How to Check Apple Watch Battery Levels on iPhone

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If you’re an Apple Watch user you can check your battery level right on your Watch, but did you know you can also check the battery on your Apple Watch from the iPhone it’s paired to? This tip will come in especially handy during colder months when it might be easier to pull out your iPhone than to pull up the long sleeve covering your watch. If you’ve been wondering how to check the battery on an Apple Watch from your iPhone, read on to find out. 

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How to Check Battery on Apple Watch on iPhone

This tip only works if your iPhone is paired to the Apple Watch in question.

  • Swipe right on your Home or Lock screen to bring up the Today View of your notifications.
  • Scroll down the notifications until you see the heading Batteries—your Apple Watch battery life will be displayed there.

how to check battery on apple watchcheck apple watch battery

If you can’t find the Batteries notification on your Today View screen, that means you need to add the Battery widget. To do this:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your notifications and tap Edit.
  • This will take you to Add Widgets; from there, find Batteries and tap the green plus sign to the left.

how to check apple watch batterybattery widget iphone

Now you’ll be able to open the Today View on your iPhone and find out the charge of your Apple Watchw any time you need to!

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2018 Masters Golf Tournament: Live Stream All the Coverage on Apple TV

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Ah Spring, that promising time of year when a golf fan’s fancy turns towards Augusta, Georgia, and the Masters Tournament. Yes, it’s Masters week again at last and this year promises to keep us on the edge of our seats. To catch all the action, we’ll need to figure out how to stream the 2018 Masters Tournament on our Apple TVs. Broadcast rights for the tournament are split between CBS and ESPN, the Golf Channel and CBS Sports are offering previews and commentary, and DirecTV is offering a live broadcast from Amen Corner, as well as the 15th and 16th holes. With so many broadcasters offering so much Masters content, we have our work cut out for us to figure out which streaming providers and over-the-air antenna will offer the best live coverage for free, or at the lowest price possible. Let’s get started learning how to live stream the 2018 Masters Tournament on Apple TV. 

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Masters Tournament Schedule 2018 

The Masters Tournament begins on Monday, April 2nd and includes three pre-tournament days, Monday through Wednesday. Thursday, April 5th begins Round 1, Friday Round 2, Saturday Round 3, and Sunday brings Round 4 and the conclusion of the tournament with the Green Jacket Ceremony. Have a look at the Masters Tournament Schedule to decide which events you’d really like to catch live. 

How to Stream the 2018 Masters Live on Your Apple TV without Cable

AirPlay the Masters Tournament App Live Broadcast to Your Apple TV

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPlay to Apple TV.

Cost: Free.

Pros: comprehensive coverage plus stats and analysis.

Con: Many users complain the Leaderboard is slow to update.

masters golf app 2018

There’s an app for just about everything these days, the Masters Tournament included. If you download the free Masters Tournament app to your Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to stream a live simulcast of broadcast coverage for Round 1, 2, 3, and 4! Now that’s just pretty darn cool. As well as free live coverage, the Masters Tournament app offers a Featured Group Channel that follows popular players, a My Moments channel that is personalized based on your favorite competitors, a picture-in-picture feature so you can browse the app without missing crucial shots, and much, much more. If you need a bit of help to AirPlay the Masters Tournament app to your Apple TV, follow this tip.

AirPlay the Masters Tournament Coverage from the Watch ESPN App 

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, AirPlay to Apple TV.

Cost: Free.

Pros: Comprehensive coverage plus stats and analysis.

Con: Many users complain about freezing and buffering.

watch the masters live

All of the ESPN Masters coverage is free to AirPlay and live stream to your Apple TV with the WatchESPN app. This means that you can get rounds one and two for free, plus commentary and stats. Yay! For some viewers, the WatchESPN app provides a smooth viewing experience, but others complain about glitchiness and buffering. Try the app out beforehand to make sure you don’t miss any of the Masters action.

Check With Your Cellphone Provider About ESPN Streaming

It’s worth checking in with your cellphone provider to see if it offers a package that streams ESPN to your iPhone, which you can then push to your Apple TV with AirPlay. AT&T has consolidated with DirecTV, so streaming from DirecTV Now (which includes ESPN) is included in your data plan. Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon also offer an ESPN package, and there are various add-ons available, such as T-Mobile’s Binge-On, which includes unlimited data overages for multiple popular networks including ESPN. If your cellphone provider offers an ESPN option, it’s an excellent complement to the Masters Tournament app and another free method for Masters Tournament streaming.

Watch the 2018 Masters Tournament on OTA TV

masters live ota

OTA stands for over the air, in other words, an antenna! Yes, it’s true, you can legally pick up locally broadcasted channels and stream them to your Apple TV with an antenna. While you might be envisioning the old-fashioned version that looks like a laundry rack attached to your roof, there are now lots of OTA options that stay right inside your house. Some can boost signals, as well, which is really helpful if you live in a rural area. There are lots of choices, so look into whether CBS is broadcast in your area, or could be picked up with an antenna that features signal boosting. If you can pick up CBS with your OTA antenna, you’ll be able to catch all of the Round 3 and Round 4 tournament coverage, including the Green Jacket Ceremony. Some OTA buying options include AirTVHD HomeRun, and Mohu, but there are lots more out there!

Stream the 2018 Masters with fuboTV

Compatibility: fourth-generation Apple TV.

Cost: $ 19.99 a month for the first two months, $ 44.99 a month after that.

Pros: Seven day free trial period with no commitment, then a two-month special reduced price. 

Con: Channel availability varies by region.

masters live stream

FuboTV is a TV-streaming service with a heavy focus on live sports. The basic package, fubo Premier, offers more than 70 channels of content and in my area includes CBS and CBS Sports. This is great if you only want to watch Round 3 and 4; but if you were hoping to catch all of the Masters Tournament on one streaming service, Fubo won’t work because it doesn’t include ESPN. 

For $ 8.99 more a month FuboTV will give you Sports Plus, 16 channels of sports content ranging from the mainstream to the extremely obscure, but even this extra doesn’t include ESPN.

To sign up for FuboTV and find the Apple TV app, click here.

Masters 2018 Streaming on DirecTV Now

Compatibility: fourth-generation Apple TV .

Cost: $ 35 per month.

Pros: First three months for $ 10 a month. Streaming included for AT+T Wireless Customers.
Cons: Some tournament access blocked for smartphones.

masters 2018

DirecTV Now is DirecTV’s streaming offering, and I was super excited to find that its lowest cost plan includes CBS and ESPN! Then I looked at the small print to the right of each channel and noticed small boxes indicating “Live,” “Vod” or both. Live is pretty obvious, live streaming is available, but “vod?” That stands for video on demand, and if only vod is offered, you won’t be able to live stream games from that network. Check with DirecTV Now to make sure that live, not vod, CBS is included in your area. If you decide to go with this option, here’s a tutorial on how to set up DirecTV Now on your Apple TV.

Stream Masters Live Coverage With Sling TV 

Compatibility: fourth-generation Apple TV.

Cost: Sling TV Orange Plan, $ 20 per month, Blue Plan, $ 25 per month, Orange and Blue, $ 40 per month.

Pros: Seven day free trial period with no commitment.

Con: Channel availability varies by region.

masters coverage

Sling TV is an a la carte, streaming tv service that allows viewers to pay far less than a cable subscription would cost. Customers can choose Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or both. As an added bonus, Sling offers a Cloud DVR option for $ 5 a month.  This way you can record the Masters Tournament rounds and watch them later if you have work or family plans to accommodate. Offerings vary from region to region; make sure ESPN is available in your area. Unfortunately, CBS is not available through Sling, so you’ll only be able to catch Round 1 and 2 with this service.

Here’s a step-by-step instructional to help you find and install the Sling TV app on your Apple TV. 

Stream the 2018 Masters Tournament on Apple TV with PlayStation Vue

Compatability: fourth-generation Apple TV running tvOS 10.0 and up.

Cost: Five-day free trial, then $ 39.99 per month.

Pros: Stream on up to five devices at once.

Cons: Some channels are restricted outside of your home network, not all games are available to view on your iPhone.

watch the masters

You don’t need a PlayStation to subscribe to PlayStation Vue, a live-streaming TV service that includes cloud DVR and the ability to stream on five devices at once. The least expensive package, Access, includes ESPN and rings in at $ 39.99 a month. In theory, CBS should be available if you live in the right service area since local broadcast channels are included—check with PlayStation Vue to be sure.

Click here to learn all about setting PlayStation Vue up on your Apple TV.

Watch the Masters Stream with Hulu Live on your Apple TV

Compatability: fourth-generation Apple TV.

Cost: seven-day free trial, then $ 39.99 a month.

Pros: Watch on two devices at once.

Cons: Beta version.

watch the masters

Hulu has make the jump and joins the live-streaming tv game with their Hulu Live offering, which includes access to the entire Hulu streaming library. If you live in the right area, $ 39.99 a month will get you ESPN, CBS, and even CBS Sports. The entire Masters Tournament, one live streaming service. A few cautions, though, Hulu warns right up front that this is a beta version and therefore subject to bugs and hiccups, so if you want to ensure the smoothest possible streaming of the Masters, this could be slightly risky. As well, Hulu customers have complained about commercials with adult themes before, during, and after family and sports content, so if you’re watching the tournament with kids, Hulu might not be the best choice for your family.

If you live in an area where Hulu Live provides ESPN, CBS, and CBS Sports, you can learn how to set it up on your Apple TV here


I hope that one of these options will help you live stream the Masters to your Apple TV. Enjoy the tournament!

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How to Keep Your HomePod from Messing Up Your Apple Music Recommendations

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One of the coolest features of Apple’s new HomePod is its ability to team up with your Apple Music subscription and act as a personal DJ, playing custom playlists based on your listening habits for you enjoy whenever you ask. Your HomePod’s mixology skills can get thrown off kilter, though, if family members or visitors are also asking Siri to play their favorite tunes. And this will also influence what Apple Music thinks you like and plays for you on your other Apple Devices as well. Fortunately, there’s a HomePod setting you can change to ensure that you won’t end up listening to a mish-mosh of all your friends’ and family members’ musical tastes. Let’s get started learning how to keep other HomePod users from influencing your “For You” Apple Music recommendations on your HomePod.

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How to Keep Your HomePod from Influencing What Apple Music Thinks You Like

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Under Favorite Accessories, 3D Touch the HomePod you want to adjust.

apple music home podhome pod music playlist

  • Tap Details.
  • Toggle off Use Listening History at the bottom of the screen.

apple homepod music settingshomepod music settings

edit apple homepod playlists

That’s it! Now your HomePod will play music based on your personal Apple Music favorites, rather than a mix of the music requested by every person who interacts with it.

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iCloud Backup Failed? Why iPhone Won’t Back Up & How to Fix It

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Backing up your iPhone or iPad regularly is an important part of keeping your data and settings secure. By regularly backing up your device, you’re assured that if your iPhone is damaged, you won’t lose your device settings, app data, messages, or photos and videos. There’s even a way to set your iPhone or iPad to automatically back up to iCloud, so you don’t have to think about the process anymore. That is unless you get an unwelcome message like this on your iPhone: “iPhone Backup Failed” or “The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed.” If your iCloud backup failed, there are several reasons why it might have happened. Let’s get started troubleshooting why your iPhone won’t back up to the cloud, then learn how to fix the issue so you can stop getting iCloud error messages, complete your backup, and save your data and settings.

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You’ve set your iPhone to automatically back up to the cloud every night, but suddenly you’ve received an error message, “your last backup couldn’t be completed” or “problem enabling iCloud Backup”; what gives? There are a few things that could have gone wrong, let’s go through the possible problems and solutions.

iCloud Backup Failed? Why iPhone Won’t Back Up & How to Fix It

First Steps to Take​​

Storage & Slow Backup Solutions

iCloud Backup Restart & Reset Solutions


Check Your iCloud Settings

Is it possible that your iCloud backup settings were accidentally changed? If so, your iPhone may display an error message indicating a problem enabling iCloud Backup. To remedy this:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on your name at the top of the page.

iphone won t backup to icloudwhy wont my iphone backup

  • Now tap on iCloud.
  • Scroll down and check to see if your iCloud Backup is toggled on.

backup to icloudicloud backup failed

  • If iCloud Backup isn’t on, tap it, then toggle on iCloud Backup.
  • Tap Back Up Now if you want an immediate backup.

icloud updateiphone backup failed

If Back Up Now is grayed out, it may indicate that there’s a network restriction. If you’re living on campus at college or leaving your work phone at the office overnight, check with the IT Department or system administrator to see if they’ve put restriction settings in place that make iCloud Backup unavailable. Another possible reason that Back Up Now may be grayed out is a problem with Wi-Fi connectivity; click here to troubleshoot that issue.

Check Your Power Source

Check the outlet your iPhone was charging from and make sure it’s working; your iPhone needs to be connected to a power source to complete the iCloud Backup process. Make sure the charging symbol is on when your device is plugged into the outlet or placed on your cordless charger. If the charging symbol isn’t on, test the outlet with another electronic device to see if the issue is the outlet. If the outlet works, test the charging cable on a different device to see if the cable is the problem. If the outlet and the charging cable are working, but your phone still isn’t showing the charging symbol, follow this link to troubleshoot your iPhone charging issue.

iphone backup failed

Check Your Wi-Fi Signal & Connection

If you’re getting a message that says your backup couldn’t be completed, the culprit is often your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi; the iCloud Backup process can’t work with just your cellular data connection. If your iPhone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, follow this tip to get it connected again. 

how to backup my iphone

If your iPhone still doesn’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, check and see if your other devices can; if they aren’t able to connect either, reset your router. If that fails, it’s time to call your internet service provider for help.

iPhone’s Screen Is Locked

In addition to requiring a Wi-Fi connection and a power source, your iPhone screen must be locked for your automatic iCloud Backup to proceed. If you have Auto-Lock turned off, you may be forgetting to turn off your screen (and lock it) at night. To check to see if Auto-Lock is enabled:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on Display & Brightness.

sign out of icloud on iphoneicloud backup messages

  • Now tap on Auto Lock.
  • If Never is checked, consider enabling your phone to auto-lock by selecting 5 minutes or a shorter time period. Or make a point of remembering to lock your screen when you go to charge your phone; your screen must be locked for an automatic iCloud Backup to proceed.

why wont my iphone backupbackup to icloud

Make Sure Apple’s iCloud Backup System Is Working

There is a possibility that you haven’t forgotten anything and that Apple’s iCloud Backup System is temporarily unavailable. To check this:

The Apple System Support page indicates whether iCloud Backup is available. If iCloud Backup is unavailable, check back later to see if iCloud Backup is available yet and try again.

icloud backup messages

Make Sure You Have Enough Space for Your iCloud Backup

iphone wont backup

One of the most common reasons for a failed iCloud backup is a lack of sufficient iCloud storage. Your iPhone won’t be able to automatically back up to the cloud if there isn’t enough storage space left for the entire backup. Everyone who signs up for an iCloud account receives 5 GB of free storage space, but that can get eaten up quickly. To check and see if storage is the problem:

  • Open your Settings app and tap on your name at the top of the page.
  • Tap on the iCloud option; this will take you to a page where you can view your iCloud storage at the top.

why wont my iphone backupcheck icloud storage iphone

If your storage is maxed out, read on to learn how to clear some space or buy more iCloud storage.

Change Your iCloud Storage Plan or Delete Storage Hogs

If your iPhone can’t back up to the cloud because your storage is too full, you can change your iCloud storage plan. You can also do things like deleting old backups to free up space or check these five storage hogs for ways to make room on your iPhone.

iCloud Backup Slower than Expected

Did your iCloud Backup fail, or is it just taking longer than you expected? If your iPhone displays a message that says, “your device is being restored,” this means the backup is incomplete, but still working to finish. Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network and power source and let the backup conclude. Your backup may be slower than usual if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t up to speed or you have a large amount of data and settings to save. Similarly, you may receive a notification that reads something like, “Restoring 700 of 1800 items.” This type of notification also indicates that the iCloud Backup is still in process; stay connected to Wi-Fi and power until it’s finished.

Grayed Out Apps?

One major culprit for a slow iCloud backup is apps getting hung up, indicated by a grayed-out app icon. If you suspect it’s an app that’s taking a long time to load that’s slowing or stopping your iCloud Backup, make sure that your iPhone is connected to a reliable, speedy Wi-Fi network. If your device is connected to Wi-Fi but the app is still causing a problem, tap the app to pause the backup, then tap it again to restart. If this doesn’t get your iCloud Backup moving, delete the app and then download it again.

iPhone Still Won’t Back Up to iCloud?

If you’ve followed the troubleshooting steps above and your iPhone is still giving you an error message, here are a few more solutions to try.

Hard Restart

If your iPhone still doesn’t back up to the cloud, try following this tip to reset it. If you have an iPhone X, you’ll need to follow this link instead.

Sign Out of Your iCloud Account, Then Sign Back In

If the Hard Restart didn’t work, you could try signing out, then back into your iCloud account.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords and tap it.

sign out of icloud on iphonesign out of icloud account

  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap Sign Out.

reset icloud account iphonehow to reset icloud account

Don’t worry about the warning before you sign out; when you sign back into your iCloud account all of your photos, documents, and data will be restored.

icloud backup not working

Reset All Settings

This process won’t erase any data; it will just reset your iPhone’s settings to the factory default. You may be dismayed, however, at how many settings you’ve customized and will need to reset to your liking after this process; you’ll have to customize your iPhone settings as though it was brand a new iPhone just out of the box.  

  • Open your Settings app and tap on General.
  • Scroll down to Reset and tap it.

the last backup could not be completedicloud backup failed

  • Tap on Reset All Settings.

why wont my iphone backup

I hope this troubleshooting guide has helped you complete an iCloud backup on your iPhone. If not, please contact Apple Support, and they should be able to assist you.

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How to Cancel a Payment in Apple Pay on Your iPhone

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Requesting and receiving money on your iPhone has been a possibility for a long time; apps like Facebook, Venmo, Paypal, and even Snapchat have all helped iPhone owners with these transactions. Apple’s latest iOS update has made things even more convenient; now you can quickly and securely request and receive payments right from the Messages app on your iPhone, as long as the person you’re exchanging money with also has Apple Pay. No need to exit a text thread and open an app anymore! But what if you make a payment to the wrong person, or what if your payment isn’t accepted? How do you go about canceling a payment you’ve made with Apple Pay Cash through your Messages app? Let’s get started figuring this out, so that you don’t have pending payments hanging out in your transaction history.

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If you’ve made a payment that hasn’t been accepted or sent money to the wrong person, don’t worry; it’s fixable! The easiest way to go about this is to go to the payment in question by finding it in your messages

  • Tap on the payment in your iMessage thread.
  • Tap on Cancel Payment.

how to cancel payment on iphonecash app pending payment


If you’ve deleted the message or can’t find it:

  • Tap Settings, then scroll down to Wallet & Apple Pay and tap it.
  • Tap on your Apple Pay Cash card.

apple wallet iphoneapple pay cash iphone

  • Tap on Transactions.
  • Tap the payment you want to cancel.

cancel an payment on iphoneapple wallet cancel payment

  • Tap Cancel Payment.

cancel apple cash payment

Once you cancel a payment, your card will be refunded within 24 hours by your bank. If the person has already accepted the payment, you won’t be able to cancel it. You can ask them to use Apple Cash via iMessage to send you a refund.  

Top image credit: happydancing /

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How to Organize, Manage & Delete Photos Like You’re Swiping on Tinder

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I have never used my Photos app to properly sort my pictures into albums, and I’m going to make an educated guess and say that this is true for most of us. We take a bunch of photos at an event or with friends, share the ones we love, and let the others take up space on our devices. When it comes time to find a photo, I’m always searching through the All Photos album, scanning for the one I need. But there is a better way! I found Slidebox because I was looking for an app that would let me easily create albums, sort photos into those albums, and delete the photos I don’t need to keep. To my absolute delight, Slidebox allows me to do this super easily by using swiping gestures to quickly sort through photos like you sort through potential connections on Tinder. Learn more on why I love this app and what it does below.

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Slidebox (Free)

What It Does

It takes two seconds to set up Slidebox and you’re ready to start using gestures and swipes to get organized. When you first set up the app, it will show you the basic instructions on the screen. I’ve listed the basic gestures in bullet points and added some extra info to each one below:

  • Swipe Left/Right to navigate.

If you don’t want to sort a photo into an album or delete it, you can simply swipe left to move on to the next photo. Or, you may want to look through multiple similar photos by swiping left and right before deciding which to keep.

  • Swipe up to Trash

When you swipe up and move a photo to trash, it isn’t automatically deleted. That means if you make a mistake, there is no need to panic. You can tap on the trash can in the upper right corner of the screen to either restore any photos you accidentally moved to trash or permanently delete the photos. When you permanently delete the photos, they will be removed from your Photos app (and therefore iCloud library) as well.

  • Tap Album to Sort

At the bottom of the Unsorted tab, you’ll see your albums. You can add new albums or add albums that already exist in your Photos app. Once you’ve added an album, it will appear at the bottom. That way, you can swipe through the albums and easily tap on one to add the current photo to that album.

  • Long Press to Share

If you want to share a photo that’s Unsorted in the Slidebox app, you can simply tap and hold it. The Share menu will pop up. From there, you can share it via messages, email, or social media. You can also copy, print, save to Files, turn it into an Apple Watch Face, and more.

  • Tap Photo to Zoom & More

Want to view a photo full screen? Quick tap the photo and it will zoom. You can also use two fingers to pinch to zoom in and out. When you tap on a photo and make it fullscreen, you’ll see a star at the bottom. Tap the star to add the photo to your Favorites. If the star is yellow, it’s in your Favorites. In which case, you would tap the star again to remove it from Favorites.

Why We Love It

Don’t worry if the information above feels like too much all at once. The app is really great about keeping the instructions super simple, and if you need a refresher at any time, tap the question mark in the upper left corner of the Unsorted tab in the app. Once you get the first three gestures down, you can manage, organize, and delete thousands of photos more quickly than ever before. It’s good to note that changes you make to your photos in this app will be mimicked in the Photos app; so if you create a new album and sort a hundred photos into it, you’ll see that album in the Photos app with all the photos you added.

We see gestures used in lots of apps, but I would argue that Slidebox makes the best use of them. I have 6000 photos to sort through but it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming task because of how easily I’m able to sort a photo into an album, delete it, or skip it. The app has four tabs for all of your photo management needs: Unsorted, Favorites, Timeline, and Albums. Unsorted is the page you’re on the most, because it’s where you swipe to organize. Favorites are the photos you’ve starred in the Slidebox app or loved (done by tapping the heart icon) in your Photos app. Timeline is all of your photos in chronological order, and Albums are all of the albums you’ve added to Slidebox, whether new or ones added from the Photos app.

Once you give Slidebox a try, you’ll never want to organize your photos any other way. The main features of the app are completely free. If you want to remove ads, organize videos, pin an album to the top, plus get access to all new features, a one-time purchase of $ 2.99 will give you premium status and help support the developers of such a useful app.

Do you have a favorite app you want me to feature? Email me at!

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The Best Efficiency, Productivity, & Work-Life Balance Apps for iPhone in 2018

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The Best Efficiency, Productivity, & Work-Life Balance Apps for iPhone in 2018

Welcome to our roundup of top productivity and efficiency apps for 2018. There are apps to help with workflow, writing, organization, communication, and even health and fitness for that all-important work-life balance. This year’s choices include Trello, Ulysses, TeamViewer, Fit Men Cook, Sleep Genius, and more. Read on to learn about all the top apps you should try in 2018. 

Trello (Free)

Millions of people use this project management app, and for good reason. Here’s how Trello works: You create boards for new projects, and within those boards create lists, which you can fill with cards that represent tasks or ideas. A popular way to use Trello is to create lists for each stage of a project, such as Incomplete, In Progress, and Done to easily see where you are at a glance. In a nutshell, Trello gives you the freedom to structure your workflow in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Unlike the rigid structure of most to-do apps, Trello can hold huge amounts of formatted text, checklists, and comment chains within cards. This level of detail within a simple framework makes Trello an invaluable tool. As you use Trello, you naturally create a log of past projects, which you can revisit when training a new team member. Delving into a project history and reading through comments is a great way for a new employee to learn the thinking behind a project and how it developed over time.

Ulysses ($ 4.99/month)

For all of your writing needs, Ulysses delivers. The app syncs your writing across all of your devices, so you have access to the content you need when and where you need it. The app is designed to be distraction-free, and the text is markup based, which means you can create content that’s fully formatted and ready to export for e-books, blogging, PDFs, and HTML. For those working on developing a consistent writing habit, set a word count goal in Ulysses and get in the flow. The app is free to download but requires a monthly or yearly subscription, which includes access to the app on all your devices.

Notes (Free)

Notes makes a great tool for keeping a daily work/life journal. Our CTO Raph prefers its simplicity and low barrier to entry so much that he uses it over all other habit tracking apps he’s tried. That’s saying a lot, considering the many great notetaking apps out there! To stay organized, Raph creates a new note each day and uses checklists for the tasks that he wants to remember. Notes makes a great scratchpad for things that come up during the day like shopping lists, quotes, or reflections from books or articles. Just remember to periodically sort through your notes, so you remember to follow up on some of those brilliant ideas you’ve had!

TextGrabber 6 ($ 0.99)

While you can now scan documents in the Notes app, you still can’t edit or search the resulting PDFs. With TextGrabber 6, you can just point your camera at handwritten or typed text, and the app will instantaneously create a document for you that is searchable, editable, and shareable. TextGrabber 6 recognizes 60 languages, and when you make an in-app purchase, it can translate the text into 100 different languages. This is a great app for students, travelers, and researchers.

TeamViewer (Free)

This remote access app is probably one of the most powerful free apps out there. With TeamViewer, you can manage your desktop computer or another smartphone right from your iPhone. All you have to do is install TeamViewer on both your computer and iPhone, and you’ll be able to control your computer remotely—simply by entering in a master password! You can transfer files between devices and even print documents, no problem. This is a great tool to expand your phone capabilities when working on the go, and is also a great way to help a co-worker or friend who’s experiencing technical difficulties.

Over (Free)

If you’re looking for a way to create marketing materials on your iPhone or iPad, Over is a great way to go. The app is easy to use and allows you to create professional-looking graphics so you can promote that event you’re hosting or product you’re launching. Once in the app, you can peruse the gallery of templates until you find a look you like. You’ll be able to use a graphic from Over or upload a photo from your gallery, and from there you can play with fonts, handwritten text, and icons to your heart’s content until you have a finished product you’re proud to share.

Appear.In (Free)

Video conferencing is a crucial feature for many businesses. If everyone on your team has bought into a service like Skype or Slack, then you’re all set. But what about those times when you’re talking to an advertiser or exploring a partnership with people outside your core team? is a great solution because it doesn’t require any registration or setup whatsoever. Just create a room and begin inviting people to it via email, Slack, or the preferred platform of choice. All the recipient has to do is follow the link to join the call. You can share your screen and add up to four people to the call for free. To add up to 12 people, you’ll have to pay for a Pro account.

Eventail (Free)

The Widgets view on your iPhone and iPad is a place where you can view information from different apps at a glance. But the widget we have been wanting is a simple, week-ahead look at your calendar instead of the day-ahead one Apple provides. There’s something soothing about knowing your upcoming schedule without opening the Calendar app. Eventail lets you create a calendar widget using Apple’s Calendar app you know and love. Eventail simply asks for permission to access your existing calendars, then uses that information to populate the widget. The free version of Eventail allows you to display up to five days ahead on your calendar. With Eventail Pro ($ 1.99), you can also have Reminders appear in the widget. With this widget installed, you can keep your schedule in perspective and figure out where you can fit in a meeting or some chill time.

JotTheDate (Free)

This freehand calendar is a great option for iPad Pro users with an Apple Pencil. JotTheDate has the magic-marker look and feel of the calendars of yore you used to pin to your cubicle wall, allowing you to fill it with the personality of your busy, messy life. This app syncs with Apple’s Calendar app, so you can see all events from all your calendars alongside your handwritten scribbles and doodles. The app supports pressure sensitivity, so you have control over the shading of your drawing. You can also switch between day, week, month, and year view as well as list view to control how much information you see.

Achieve a Healthy Work/Life Balance

At iPhone Life, we try to maintain a healthy balance between work and life outside the office. That’s why we adopted a four-day workweek, take afternoon walks as a group, and keep things like massive beanbag chairs in the office so we can lounge during breaks. We’ve also found some apps that help us stay happy, healthy, and on point.

Fit Men Cook (Free)

For a lot of people, getting started with healthy eating is the hardest part. This app paves the way with meal plans, shopping lists, and loads of information on food brands and meal prep. Fit Men Cook has nearly 400 recipes that cover categories including Low Carb, Meal Prep, Vegan, Budget, Post-Workout, High Protein, and Snacks & Sweets. You can view and save recipes for free, or you can pay $ 0.99/month to create a weekly meal plan so you can easily shop for and prep everything you need. Tell the app your goals or calorie limit, and it will create a plan for you. Before you know it, you’ll be a meal-prep and healthy-eating master.

SleepGenius ($ 4.99)

We’re firm believers that nothing can boost your productivity more than a good night’s rest. According to Centers for Disease Control, one in three of us are getting fewer than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. SleepGenius combines soothing sleep music, a gentle alarm, a relaxation program for anxiety at any time, and even a power nap feature to help you get the rest you deserve. The resulting program is so effective that NASA uses it to encourage relaxation and healthful sleep for a group of people that you can imagine have high rates of anxiety and insomnia—astronauts!

Spotify (Free)

This might not be the typical app that comes to mind when considering productivity apps, but we regularly turn to Spotify to help us stay focused during work tasks. The app features a collection of playlists specifically for helping users concentrate, with playlists like Peaceful Piano, Instrumental Study, Productive Morning, and more!

Headspace ($ 12.99/month)

If you’re looking to incorporate the benefits of meditation into your daily life, you’ll find Headspace to be a great tool. You can try out some guided practices for free, and if you like it, you can access a large collection of programs for $ 12.99/month. With Headspace, you can meditate whether you’re driving, running, or sitting in bed, with a variety of programs for different activities. We recommend taking short work breaks and trying a meditation practice to help stay alert and peaceful throughout your day.

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iPhone Virus Warnings: How to Get Rid of Fake Security Alerts on Your iPhone

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

You’re browsing a website on your iPhone when suddenly a pop-up appears. “Warning! iOS Security Breach! Virus detected on iPhone!” Well, that’s alarming! Luckily, there’s a number to call and get everything sorted out, right? If you haven’t already heard, virus warnings and Apple security alerts like these are scams designed to get you to click on a link or call a number. If you fall for it, your iPhone can be infected with malware, or you may be tricked into giving away personal data over the phone. Step one when you see an iPhone virus warning like this is to not tap on it or call any phone numbers associated with it. But now what? How can we get these bogus iPhone virus removal pop-ups off the screen so we can use our devices again? Read on to learn how to quickly and easily get rid of fake iPhone virus warnings on your phone.

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iPhone Virus Warnings and Scams: How to Get Rid of Fake Security Alerts on Your iPhone

As mentioned above, the first thing you want to do if you get a virus warning in a pop-up is to remember that Apple doesn’t send out messages like these; don’t tap on it or call any numbers listed on a pop-up. Also—and this is really important—don’t even tap on the pop-up to close it! Some pop-ups seem to have an X or Close option that only resembles a close button but will actually direct you to the phishing site. Instead:

  • Close out the Safari tab or window that the pop-up appeared in.
  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Toggle on Airplane Mode.

iphone virus removalhow to remove virus from iphone

The reason for toggling on Airplane Mode is to temporarily disconnect from the internet, this way you can reset Safari while blocking unwanted access to your iPhone. Next, scroll down within Settings:

  • Tap on Safari.
  • Tap on Clear History and Website Data.

iphone virus warningiphone virus scams

  • While you’re in Safari Settings, it’s a good idea to make sure your pop-up blocker and fraudulent website warnings are also toggled on.
  • Now you can close Safari, then toggle Airplane Mode back off.

apple security virusapple security alert

Now you can open Safari again, at this point virus scams shouldn’t be appearing any more. If you didn’t click on or interact with the fake virus warning, all should be well with your iPhone.

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How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

You’ve been trying to get in touch with a friend or family member, but they haven’t returned your calls or messages. Are they just busy, is something wrong with their phone, or have they blocked your number? How can you tell if someone blocked your number? There’s not a surefire way to know if your number is blocked, but there are a few telling signs that indicate someone blocked your number from texting or calling. Let’s go over the clues that calls and messages from your iPhone are being blocked.

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iMessage Not Delivered: How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

If someone has blocked you on their device, you won’t get an alert when it happens. You can still use iMessage to text your former contact, but they’ll never receive the message or any notification of a text received in their Messages app. There is one clue that you’ve been blocked, though. Look underneath the last text you sent before you suspect you were blocked, does it say Delivered?

how to know if someone blocked your number

If the previous iMessage says Delivered but the most recent one doesn’t, it can mean that you’ve been blocked. As you can see in the photo below, the two iMessages I sent my sister during our blocking experiment were never tagged with a delivery notification.

imessage not delivered

iPhone Message Not Delivered: Use SMS to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number

If you want another indicator that your number has been blocked, enable SMS texts on your iPhone. This way when iMessages don’t go through, your device will re-send the message using your data plan. As you can see in the picture below, my iPhone dutifully attempted to re-send my iMessages in SMS form, indicated by the green text bubbles.

imessage doesn t say delivered

If your SMS messages also don’t receive a reply or a delivery confirmation, it’s another sign that you’ve been blocked.

How to Tell If Your Number Is Blocked: Could It Be Do Not Disturb Mode?

If the person you texted hasn’t blocked you and their iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode, when their iPhone comes out of Do Not Disturb they’ll receive both a notification and your iMessage.

To show this, my co-worker Sarah did not block my number on her iPhone for the first message in the picture below, then blocked me for the second message, “Hey Sarah – test text.” For the second photo, Sarah set her iPhone to Do Not Disturb. You can see in the first photo below that for the first, unblocked text there is a delivery notification. The second, blocked text had no Delivered notification underneath. For the text during Do Not Disturb, a delivery notification popped right up, although the message wasn’t delivered until Do Not Disturb mode was turned off. Therefore I must conclude that if someone has Do Not Disturb mode turned on, you’ll still receive delivery notifications for your messages, but you will not if you’ve been blocked.

how to tell if someone blocked youiphone message not delivered 

Going Straight to Voicemail: How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

So your text wasn’t answered, and there’s no delivery verification either. There is still the possibility that their phone is out of service for whatever reason. Unless there’s an emergency, I’d wait to call your friend or family member. If your text still isn’t answered after a few hours and you decide to call, here’s how you can be pretty sure you’ve been blocked:

For this experiment I asked my sister to block my number, and here’s what I discovered. The phone rang, but very briefly, not even a full ring before connecting to voicemail. I was able to leave a message as I would with any unblocked call, but it appeared in a separate section of the voicemail on her iPhone; in the blocked calls section. After she unblocked me, my sister was notified in the usual way about my voicemail, on her iPhone’s Lock Screen. While I was blocked, however, there was no way at all for her to know I’d called, and no notification about the blocked voicemail. The only way she knew I rang was when she opened her voicemails and checked the Blocked Messages section. 

how do you know if someone blocked your number

If your phone number isn’t blocked and the person you’re attempting to contact has their phone in Do Not Disturb mode, your voicemail will go to the regular, unblocked section. Also, if you call twice within three minutes and you’re not blocked, the second call may go through due to the Repeated Calls feature. The Repeated Calls feature isn’t a guarantee your second call will go through, though. As you can see in the picture below, there is an option to toggle Repeated Calls off.

how to tell if your number is blocked

Now that you have a few helpful clues to check for in your texts and calls, you’ll be able to tell with reasonable assurance whether your number has been blocked or not. It’s always best to speak to the person in question directly, though. Hopefully, there’s been a misunderstanding, but if they did intend to block you and no longer want to be in contact, chalk it up to experience and move on. 

Top image credit: leungchopan /

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How to Update watchOS on Your Apple Watch

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Apple releases a new version of iOS every year of late and iPhone owners are encouraged to download the update as soon as possible. This is because new versions of iOS contain not only convenient new capabilities, but also repairs for glitches, and new security features that keep our devices safe from viruses and other malware. The Apple Watch is no different from the iPhone in its need to have regular software updates, so let’s get started learning how to update watchOS so your device can deliver its full potential of features and capabilities! 

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How to Update watchOS

To update your Apple Watch operating system, you’ll need to use your iPhone, and you’ll need to make sure that your iPhone’s operating system is already up to date.

  • If you haven’t yet updated to the latest version of iOS, go ahead and take care of that now.
  • Check and make sure your Apple Watch is at least 50 percent charged and place it on its charger.

apple watch os update

apple watch wifi

Begin Your Apple Watch Update

  • Leave your Apple Watch on its charger throughout the update.
  • On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
  • Now tap My Watch on the bottom menu bar.

apple watch appupdate apple watch os

  • Tap General.
  • Next, tap Software Update.

iphone apple watch appapple watch update

  • Tap Download and Install; you may need to enter your iPhone or Apple Watch passcodes.

apple watch os update

The progress wheel will appear on your Apple Watch and remain on the screen for the entirety of the update, which may take up to an hour to complete. Remember to leave your Apple Watch on the charger until the update is finished. Don’t restart your iPhone or Apple Watch. Once the update is complete your Apple Watch will restart on its own.

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