The App Store Currently Has ‘Darkest Dungeon’, ‘Gorogoa’, ‘Thumper’, and More Discounted with Some Games Being Discounted for the First Time Ever

  • Posted by admin on March 14, 2018

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Over the last few years, we saw some really nice games get discounts. At first it was just Darkest Dungeon [$ 4.99 (HD)] and The Witness [$ 9.99] being quite heavily discounted. Soon after, more games started popping up like Gorogoa [$ 4.99] that sees its first discount ever on iOS and the likes of Thumper [$ 3.99] and more. For a change, I don’t own everything that’s discounted in the list below and while this is no coincidence, as of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be a feature up on the App Store for this big title sale.

From the discounts, Darkest Dungeon is an absolute no brainer at just $ 0.99 which is less than what the cheapest DLC costs on other platforms. We’ve written about just about every game that has been discounted as well like how great The Witness is on iOS and even how much fun Thumper is in its touch conversion. Here’s the full list of games discounted on the App Store (some discounts are still rolling out) in this seemingly big indie sale:

Bridge Constructor Portal [$ 4.99]
Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition [$ 4.99 (HD)]
FROST [$ 4.99]
Gorogoa [$ 4.99]
Iron Marines [$ 2.99]
Mini Metro [$ 2.99]
Milkmaid of the Milkyway [$ 1.99]
The Witness [$ 9.99]
Thumper: Pocket Edition [$ 3.99]

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