fitness-tracking element as as part of a premium version; I would sign up.

Evolve has two main tabs: Journal and Me. The Journal is what I use daily. It has, simply, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack categories below the macronutrient breakdown (protein, carbs, and fats) as well as your daily caloric goal and a circle that shows the number of calories you’ve tracked for the day and visually shows what portion of your total goal you’ve eaten. At the very bottom, you can select Journal Settings to select a goal or create your own. You can also have different goals for different days of the week, which is something I haven’t seen before.

Why We Love It

I had an eating disorder for much of my young adult life. So for me, and I would imagine millions of other people, getting fit is complicated. It’s a balance of working toward health while trying to avoid triggers that might spin into old patterns of disordered eating. The abundant amount of information, details, and even sometimes grades on my eating that I see in other apps makes the whole process much more difficult for me; it can quickly start to feel like I’m not doing well enough even when I’m meeting all my goals. And that’s the core of why I love this app, Evolve, and why I’m bringing it to you in its imperfect state.

The main drawback of this app is its database of food, or lack thereof. Of course, the app has all of the basic whole foods; however, its database of packaged foods and all the brands that go along with it is severely lacking at this time. But I usually just create the food from the label; so it isn’t a big deal. But it is frustrating when you’re so used to the giant database that the most popular tracking apps have.

I wanted to give you a well-balanced review of this app. During my time using Evolve, I’ve really loved how consistently I’ve been able to track thanks to its simple design and features. The company released an update just recently, so I’m confident it will continue to grow and become even better. My hope is that it will continue along its current trajectory, and set itself apart as an app that makes tracking calories easier, both in action and emotional process.


Do you think this is an app you’d like to try? What other kinds of apps are you interested in? Let me know! I feature an app every week; I’d love to know what problems you need solved; I’ll see if I can find an app for that.


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Review: This Flexible Fabric Magically Protects Your Tech Gear

Some of the best gadgets at CES had no batteries, screens, or buttons. Case in point, the Easy Wrapper ($ 16.88 and up) from Japan Hobby Tool. At first glance, it looks like a regular cleaning chamois, but upon further inspection, it becomes clear the Easy Wrapper has a different purpose. 

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Easy Wrapper

the fabric attaches to itself, like Velcro, but without the abrasive hook and loop texture. That makes it ideal for wrapping and protecting not only photography equipment, but also gadgets of just about any size as it conforms to any shape. You have to see it to believe it, and still I’m not sure I believe it.

Easy Wrapper



  • Available in assorted colors and sizes
  • Flexibility and protection
  • Attaches like Velcro without the abrasion


  • Only sold in limited outlets

Final Verdict

The only thing wrong with the Easy Wrapper is that it’s sold in limited outlets (Amazon and B&H Photo) so most people won’t get a chance to see it in person to truly understand how it works. I’d love to see the Easy Wrapper in BestBuy and other retail outlets where people can touch them and see the value.

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How to Quickly Return to Main Home Screen on iPhone X

Apple confused quite a few people when it removed the Home button from the iPhone X. Now that we’re mostly used to using gestures, swipes, and the Home bar instead of relying on the Home button, it’s time to learn a few more easy iPhone X tricks for navigating quickly around our devices. One important one, especially for people with page after page of apps, is learning how to get back to the main Home screen on their iPhone X. The main Home screen on your iPhone X is often the screen that contains all the apps you use the most, which for me includes the Calendar app, the App Store app, the Photos app, you know—all the important apps I use all day! So let’s get started learning how to save time by returning to your primary Home screen on iPhone X with one easy gesture.

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How to Return to Main Home Screen on iPhone X With A Swipe

As we learned in a previous daily tip, you can exit out of any app on iPhone X by simply swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. But now what? Do you really have to swipe through all your app pages to get back to your main Home screen? Nope!

  • To exit any app, swipe up from the bottom of the page.
  • Now you’re back to the Home screen your app is located on.

iphone home screenopen home screen iphone x

  • To get back to your primary Home screen, swipe up one more time.

go to home screen iphone x

  • Here you are, back at your main Home screen!

go to the home screen iphone x

Top image credit: Karlis Dambrans /

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How & Where to Watch Jessica Jones Season 2 as Soon as It’s Available

Good news; season 2 of the popular Netflix series, Jessica Jones, will be released on March 8. Jessica Jones is an exclusive Netflix offering produced by Marvel Television and ABC Studios and is part of Marvel’s The Defenders series on Netflix featuring Luke Cage, Daredevil, and the Iron Fist. Jessica Jones offers action and intrigue as well as drama, and is a stellar addition to the Marvel Universe. Season one of Jessica Jones is thirteen episodes long, and we can look forward to thirteen more episodes on March 8. Here’s how to stream Jessica Jones online through your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Apple TV as soon as those episodes drop!   

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How & Where to Watch Jessica Jones Season 2

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Jessica Jones?

Season one of Jessica Jones premiered on November 20, 2015, on Netflix; all thirteen episodes are available to stream now. As previously mentioned, Season Two of Jessica Jones will make its debut on March 8. 

superhero shows netflix

How to Watch Jessica Jones Season 2 Online

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to subscribe to Netflix. (Sign up for Netflix and get your first month free. Plans start at $ 7.99 per month.) Once you have a Netflix account, you’ll have several streaming options at your fingertips. Select your favorite internet browser on your computer or laptop and pull up Netflix. Or use the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad; it can be found in the App Store.

How to Watch Jessica Jones Season 2 on Apple TV

marvel comics tv shows

For Apple TV 2 or 3:

  • Make sure you’re on the Home screen.
  • From the main Apple TV menu, select Netflix.
  • Choose Already A Member.
  • Sign in as usual by entering your email address and password.

​For Apple TV 4 or 4k

  • First you’ll need to install the Netflix app if you haven’t already.
  • From the Home screen, tap on App Store.
  • In the App Store, search for Netflix, then tap Get to install.
  • Now the Netflix app should appear on your Home screen.
  • Tap on the Netflix app, then sign in to your account with your email address and password.
  • If you don’t have an account yet, you can select Start Your Free Month and create your account.

Now that you have a Netflix account and are signed in, you can use the search box to find and stream the first season episodes of Jessica Jones to get ready for the season two premiere.

Season two of Jessica Jones will be released as a batch, rather than episode by episode, so once it’s released viewers are free to watch as many or as few episodes as they like. Don’t binge too hard!

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Review: The Power of TouchID in a Padlock

Apple may be moving to facial recognition, but I still like Touch ID. And if you like fingerprint identification, and wish more devices in your life supported it, check out the Tapplock One ($ 99). I saw it at CES and had the opportunity to test it out. 

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The first thing you notice is how heavy duty, and heavy, the padlock is. It’s not cheap, but the company periodically has sales and offers volume discounts. You can also unlock it via Bluetooth and Morse Code, so friends and family members could use it even without registering their fingerprints, although each lock can support up to 500 fingerprints. The battery should last one year and it recharges in two hours using Tapplock’s own proprietary cable. I’ve seen other locks that use a 9-volt battery as a backup power source, so that would have been nice in an emergency.


  • Fingerprint reader for a padlock
  • Heavy duty and water resistant
  • Free companion app
  • Volume discounts
  • Bluetooth and Morse Code unlocking options


  • Proprietary charging cable
  • Heavy

Final Verdict

The Tapplock One delivers the power of Touch ID in a padlock form.


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