Best ways to watch the Olympics in VR

Experience the Winter Olympics like never before

This year, NBC has come up with an Olympics game plan of its own, and that’s live streaming 50+ hours of the Winter Olympics straight to your virtual reality headset. Unfortunately, there is no compatibility for your PlayStation VR, but it will be available for headsets like Gear VR, Google Daydream/Cardboard, and Windows Mixed Reality (including compatible headsets for WMR listed below). Even if you don’t have a headset, there are compatible apps to watch 180- and 360-degree videos on your phone!

So if you’re bummed you can’t go to the actual XXIII Olympic Winter Games from PyeongChang, South Korea, then strap on your headset and we’ll take you there virtually!

Google Daydream and Google Cardboard

Be sure to check out the Winter Olympics VR viewing schedule here to see what times your favorite sports are going to be live! After you’ve determined when you need to be watching follow the link below to download the NBC Sports VR App for your respectable device whether that be Android or Apple.

  1. Once the app is downloaded onto your phone, open it up and set up your preferences.
  2. Tap Allow to share your location.
  3. Choose which Olympic sports you wish to receive alerts about.
  4. For live streaming you will need to then authenticate your cable providers information. Do this by selecting sign in and it will walk you through the process.
  5. Select Live from the toolbar on the top.
  6. Select the live event you wish to watch: this being the Olympic sport or behind-the-scenes event you are interested in watching.
  7. Now plug your phone into your Google Daydream or Google Cardboard and strap it on!

Compatible devices

  • Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note8
  • Google: Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
  • Motorola: Moto Z, Moto Z Force, Moto Z2 Force
  • ZTE: Axon 7
  • Huawei: Mate 9 Pro, Porsche Design Mate 9
  • LG: LG V30
  • ASUS: ZenFone AR

See at Google Play

See at the App Store

Gear VR

There are plenty of websites advertising the compatibility of the NBC Sports VR App with Oculus Rift but the Oculus Store advertises the app only being compatible with the Gear VR Controllers. I’ve tested this and found it only works with Gear VR, not your Oculus Rift. So, once you’re ready be sure to check out the Winter Olympics VR viewing schedule here to see what times your favorite sports are going to be live!

  1. Download the NBC Sports VR app from the Oculus Store.
  2. Set up your preferences for the app.
  3. Authenticate your cable provider’s information. Do this by signing in within the app; it will walk you through the process.
  4. Go to the Live Events section on your toolbar.
  5. Select the live event you wish to watch.
  6. Now plug your phone into your device and strap it on!

Compatible phones for Gear VR

  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 edge
  • Galaxy S6 edge+

Windows Mixed Reality and other compatible headsets

Be sure to check out the Winter Olympics VR viewing schedule here to see what times your favorite sports are going to be live!

  1. Download the NBC Sports VR app from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Press the Windows button on your controller or Windows key on the keyboard to view the start menu.
  3. Authenticate your cable provider’s information by signing in within the app; it will walk you through the process.
  4. Go to the Live Events section on your toolbar.
  5. Select the live event you wish to watch.

Compatible Headsets for Windows Mixed Reality

  • Samsung HMD Odyssey
  • Dell Visor
  • HP Headset
  • Lenovo Explorer
  • Acer Headset

You don’t need a smartphone, but you will require a PC running Windows 10.

Watching 180- and 360-degree videos

Be sure to check out the Winter Olympics VR viewing schedule here to see what times your favorite sports are going to be live!

  1. Once the App is downloaded onto your phone, open it up and set up your preferences.
  2. Tap Allow to share your device’s location.
  3. Choose which Olympic sportsyou wish to receive alerts about.
  4. For Live Streaming you will need to then authenticate your cable provider’s information. Do this by selecting sign in and it will walk you through the process.
  5. Select Live from the toolbar on the top.
  6. Select the live event you wish to watch.

The video will open in the 180- or 360-degree compatibility, whichever was noted in the title of your selection!

Will you be watching the Olympics in VR?

Where do you plan on watching the Winter Olympics, whether it be VR or not? Which games are you most excited for! Tell us in the comment section below!

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How to watch the Winter Olympics on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Here’s how you’ll be able to watch the XXIII Winter Olympic Games on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

The Opening Ceremonies of the XXIII Winter Olympics take place this Friday, February 9, kicking off weeks of competition in winter sports between teams from countries around in PyeongChang, South Korea. If you’re looking to keep up with your favorite skiers, lugers, or curlers on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you’ll need to find the right app for doing so.

Below, you’ll find the apps you’ll need to use around the world to keep up with the action until the games come to a close on February 25.

In the U.S.

NBC Sports app

NBC is the official broadcast home for the Olympics, and this year the network is offering live streaming of events through its NBC Sports app. NBC has previously stated that it will broadcast 1,800 hours of the 2018 Winter Olympic games, and you’ll be able to watch every competition live through this app.

There will also be three digital-exclusive programs, as well as live streams of practices and continual news desk with the latest Olympic news.

Live TV streaming services

TV streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, and DirecTV Now all offer NBC Sports (NBCSN) as part of their live TV offerings, letting you stream your favorite Olympic sports through your given service’s app on your iOS device or Apple TV. Additionally, CNBC and USA networks, both of which come under NBC’s umbrella and which will show both curling and hockey, are also available on these services.

It’s important to know that even though NBCSN, USA, and CNBC are all part of each company’s live service, NBC proper, on which the opening ceremonies will be broadcast, is only available live in select markets on each of these services.

In Canada

CBC Sports app

CBC will offer live-streaming Olympic coverage through its CBC Sports app on iPhone and iPad. In addition to live coverage, get updated results, a medal table, and more as the games go on. For the duration of the games, the sports app will be devoted to the Olympics, but will revert back to standard sports coverage after the end of the games on February 25.


If you want to check out live streaming Olympic coverage on your Apple TV, you’ll need the CBC TV app. While the app also works on iPhone and iPad, it’s the only streaming destination for CBC live Olympic coverage on Apple TV.

In the UK and Europe

BBC Sport

Assuming they have a valid TV license, UK residents just need to download and log in to the BBC Sport app to tune in to Olympic coverage on their iPhone or iPad.

BBC iPlayer

Of course, if you want to watch Olympic coverage on your Apple TV, you’ll need to use BBC’s iPlayer app, which, naturally, also works with iPhone and iPad.

Eurosport Player

UK residents, as well as those of the European continent, can also pick up a subscription to Eurosport, which will offer 850 hours of Olympic content for the 2018 winter games. A new section dedicated to the games is now in the app, and viewers are able to select commentary on the sports in their local language as needed.

In Australia


Australian viewers can watch live competitions, keep up with the medal count, and catch up with on-demand video with the OlympicsOn7 app.


If you have any questions about how to stream the 2018 Winter Olympics to your iPhone or iPad, let us know in the comments.

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Discover your ethnic origins with the $69 AncestryDNA genetic testing kit

Your ancestors await!

Get the AncestryDNA genetic testing kit for just $ 69 today on Amazon. We haven’t seen a deal on AncestryDNA’s testing kit since Cyber Monday. It used to sell for as much as $ 100 but ever since the holiday shopping season it has settled for a price around $ 80. Either way, this is a good deal that brings it down a peg.

This genetic testing kit uses your saliva to collect and analyze your DNA. After you send in your sample, the AncestryDNA people will analyze it and uncover your ethnic mix. It’s based on a DNA network that is six million strong and growing and covers more than 165 regions worldwide. This is one of the more popular testing kits out there and has 3.9 stars based on 2,454 user reviews on Amazon.

See on Amazon

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Will Nintendo Switch Online be worth it?

Nintendo’s subscription service for Switch is coming this September, but should you save your pennies or just skip it?

Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s upcoming subscription-based service that offers four major features that non-subscribers won’t have access to. Depending on what you do with your Switch, it’s either going to be the best $ 20 per year you’ll spend or not worth a dime.

Do you play multiplayer online games?

Probably the most important feature of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service is online access. Right now, you’re able to take advantage of this feature for free to play against other people around the globe in games like Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2. However, once Nintendo Switch Online officially launches, you won’t be able to play games online without a subscription.

So if you’re a multiplayer online gamer, the answer is clear. You’ll want to put your money where your mouth is if you want to stay on top of the global leaderboards.

Do you play games that allow you to chat with others?

If you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll get complete access to the companion app, also called Nintendo Switch Online. Currently, Splatoon 2 is the only game supported in the app, but it’s designed to be a special app dedicated to helping you connect with other players so you can schedule game sessions, get exclusive gear, and chat in real-time while you play.

Of course, if you already use a different chat service like Discord, the reasons for using the Nintendo Switch Online app are fewer.

That said, if you’re using a chat service to play games with friends, you’re probably playing online, which means you do want to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Do you like classic Nintendo games?

Another major feature of Nintendo Switch online is access to Nintendo’s classic games selection. There isn’t a whole lot of information about what the Classic Game Selection entails, but we know that subscribers will be able to download and play classic titles like Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight, and more. Originally, Nintendo described this feature as being able to download and play a different game every month. We still don’t know the details, but $ 20 per year (or about $ 1.67 per month) for access to a bunch of classic Nintendo titles sounds like a pretty good deal.

To clarify, if you cancel your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you won’t get to keep the games. They’re tied to your active subscription.

If you are excited about being able to play classic Nintendo games that will probably be exclusive to subscribers, then you’re going to want to join Nintendo Switch Online.

Do you sometimes buy games just because they’re on sale?

Right now in the Nintendo Switch eShop, there’s a section dedicated to games on sale. It’s updated regularly (about once per week) with new games, some of which have deep discounts of 50, 60, even 75% off. There isn’t any specific information that says this section will eventually be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but the way Nintendo words it, it probably will be.

I’ve gotten some great games at a really low price ($ 10 games as low as $ 2.50) by checking the Games on Sale section. Nintendo doesn’t only offer second or third-tier titles, either. Doom was recently on sale for 30% off, for example.

If you’re a fan of sales and like buying games just because they’re on sale, a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will pay for itself over the year.

Is it worth it?

Of course, everyone has different financial situations and gaming needs, so I can’t make a blanket recommendation across the board.

I can, however, say that $ 20 per year is a very small price to pay for unlimited online gaming, access to classic Nintendo titles at no extra cost, and deeply discounted games that change almost weekly.

If you have an extra $ 20 (or can save up that much by September), please think about subscribing. I personally think it’s totally worth it.

If you’re not sure you want to invest in an entire year’s subscription, you can always subscribe for one month for $ 3.99 or three months for $ 7.99. As you can tell, though. The $ 20 12-month subscription is the best deal.

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Best apps for getting around PyeongChang during the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have begun! Do you know how to get to the arena?

If you’re headed to PyeongChang South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, you might be wondering how you’re going to get around town. If you speak Korean or English, I’ve got a list of apps that will make your life a little easier as you try to navigate the city streets.

Kakao T

This app used to be called Kakao Taxi because it was designed as a taxi-hailing app, but it’s been updated to cover navigation, ride-sharing, taxi-hailing, and more. It’s the best option for a standard navigation app if you don’t read Korean. The in-app map features step-by-step destination directions in an English-version map.

If you don’t plan on driving in town, Kakao T is also the best app for calling for a ride or taxi in town (both owned by the app-maker).

Kakao Metro

If you’re planning on taking the subway around town, Kakao also makes a comprehensive, easy to read metro app that includes maps of nearby stations and departure and arrival schedules. If you’re in a hurry, you can find the fastest route to your destination.

The app does include English-language translations, so if you don’t read Korean, you won’t be in the dark.

Kakao Bus

Similar to the Metro version. Kakao makes an app specific for bus schedules. This app includes a notification reminder to let you know when it’s time to head for the bus stop so you don’t miss your ride. You can also set an in-app alarm to let you know when you’ve arrived at your stop. This feature is incredibly useful. I always have difficulty figuring out which is my stop when I take the bus. With Kakao Bus, you don’t have to guess anymore.


CityMaps2Go is the perfect trip planning app for getting around town. You can save places you want to visit, download apps for offline viewing, read detailed information about local destinations, and a whole lot more. It even works with Siri for saving favorite destination spots. It’s a comprehensive map app with detailed information about nearby locations and it works in South Korea.

Your go-to travel apps in South Korea?

Do you live in, or have you visited PyeongChang South Korea? Do you recommend any navigation or transportation apps for visitors heading to the Winter Olympics? Please let us know in the comments.

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Protect your iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus with one of Anker’s $5 cases

Treat your device right with one of these stylish cases from Anker.

Anker has a variety of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases on sale for just $ 4.99 each when you enter the promo code 9016D1D8 during checkout. This deal should not be overlooked if you’re missing a case on your device right now; you’ll only regret it later if you do.

iPhone X cases:

iPhone 8 Plus cases:

iPhone 8 cases:

Remember to use the promo code at checkout to grab one at the sale price. Anker’s cases are slim enough to support wireless charging, so you might also want to grab this wireless charger from the company for just $ 18. If you need a screen protector, you can pick one up for $ 6.99 with promo code 7481D1D8 for your iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone 8.

See at Amazon

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Take $100 off the DJI Goggles and experience drone flying in a whole new way

Look ma, no hands!

DJI’s first-person view Goggles are down to $ 349 with code GOGHEAD at B&H. These have gone for $ 449 since they released more than a year ago. If you want a discount, you have to go through shady third parties on Amazon, but traditional retailers like Best Buy sell it at its regular retail price. And this deal from B&H is better than all of them because not only is it $ 100 off the price, but you’ll also save a nice chunk of change on taxes (approximately $ 25 depending on location) if you live outside New York and New Jersey.

The DJI Goggles have two screens with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. They connect wirelessly to your drone and provide close-range viewing up to 60fps at 720p and 30fps at 1080p. The latency is just 110ms. You can also use Head Tracking Flight Mode to simply control the drone with the tilt of your head. You will experience your DJI drone in a completely new way. The battery lasts up to six hours.

The goggles are compatible with the Mavic Pro, the Phantom 4 series (including the Phantom 4 Pro Thrifter shared a deal on earlier today), and the Inspire lineup, which will set you back a few thousand.

See at B&H

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Best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now

Netflix is always adding new movies and TV shows to its catalog, and each week, we’ll bring you the best it has to offer!

What to Watch

In this week’s Netflix selections, follow Takeshi Kovacs, a man brought in to solve a murder in a world where bodies are commodities and death is an afterthought for many. A tale of bloody revenge ensues when an assassin goes after her old team after they and their boss attempt to kill her when she tries to leave their organization. Finally, a thief assembles a quirky crew to help him rob three Las Vegas casinos owned by his ex-wife’s current boyfriend on the night of a big boxing match.

  • Altered Carbon – Season 1 – Set in a future where humanity has learned how to store consciousness on a hard drive and “sleeve” that drive into a new body, Takeshi Kovacs is offered a chance at freedom if he solves the apparent murder of a Meth, one of the mega-wealthy elite that essentially rule over society as perpetually young and beautiful thanks to the use of massively expensive clone sleeves.
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1 – A deadly assassin sets out on a mission of revenge after her former colleagues kill her friends and family and attempt to murder her. The Bride cuts a bloody swath across the world in order to get to the man responsible, and nothing’s going to get in the way of her efforts to kill Bill.
  • Ocean’s Eleven – Freshly released from prison, Danny Ocean puts together a crew with different specialties and personality quirks in order to simultaneously steal over $ 160 million from the Bellagio, The Mirage, and the MGM Grand casinos in Las Vegas on the night of a big fight. For Danny, the heist comes with the added bonus of hurting the man who owns all three casinos, who also happens to be dating Danny’s ex-wife.

Coming Attractions

As always, this week on Netflix sees a plethora of movies and TV shows hitting the service, check out the second part of Fate/Apocrypha, the story of a massive war in a parallel universe to the original Fate/Stay Night anime. In the latest episode of David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, George Clooney sits down for an hour-long interview about his career, causes, and marriage. Finally, Netflix original film The Ritual follows four friends who take a shortcut through a forest while hiking in Sweden, only to stumble upon supernatural horrors.

  • Fate/Apocrypha – Part 2 – Set in a parallel world to the original Fate/Stay Night anime, this series sees a massive upscaling to the universe’s Great Holy Grail War following the theft of the Greater Grail from Fuyuki City. Arrives February 9.
  • My Next Guest Needs No Introduction – George Clooney – The second episode of David Letterman’s new Netflix interview show features an hourlong interview with George Clooney that touches on topics like Clooney’s career, politics, and marriage. February 9.
  • The Ritual – In this Netflix original horror film, four friends head into the Swedish wilderness during a hiking trip, where they face a wide array of supernatural horrors. February 9.

Bookmark this page and check back next week for more from Netflix!

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Grab a new laptop backpack on sale for as low as $16 right now

Comfortable and designed for laptops, these backpacks are an easy purchase if you’re looking for a new bag.

Omoton’s 17-inch black business laptop backpack is down to $ 16.65 with code A2LK3SUB on Amazon. This is one part of a much larger sale with every backpack using the same coupon code. The 17-inch bag is a business backpack that can fit your laptop. It’s the largest one on sale and incorporates anti-theft design with two hidden packs. It uses S-shaped shoulder straps and a padded back for comfort and support. It’s also designed to be water-resistant with anti-tear fabric.

Here are the other options which also incorporate many of these design decisions:

Each of these packs has at least 4 stars based on several user reviews.

See on Amazon

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How to turn personal requests off on HomePod

How do you turn personal requests – messages, reminders, and notes — on or off for HomePod? With the flip of a switch!

Personal requests let you use your HomePod to check your messages, add to your reminders, and access your notes. It works as long as the device you used to set up HomePod is on your local network. But, if that device is on your local network, it works for everyone within range of your HomePod. So, your significant other, your kids, your roommates, your guests — all of them can make personal requests on your account. In other words, it’s convenient but it’s not secure.

You can enable or disable personal requests when you set up your HomePod but you can also turn them on or off at any time using the Home app. You can even turn them on when you’re alone and turn them off when other people are around. Here’s how.

How to enable or disable personal requests during HomePod setup

Apple asks you if you want to turn personal requests on or off when you first set up HomePod. It’s doubtful you’ll miss it, but if you want to make absolutely sure you see it and set it the way you want it, here’s where it is.

  1. Bring your iPhone or iPad near your HomePod.
  2. Tap on Set Up.
  3. Select the HomeKit Room for your HomePod, if applicable.
  4. Tap on Enable Personal Requests if you want to turn them on, or Not Now if you want to leave them off.

How to turn personal requests on or off at any time using the Home app

Regardless of whether or not you enable personal requests during HomePod setup, you can turn them on or off at any time in the Home app. So, for example, you can turn them on when you’re alone and off when you’re not.

  1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad Home screen.
  2. Tap on the Add Home button (looks like a location arrow), top right.
  3. Tap on your Profile picture.
  4. Tap on Personal Requests.
  5. Toggle Personal Requests on or off.
  6. Choose For Secure Requests to require authentication on iPhone or iPad

Got HomePod questions?

If you have any questions about personal requests or anything about HomePod, drop them in the comments below!

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