Hands (and ears) on with Xperia XZ2 and Xperia Ear Duo

Did you catch the Sony announcements from yesterday’s MWC conference and can’t wait to get your hands on the new Xperia tech? Us too…

That’s why today, we headed backstage at the Sony Mobil­e booth to try our newest handset and smart product to give you the lowdown on all the best features. ­First up, Xperia XZ2.


Dynamic Vibration System

A line we’re seeing a lot here on the Sony booth is ‘Entertainment to the Extreme’ and the Dynamic Vibration System (DVS) innovation is the best showcase of this we’ve come across.

For years we’ve seen and heard films, games and music, well now we can feel it as well. DVS analyses audio data and translates it into haptic feedback letting you feel the action in your hands.

Now, if you think this is like the buzz you get from a WhatsApp message notification, think again. It’s more DUALSHOCK 4 meets Xperia and you don’t have to be a phone engineer to see where the extra power is coming from. Take a look at a standard phone vibration module vs DVS…

You vs The guy she told you not to worry about

DVS affords a surprisingly varied level of feedback. A Spider-man trailer featured a scene set on the subway and as a train chugged over the tracks we felt every bump along the way.

Playing Angry Birds we could feel the tension of the catapult as we lined up our shot and the resulting carnage as our bird crashed, smashed and bashed its way through the blocks.

When it comes to music, Sony’s audio expertise shines through with powerful front facing stereo speakers making this Xperia device our loudest one yet. We were treated to Sony Music artist Rita Ora in a comparison with the XZ1 that saw an astounding improvement in sound quality and volume with DVS adding to the experience as we felt every beat of the kick drum and hiss of a hi-hat.