Toshiba dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses, a wearable Windows PC announced

  • Posted by admin on March 12, 2018

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Toshiba today introduced new dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses for enterprise customers, which is a wearable Augmented Reality (AR) solution that combines dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC with Windows 10 Pro and dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display (HMD). Toshiba says that the AR solution provides Document Viewing, Live Video Calls, See-What-I-See, Photo/Video Capture, Alerts/Messaging, Workflow Instruction and Barcode Scanning capabilities making it ideal for a variety of uses cases, including Maintenance, Remote Expert, Manufacturing, QA Inspection & Audit, Logistics, Training and Knowledge Transfer. The wearable Toshiba AR100 Head Mounted Display weighs about 50 grams and can be used with either the left or right eye based on your preference. It has an integrated micro display that provides a viewing experience equivalent to a 4.1-inch display seen at 14 inches and has an integrated touchpad, GPS, three-axis accelerometer with a gyroscope for head tracking, 5MP POV camera, speaker and dual noise-canceling microphones for voice communications. It offers Lens-less Frame, Safety Frame, Safety Helmet Mounts and Headband offering flexibility and comfort demanded by enterprises deploying wearable solutions. The AR100 HMD is developed in a partnership with Vuzix Corporation. The Toshiba’s wearable dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC has a five-button, on-device navigation system to enable up/down, left/right toggles as well …
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