YouTube app getting dark theme on iOS and Android

  • Posted by admin on March 13, 2018

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YouTube app dark theme iPhone official

Dark modes in apps can be useful if you’re using your phone in the dark, making it so you’re not getting blinded by a bright white screen. Now it’s been revealed that YouTube is getting a dark mode of its own.

YouTube’s “dark theme” is starting to roll out in the iOS version of the YouTube app today. As with most updates, it might take a few days for this feature to appear on your device. The dark theme will come to Android “soon.”

To enable the dark theme, tap on your account icon in the YouTube app, select the Settings option, then toggle “Dark theme” on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the app can automatically toggle the dark theme based on the time of day or your ambient light like some other apps can, so you’ll have to toggle the dark theme off whenever you want the light theme back.

YouTube says that this dark theme is one of the “top requested features on mobile”, so it’s nice to see the company listening to its users. Hopefully Android users won’t have to wait long to get this new feature, too. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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