GDC 2018: ‘Astrologaster’ is a Comedic Astrologist Game from the Makers of ‘Tengami’

  • Posted by admin on March 21, 2018

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Tengami [$ 3.99] was a game that we followed intently during its development due to its unique pop-up book-style visuals, and when it finally released in early 2014 it earned plenty of accolades including our own positive review. Now developer Nyamyam is back with a new game that uses the same pop-up book engine as Tengami. It’s called Astrologaster and it has you playing as controversial real life astrologer Simon Forman, who was an adviser to the stars in the 17th century. While Astrologaster is based on this real person and some of his actual work, the entire game is fiction and has a heavy British dark humor (humour?) slant similar to something like Blackadder or Horrible Histories. You’ll help your clientele make important life decisions based on what the stars say, and that can either go really well or really poorly and those decisions will affect other events and characters throughout the story in a sort of Reigns-ish way. It’s incredibly interesting and very funny, so check out our hands-on time with Astrologaster from GDC and look for the game to launch either late this year or in early 2019.

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